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From John Adams to United States Senate, 17 April 1800

United States April 17 1800

Gentlemen of the Senate

In conformity with your request, I transmit you a return from the War office, of those officers, who have been appointed under the act, entitled an Act to augment the army of the United States & for other purposes, designating such officers, who have accepted their appointments & those who have declined accepting, resigned their commissions, died, &c.

A report from the Secretary of War, which accompanied this return, as it contains observations, which may throw some light upon the subject, I transmit with it.

John Adams

DNA: RG 46—Records of the U.S. Senate.


War Department April 15th. 1800

Gentlemen of the Senate

I nominate the following List of Officers in the Army of the United States

Archibald Lee Virginia Second Lieutenant, vice Grimes deceased,
First Regiment of Artillerists & Engineers
Thomas Pinckney Jun. South Carolina, Lieutenant, vice Wilson resigned.
Second Regiment of Artillerists and Engineers.
William Hosa[. . .] New York Lieutenant, vice Heaton deceased
First Regiment of Infantry.
Samuel Clinton Pennsylvania Second Lieutenant vice Lawrence deceased
Third Regiment of Infantry.
Stephen S. Gibbs Pennsylvania. Second Lieutenant vice Taylor declined
Fourth Regiment of Infantry.
John S. Porter Pennsylvania Second Lieutenant, vice Dickinson deceased.
Samuel Davis ditto Surgeons Mate
 Fifth Regiment of Infantry
John Smith South Carolina Lieutenant Colonel Commandant
James Armstrong Georgia Major
Henry M. Rutledge South Carolina ditto
John Kershaw ditto Captain
James Hartley ditto ditto
Paul Thompson ditto ditto
Fifth Regiment of Infantry
Lieutenant Colonel Commandant.
+ John Smith
+ James Armstrong + Henry M. Rutledge
William Dangerfield + William Simons declined
Fleming Wooldridge + Benjamin Fossin Frasier
+ John Kershaw + Noah Kelsey
+ James Hartley + Zechariah Nettles
+ Paul Thompson + John Mitchell
+ Benjamin Easely
First Lieutenants.
John Jameson + Peter Williamson
Charles Kilgore + Stanmore Butler
+ John Brown + George Clayton
+ Charles Boyle + William W. Frasier
+ William Taylor + Pierre Gaillard.—declined
+ Josias Heyward
Second Lieutenants.
Willis Morgan + Johnson Wellborn
Elijah Johnson + Edward Croft declined
+ Samuel Taylor declined + William Darkey
+ Thomas Osborne Junr. + Francis Rogers
+ John Parker, Son of William, declined + Charles Jones Jenkins
+ Charles Codnor Ash
Sixth Regiment of Infantry.
Lieutenant Colonel Commandant.
+ James Read
+ Alexander D Moore + William Brickell
William P. Anderson resigned + William Hall
+ James Taylor + John Williams
+ William Dickson + John Nicholas
+ Eli Gaither + Samuel Graves Barron
+ Edmund Smithwick + Maurice Moore
First Lieutenants.
Lewis Tiner + Joseph Alexander declined
+ Robert Troy declined + Carleton Walker
+ James Mackay + Edward Jones
+ George W Davidson declined + Hugh Newman declined
+ McKenney Long + William Martin ditto
+ Benjamin Smith
Second Lieutenants.
Edmund P. Gaines + John Carroway
+ David T. W Cook + Abner Pasteur
+ Marcus Sharpe + Benjamin Forsyth
+ James Morris + Hugh Montgomery not heard from
+ John Wilkinson + Alexander Hunter
+ Roger Cutler
Seventh Regiment
Lieut. Colonel Commandant
William Bentley
Robert Beale James Baytop
Daniel Ball resigned William Campbell
Edmund Clark Thomas Greene
John Davidson Robert King
Archibald C. Randolph James Caldwell
Bartholomew Dandridge declined + William K. Blue
Thomas Turner declined
First Lieutenants
Van Bennet Addison Armistead
John Brahan Samuel J. Winston
Robert Carrington declined Calvin Morgan
Brewer Godwin resigned + John Heiskell
Felix Wilton + Jesse Dold
Jesse Ewell Jun + Horato Stark
Joseph Grigsby + Marquis Combs
Robert Temple declined + George Armistead
Second Lieutenants
John Heiskell promoted during recess. Andrew M Lusk
Jesse Dold  ditto James Brown
Horatio Stark  ditto + William Saunders
Marquis Combs  ditto + John Crump declined
George Armistead  ditto + Bartlett Anderson
William Potts + Francis W. Cook
Peter Lambkin + Philip Roots
Alexander Henderson declined + John F Powell
William Deane  ditto + Jacob Call
+ Francis H. Peyton
Surgeons Mates.
+ Thaddeus Capron + James W. Wallace resigned
Eighth Regiment of Infantry.
Lieutenant Colonel Commandr.
Thomas Parker
Simon Morgan declined + Laurence Butler
William Campbell
Presley Thornton Garnet Peyton
Robert Gregg Daniel C Lane
Henry Piercy Philip Lightfoot
George S. Washington Edmund Taylor
Richard Chinn Nathaniel Henry
First Lieutenants.
Francis Foushee resigned John G Brown
James Duncanson John Williams
Lemuel Bent Thomas Jameson
Robert Gustin John Campbell
George Tate + James Tutt
Charles J Love + Simon Owens
Second Lieutenants.
James Tutt promoted during recess Willis Wells declined
Simon Owens  ditto Hugh McCallister
Reuben Thornton declined John Craine Jun.
George W. Humphries + John Meredith
Obadiah Clifford + John Stephens
Strother Settle declined + Robert Bell
John C. Williams declined + Uriah Blue
Charles Shackllford + Richard Taylor
John T. Fitzhugh declined + Robert Little
+ Edward Conrad
Surgeons Mate
+ Thomas Triplett, resigned + Samuel M. Griffith
Ninth Regiment of Infantry.
Lieut Colonel Commandant
Josias C. Hall
David Hopkins William D Beall
John C. Beatty declined William Nicholson declined
Thomas Beatty Jacob Norris
Lloyd Beall Valentine Brothers
Gerard Briscoe John W. Hacket
Rezin Davidge Jonathan Hodgson
Bradley Beans declined + Richard Earle
Isaac Spencer
First Lieutenants
William Elliott Henry C Neale
Edward A Howard declined Aquila Beale
Richard W. West declined William Savin
John B Barnes Charles Clements
Ninian Pinckney + John Thompson
Levi Alexander + Robert Gover
Matthew Tilghman
Second Lieutenants.
Alexander Cooper Levi G Ford
John Brangle declined Daniel Hughes
Enos Noland John Adlum
Thomas Dent Edward Ford declined
Levi Hillary + George Peter
John Warren declined + Joseph Bentley
William Swan + Benjamin Nowland
+ Robert Geddes
Surgeon’s Mates.
+ Charles H Winder declined + William Beatty declined
+ Anderson Warfield declined + Charles A Beatty
+ Dardan Brown
Tenth Regiment of Infantry.
Lieutenant Colonel Commandant
Thomas L. Moore
William Henderson George Stephenson
Joseph McKinney William Graham
James Blaine David Duncan
Andrew Johnson Benjamin Gibbs
Matthew Henry James Ashman
William R. Atlee declined + Robert Westcott
Hugh Brady
First Lieutenants.
John Sharp dead Thomas Swearingen
Samuel B Magaw Cromwell Peirce
Henry G. Slough Henry Westcott
Samuel Fulton declined + Alexander McNair
Josiah McElwaine declined + David Irving
James P. Nelson declined + Paul Weitzell
Benjamin Wallace + David Offley
Robert Laurence + Samuel R Franklin
Nelson Wade + William Morrow
Second Lieutenants.
William Morrow promoted during recess John Smith
George Hamill Robert Chambers
Archibald Davis resigned Alexander McNair declined
John A Douglas Thomas Lee
Herman Witner declined + John Hay
Hugh H Potts + Robert George Barde
John S. Porter declined + Joseph Knox
+ Henry Hall declined
+ William Hurst 
Surgeons Mates.
+ George Wilson + James Irvine
Eleventh Regiment of Infantry.
Lieutenant Colonel Commandant
Aaron Ogden
William Shute John Adlum
Robert Hunt resigned Samuel Bowman
Charles Marles Peter Faulkner
Job Stockton Walter K Cole resigned
Denise Foreman James Read
Almarine Brookes + Samuel Erwin
Samuel White
First Lieutenants.
Samuel Erwin promoted during recess William Carson
Thomas Reading Jun declined Lewis Howard
Robert C. Thompson James Battel
Samuel C. Voorhes + John Caldwell
Walter K Cole declined + Samuel Owen Smith declined
George M Ogden + Charles B Green
John G. Macwhorter + William J Anderson
William Potter + Thomas Bullman
Henry Betz declined + Henry Drake
Second Lieutenants.
William Piatt John Milroy
Charles Read resigned Benjamin Worrell
Thomas Bullman promoted during recess John Montgomery
Henry Drake ditto Jabez Caldwell
Hethcote Johnson + Thomas Y. How
James Rhea + Joseph Vancleve
James Clayton Jun declined + Laurence Mulford
+ John Chetwood Jun
Surgeons Mates
+ John Howell + John C. Wynans
Twelfth Regiment of Infantry.
Lieut Colonel Commandant
William S. Smith
William Willcocks  Christopher Hutton declined Dowe J Fondy
Dowe J Fondy promoted during recess Andrian Hissam resigned
Philip Church John W Patterson resigned
James Bennet Justus B Smith not heard from
George W Kirkland Jeremiah Landon
Philip Cortland Andrew White
First Lieutenants
Philip S. Schuyler James Smith
Elhanan W. Wheeler Richard Baldwin resigned
Moses Forster + William Cocks
Thomas Thompson + William Cumming
David Jones declined + Joseph C. Cooper
Robert Le Roy Livingston + Thomas H. Williams
Henry W Ludlow + Samuel Hoffman dismissed
Nathaniel Paulding
Second Lieutenants
William Cocks promoted in recess George F Harrison declined
William Cumming ditto + Israel Loring
Joseph C. Cooper ditto + Joseph Herkeimer
Thomas H Williams ditto + Jacob Mancius
Samuel Hoffman ditto + Nathaniel Smith
John Duer + Cornelius Kip
William W. Wands + Tobias V. Cuyler resigned
Prosper Brown dead + Walter B Vrooman
Jacob C Ten Eyck
+ Samuel Finley resigned
S. Mates
+ John H. Douglas + Samuel Davis
Thirteenth Regiment of Infantry
Lieutenant Colonel Commandant.
Timothy Taylor
John Ripley Jabez Huntington resigned
John Benjamin Jonathan Root
John Meigs John Bulford
Elihu Sandford Asa Copeland
Stephen Ranney William Young Jun
Samuel Blakeslee Coleby Chew declined
First Lieutenants:
Samuel Waugh William W Cheney
Lemuel Harrison Ludowick Gallup
Bennet Bronson John Eels
Reuben Hurd Waters Clark
Trueman Mosely + Nathaniel Ruggles
John Knox + John Beers
Second Lieutenants.
Salmon Clark Peter Richards declined
Peter N Brinsmade Robert Hosmer, struck off the list, not being heard of
Trueman Hinman Solomon Allen
Walter Smith + Austin Ledyard declined
Joseph A Wells declined + Nathaniel Noyes
James Gordon Jun + Fanning Tracey
Ebenezer Learned declined + Abijah Fenn suspended& resigned
+ Joseph Trowbridge
Surgeons Mates.
+ Timothy Pierce + John Orton Jun
+ John Spaulding declined
Fourteenth Regiment of Infantry
Lieutenant Col. Commandant
Nathan Rice
John Walker Isaac Winslow
William Jones declined John Burbeck declined
Erasmus Babbet Jun Simeon Draper
Ephraim Emmery Phineas Ashman
John Tolman Joseph Peirce Jun. declined
Solomon Phelps Arthur Lithgow declined
Ebenezer Thatcher declined + Samuel Mackay
Thomas Chandler resigned + John Hastings
Nathaniel Thwing
First Lieutenants.
James Church John Wheelwright
Nathaniel Soley declined Isaac Rand Jun
Jacob Allen Benjamin Beale Jun declined
William A Baron declined + Henry Sargent
Robert Duncan Jun + Francis Barker
Phineas Ashman declined + William Gardner
Alpheus Cheney + Rufus Child
Samuel Flagg Jun. resigned
Second Lieutenants.
Thomas Heald declined William Leverett
Moses M Bates ditto John Roulstone
Charles Hunt Thomas Durant
James Gardner Samuel W Church resigned
Marshall Spring resigned + Peyton Gay
Daniel Hastings + Thomas Hale
Duncan Ingraham resigned + Charles Leonard declined
+ Charles Blake
Surgeon’s Mates
+ Luther Stearns declined + Josiah Dwight declined
Fifteenth Regiment.
Lieutenant Colonel Commandant.
Richard Hunnewell.
John Rowe William Jones
James Brown William Heywood
Nathaniel Balch Jr. Caleb Aspinwall
Hall Tufts Stephen Peabody
John Pynchon Thomas Philips declined
John Blake + Eli Forbes
Samuel Jordan
First Lieutenants.
Charles Cutler Joseph Lee declined
William Swan David C D Forrest
Samuel P Fay Charles P. Phelps declined
Eleazer Williams declined Edmund Soper
Nathaniel Kidder + Thomas Stevens
Thomas Bowman declined + Augustus Hunt
Ebenezer Bradish Jr. + Daniel Morse declined
John Shepherd declined
Second Lieutenants
Abijah Harrington Willard Fales
Jonathan Nichols Warren Hall declined
Daniel Bell James D Wheaton
John Page Jun Seth Bannister
David Fales + Nathan Parks
Franklin Tinkham
+ Oliver Mann
Surgeons Mates.
+ Jonathan White + Ebenezer Laurence
Sixteenth Regiment
Lieutenant Colonel Commandant
+ Rufus Graves.
+ Timothy Darling resigned + Cornelius Lynde.
Josiah Dunham John Rogers declined
Nathaniel Green George Tillinghast
Robert Parker Abraham R Ellery
Henry Tilton Jonathan Andrews
William Woodward George Woodward
Israel Elliott Trask
First Lieutenants
Francis Gardner  declined Thomas Brindley
Daniel M Durell Daniel Bissell
Abel Hutchins  declined Isaac Putnam
Sylvester G. Whipple + Israel W Kelly
Ephraim Whitney  declined + Thaddeus Kendall
Whipple Lovett + Marmaduke Wait
Robert Overing
Second Lieutenants.
Arthur Rogers declined Ozeas Danforth
Moses Sweat William E Green
Israel Bartlett Christopher Whipple
Samuel Parker John W Brownson
Jesse Lull + Benjamin F. Starke
Cary Clarke
+ Oliver Mann
Surgeons Mates.
+ Jonathan White + Ebenezer Laurence

Note. The Officers in the foregoing return having the Mark + affixed opposite to their names are those which were appointed by the President during the recess of the Senate: those, where the contrary is not expressed are now in service.

James McHenry

Secy. of war

Return of the Officers who have been appointed under the Act intitled “An Act to augment the Army of the United States and for other purposes” designating such Officers who have accepted their appointments and those who have declined accepting, resigned their Commissions, died &c.

Lieut. General
George Washington...dead!
Major Generals
Alexander Hamilton...Inspector General
Charles Cotesworth Pinckney
Henry Knox declined
Brigadier Generals.
John Brookes declined William Washington
Jonathan Dayton declined William North, Adjutant General
John Watts..Lieut Colonel Commandant
Solomon Van Renselaer John Tayloe declined
Richard Willing William Spencer
Benjamin Williamson Charles F Mercer declined
Laurence Lewis declined James Burn
John B. Armistead James N. Ball
First Lieutenants.
Robert Gray Laurence Washington
John Wallback Charles F. Mercer declined
George Washington Craik Richard Tilghman
Second Lieutenants.
William C Rogers Carter B. Fontaine
Alexander McComb Jun Richard Cook resigned
Charles Tutt + Archibald Lee
George W. P. Custis

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