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To James Madison from William M. Redmond, 8 February 1816

Boston Feby. 8th. 181⟨6⟩

Honored Sir

I Humbly Intreat your pardon, for taking the liberty of Writing these few lines to you, hnrd Sir As they Concern my welfare in a ⟨personal sense⟩ I trust they Will meet your Sanction The Cause of my taking the liberty Sir is my Being a Native of Ireland and Served the U.S. During the War both by Sea and land and had an Honourable Discharge from the army at the Close of the Late Contest with my Native Country. Prior to my Entrance in the army, I Served on board the U.S. Ship Congress Captn. ⟨J.T.⟩ Smith Esqr. and ⟨o⟩btained an honourable Discharge and being a little Dubious of Going to Sea but Determined to take ⟨a⟩n active part in the Contest I Inlisted in ⟨U⟩.S. Regt. 40th. Capn. Joseph Loving.Junr. from whom I obtaind an honourable Discharge at ⟨the C⟩lose of the war. And then Sir another war Braking out with Algier and Determined as I was to see Peace Restored I Immediately offered my Service for the Mediterenian on board the first Americ⟨   ⟩ The Independence. Every thing now Sir having been amicably Settled and my absen⟨ce⟩ from home being long I feel Very anxtious of Returng. to my Native Country for a season to Visit an afflicted Mother and Disconsolate Brothers and Sisters both for the Death of my Farther and my absence it now being ten years since I Eloped from home an⟨d⟩ Honord. Sir I trust you will Consider my Family and let me Retturn. One word from your Honour will be Enough and my Service at present is not much wanting By ordring my Discharge you will Gain th⟨e⟩ Prayers of your humble Servant and if Ev⟨er⟩ another war should Involve this Country in troubl⟨e⟩ I will willingly lend my asistance at Present I am on board the Washington Sh⟨ip⟩ being Removed from the Independance

William M. Redmond

P.S. Please honored Sir to Excuse me if I have not adresd. you in a Style Suitable to your Station If I have not ⟨   ⟩ Your honr. Ignorance is the Cause.

N. ß. My Fathers Death hapened Since my Elopement, and Sir Leaving an English man of war Prior to the war with America for fear of aprehension I assumed another Name which is on the U.S. Ship Congress’ Books The Asumed Name was Wm. Bleackley The Signature is my Proper Name.

DNA: RG 45--Miscellaneous Letters Received by the Secretary of the Navy.

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