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Extracts from Beeke’s Observations, [1800?]

Extracts from Beeke’s Observations


Extracts from Beeke’s Observns on the produce of the Income tax
mr Pitt. Beeke
Landlord’s rents 25,000,000£ 20,000,000£
fa[rm]ing profits 19,000,000  15,000,000 
t[it]hes 5,000,000  2,500,000 
mines &c 3,000,000  4,500,000 
houses 6,000,000  10,000,000 
professions 2,000,000  * *this included
below in labour.
proportion for Scotld. 5,000,000  8,500,000 
Foreign income 5,000,000  4,000,000 
Int. on funds. 15,000,000 
profit on forn. trade 12,000,000  8,000,000 
shipping 2,000,000 
home trade 18,000,000 
labour. *110,000,000 
Private property. productive of income.
1. cultivated lands S. Britain 600,000,000£ }
N.Britain 120,000,000
2. tithes 75,000,000
3. houses not included in the rent of lands 200,000,000
4. mines, canals, timber, tolls &c 100,000,000
5. present value of income from public debt 300,000,000
6. farming capital, equal at present to not less than
    5. clear rents, viz. pasture 2. to 3. arable 5. to
    7. rents 125,000,000
7. home trade 120,000,000
8. foreign trade & shipping 80,000,000
Unproductive of income.
9. waste lands, (excludg all incapable of improvemt adequate to the expence, about 10,000,000 acres 30,000,000
10. houshold furniture 160,000,000.
11. plate, jewels & other useful & ornamentl articles nt considd as furniture 50,000,000
12. Specie 40,000,000
Public property.
value of permanent income, applicable to annual expenditure 160,000,000
value of income appropriated to extinguish the public debt 90,000,000
value of shipping, arsenals, national buildings, stores, credits, & all other assets after deducting all unfunded debt 15,000,000
value of provincial & municipal buildings, as churches, hospitals, bridges, prisons &c with the effects belonging to them 25,000,000

MS (DLC: TJ Papers 108:18555); entirely in TJ’s hand; torn and probably incomplete; letters in brackets conjectured by Editors from context.

Reverend Henry Beeke first published his Observations on the Produce of the Income Tax, and on its Proportion to the Whole Income of Great Britain including Important Facts Respecting the Extent, Wealth, and Population of this Kingdom in London in 1799. It is likely, however that TJ referred to the “new and corrected edition, with considerable additions” published also in London in 1800. TJ’s second table above (“Private property. productive of income”) was copied, with some omissions, from pp. 183–4 of this 1800 edition.

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