Thomas Jefferson Papers

Account with Edmund Bacon, 22 Sept. 1819-25 Oct. 1820, 21 September 1819

Received from John Wells $200
a horse  120
An Order on the mill for ofall  4
Sepr 22. 1819. Amount of acct due E B. that day $1365.69
May 1st paid John H Craven  45.
Wages for 1820  166.67
Interest to be calculated and aded

Interest on the 45 dollars paid to Craven to be Calculated from 1st day of January 1820 untill paid. and Also on 22 dollars yet due to Craven for hay Making the amount in all for hay $67.

Say to E B 45$
J H Craven 22$

MHi: Coolidge Collection.

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