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Enclosure C: [Estimate of the Additional Allowances for the Expenses of the Revenue], [21 January 1795]


Estimate of the additional allowances for the expenses of the collection of the Revenue, made in pursuance of the 13th. section of the act of the 5th. day of June 1794.5 and the 16th. section of the act of the 8th. day of May 1792.6

Salary of the Supervisor of the District of Ohio. 600.  
Commissions on gross revenue from Spirits distilled in the UStates, & Stills, which will probably not exceed 1000 Dollars at 1½ per Centum 15.  
Signing 1000 Certificates @ 1 Cent 10.  
Salary of the Supervisor of the District of Tenassee 500.  
Commissions on gross revenue from Spirits distilled in the U States & from Stills; which probably will not exceed 1000 Dolls. at 1½ per Cent 15.  
Signing 150 Certificates at 1 Cent 1.50
Additions to the Salaries of Supervisors of
Connecticut 100.  
New York 100.  
North Carolina 100.  
New Jersey 200.  
Pennsylvania 200.  
Maryland 200.  
South Carolina 200.  
Virginia 150.  
Commissions of the Supervisors of the revenue
of Connecticut } By the addition, these Commissions are increased by one half pr. centum; but on a gross revenue reduced one third in amount will be not more than { 400
of Rhode Island
of Massachusetts
Salaries of the Inspectors.
Of Massachusetts for Survey No 1. to be hereafter 500.  
Of Pennsylvania for Survey No. 1 to be hereafter 500.  
Of the other 3 Surveys to be increased by 50 Dolls. 150.  
Of Maryland 2 Surveys 50 Dols. each 100.  
Of Virginia 7 “   “ 350.  
Of North Carolina 4. 1080.  
Of South Carolina 2 Surveys 100.  
Of Ohio 1 survey 450.  
The Commissions of the Inspectors of the revenue of Massachusetts, to be increased by one half pr. Cent on a revenue estimated at 100.000 dollars instead of 150.000 Dollars at ½ per Cent. 250.  
Of 2d. Survey of Ohio to be on Spirits distilled in the UStates & on stills, computed at 1000 Dolls. at 1 per Cent. 10.  
The Collectors of the Revenue.
The addition of 20 Dollars each to 85 collectors is 1700 dollars from which deduct 60 dollars each for four salaries of Collectorships abolished in Virga. 1460.  
The Salaries of a number of Collectors if necessary in the District of Ohio not more than seven, at 80 dolls. at a medium 560.  
The Salaries of a number of Collectors if necessary, not more than three, in the District of Tenassee at 80 Dols. each on a medium. 240.  
Addition to the Commissions on spirits distilled in the U. States from domestic materials & from Stills 200000 dols at 1 per Ct. 2000.  
For marking 30 Stills in the District of Tenassee 15.  
For marking 50 Do. in 2d. survey of the District of Ohio 25.  
Auxiliary Officers.
An addition of 10 dollars each for 77 auxiliary officers from which deduct the salaries of the auxiliary officers abolished in Virginia. 695.  
The Salaries of a number of auxiliary officers, not less than five in the District of Ohio, which are not to exceed 150.  
The Salaries of a number of auxiliary officers in the District of Tenassee, not more than three, which are not to exceed. 90.  
Contingent Expenses.
For the Contingent Expenses over & above the ordinary expenses of the revenue establishment, which will arise from the service in regard to retailers licences, & sales at auction &c. on 200.000 Dolls. at ½ per Cent.    500.  
Dollars.   12.016.50
Summary of Allowances by the President.
Amount of New Estimate A 5.000.  
Do    of   Do      C 12.016.50
Add the amount of the former Estimate E of 25 July 17927 69.980.   
Dolls. 86.996.50.
Summary of Funds for Compensation granted by the Legislature.
1st Under the Act of May 8th. 1792 70.000.  
2dly. The addition under the act of June 5, 1794, which if granted by the terms of the Law, may be extended to one third of the preceding sum 23.333.⅓  
3dly. Under the retailers licences & carriage Acts 5.000.  
Aggregate of Funds granted 98.333⅓
Note. The objects in Estimate B. are to be set off against the surplusages of the first & second Revenue years, which appear to be adequate thereto.

6For the text of Section 16 of “An Act concerning the Duties on Spirits distilled within the United States” (1 Stat. 270–71), see Coxe to H, July 15, 1794, note 4.

7“Estimate E,” dated July 25, 1792, and signed by Coxe, is printed in ASP description begins American State Papers, Documents, Legislative and Executive, of the Congress of the United States (Washington, 1832–1861). description ends , Finance, I, 173–75. See also Coxe to H, July 25, 1792, note 18.

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