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To James Madison from Patrick Mullony, 26 June 1802

From Patrick Mullony, 26 June 1802

Cadiz 26th. June 1802.


I have just received the ⟨e⟩nclosed Pacquet from William Willis Esqr. ⟨of⟩ Barcelona, & lose no time in forwarding same ⟨by⟩ Capt Robt. C. Gardner, of the Brig Christiana & andrew ⟨o⟩n the point of sailing for Philadelphia.

I avail of the present opportunity to offer a few lines in my own behalf, to which I ⟨b⟩eg leave to request your attention.

In the month of July 1797. Mr. Joseph Yznardí the American Consul at this place appointed me to act as Vice Consul at the Port of Algeciras under an allowance of Sixty dollars r. month: to which I agreed. After two months had expired this small Stipend was suppressed. Notwithstanding, at the request of various American Masters ⟨&⟩ Supercargos then at Algeciras, suing for property unjustly detained by French & Spanish Privateers, I continued in the Appointment, using every exertion to obtain redress and the number of Vessels detained increasing almost dayly. I fina⟨lly⟩ resolved on continuing to act in their deffen⟨ce⟩ under the most sanguine hopes of receiving Some Compensation from the Government of the United States for my exertions & assiduity o⟨n⟩ behalf of the Citizens thereof. If it is required I shall particularize the Circumst⟨ances⟩ of those who I have served, & I am confiden⟨t⟩ of receiving every acknowledgement from each individual. I beg leave to refer you to the Honorable David Humphrys ⟨Esqr.⟩ Our Envoy at the Court of Madrid, and equa⟨lly⟩ to Henry Preble Esqr. his Secretary of Legatio⟨n⟩ for any information you may require respecting my Conduct during my residence at Algeciras. Permit me if you pleas⟨e⟩ at same time, to mention the Honorable Commodor Dale, Capt Barron, Capt Bain⟨bridge⟩ & other Officers, who have witnessed my Zeal & disposition to favor those who solicited my Assistance. From a principle of attachm⟨ent⟩ to the Interest of the United States, I have acted thus nearly Six years. I might ⟨have⟩ otherwise employed my time to some advan⟨tage⟩ and probably acquired a competence to spend the ⟨re⟩mainder of my days with ease & tranquility. ⟨W⟩hereas I am now destitute of means, Under this impression I humbly implore the bounty of the Government of the United States ⟨th⟩ro’ you, flattering myself that my zeal & ⟨e⟩fforts cannot be overlooked by a Comunity ⟨u⟩niversally distinguished by marks of Gratitude & benevolence. The war in Europe having subsided, & my further attendance at Algeciras not being required, I have returned ⟨to ⟩ this place with my family. I have authorized Mr. Marceline Gallardo to attend any occurrence ⟨w⟩hich might happen. I presume to expect ⟨an⟩ answer, and confide you will humanely ⟨sec⟩ond my views. I have the honor to be ⟨w⟩ith the highest respect—Sir! Your most assd. hume. Servt.

Patrick Mullony

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