James Madison Papers

Authorization to Rector [James Madison] to appoint Professor of Ancient Languages for University of Virginia, 31 December 1828


Resolved that the Rector be authorized to appoint to the Chair of Antient Languages, for the term of one year from the date of Such appointment, with a salary not exceeding $1000, & with the usual fees paid to that chair, either of the following persons, they being preferred by the Board in the order herein named; that is to say: Dr Gessner Harrison, M. L. Tracie, R. Reynolds; and if neither of them will accept such appointment, then that he be authorized in like manner to appoint such other person as shall be approved by the executive committee or a majority of the Visitors: and that the Rector be requested to open a correspondence in Europe & elsewhere, with a view to obtain a fit person to fill the chair permanently.

Ms (DLC).

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