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To John Adams from Elijah Adams, 23 July 1799

Medfield July 23. 1799


I embrace this opportunity to send, by Miss Hannah Adams, a copy of the genealogy of the family of Adamss according to your request. It is some years since I was requested by a number of respectable relations to prevent the genealogy from being lost; Accordingly I have been, for several years, collecting information from every source to make out the genealogy which I here exhibit to you. I have, in part, traced the descendants of our first progenitor to the fifth generation; the others, it is almost impossible to trace, as they are removed to great distances, & into different parts of the country. It was my design to have kept the genealogy without giving the whole copy; but that every family of Adamss, who should apply, might examine it, and take a copy of their line as descending from the first H. A., but at your request I cheerfully send you the whole copy.

When I view the genealogy I cannot but admire the footsteps of divine providence in sending Henry Adams, with eight sons, from persecution and oppression in his native country, to the wilderness of America: and that his family have been preserved and are now become so very numerous at this day; Many of whom have filled and do fill many important offices in Church & State.

Sir, permit me to observe, that your being elected President of these United States, confirms me <[. . .]> in the wise designs of Providence in sending our predecessors to this country.

May God preserve your valuable life and health to preserve and protect that civil and religious liberty, which our pious predecessors came into this country to institute & promote.

Sir, I am with the greatest respect, / your friend and huml. Servt

Elijah Adams

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(From Elijah Adams’s Genealogical table.)

Medfield July 23. A.D. 1749.

The genealogy which is here exhibited of the descendants of Henry Adams who was the first of the name who came to America has been collected by the subscriber, from a number of ancient Records and Papers, and the best information which could be obtained from people of great age and intelligence; all which is now respectfully submitted to the numerous family of Adams’s for their examination, by their friend and humble Servant

Elijah Adams.

A copy from the Original Above.

Henry Adams came from the County of Devonshire in England; embarked at Bristol for America—came to the town of Braintree near Boston about the year 1630. with eight sons: four of whom came to the town of Medfield; one remained at Braintree, two by the best information, went to the town of Chelmsford, whose names and descendants cannot at present be ascertained, and one returned to his native Country

Henry Adams.
(His Sons)
1. Henry— Medfield
2 Jonathan. Medfield
3 Peter Medfield
4. Joseph Braintree
5 Edward Medfield
Samuel Chelmsford
John Chelmsford
Thomas returned home.

1. Henry Adams of Medfield.
+ Samuel Medfield
+ John. Medfield
+ Jasper Sherburn
A Eleazar Medfield
B.a. Henry Medfield
C. Moses Sherburn
A+. Eleazar Medfield
B.b. Thomas Medfield
B.c Jeremiah Medway Esqr
B.d Henry Medfield Esqr
B.b.+ Thomas Medfield
Bc.a.+ Elisha Medway Esqr
B.d.a. Elijah. Medfield Esqr
b. Amos Roxbury Clerk
c. Enoch. Medfield and Milford
C.a Benoni
b. Moses
c James
C.a.a Isaac
b Asa
C.b.a Moses James

2. Jonathan Adams of Medfield.
+ Jasper. Medway.
D Jonathan Medway.
D.a Jonathan. Medway. Captain
b. Ezekiel Medfield
Da.a. Oliver. Medway. Nathan Medfield
b. Gershom Medfield
c Ezekiel Medfield

3. Peter Adams of Medfield
E Peter Medway. Deacon
+ Samuel Medfield Doctor
+ Joseph Medfield and Canterbury.
E.a+ Joseph Medway.
Eb+ Peter Franklin
c George Franklin
F.c.a George Franklin.

4 Joseph Adams of Braintree.
F. Peter Braintree
G Joseph Braintree
H. John Boston
F.a Jedidiah Stoughton. Clerk
b. Peter Braintree.
Fa.a Peter Stoughton Esqr
F.b.a Jedidiah Braintree
b. Peter Braintree
C.a. Samuel Braintree
b. Josiah Mendon
c. Joseph Newington Clerk
d. Ebenezer Braintree Captain
e John. Braintree Deacon.
G.a.a. Joseph
b Samuel
c Moses
G.b.a Josiah Mendon Deacon
Gca Benjamin
b. Joseph Doctor
c Ebenezer
G.d.a. Zabdieh Lunenburgh Clerk
b. Boylston
c. Ebenezer Braintree Deacon
G.e.a. John Braintree. P. U.S.
b. Peter Boylston do Esqr
c. Elihu Braintree.
H.a. Samuel Boston Esqr
b. Abijah Boston
H.a.a. Samuel Boston Governor
H.b.a Thomas Boston— Captain
b. Aleizah Boston

5. Edward Adams of Medfield.
I Henry. Medfield and Canturbury
K John Medway.
L Jonathan Medway Deacon
M James Barrington
N. Elisha. Bristol
O Edward Bristol
P Eliashib Bristol

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