George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 16 December 1786]

Saturday 16th. Mercury at 28 in the Morning—47 at Noon and 41 at Night.

Last Nights frost pretty hard. Day clear, calm, and pleasant for the Season—thawing after the Sun got up a little.

Rid to the Plantations at the Ferry, dogue run and Muddy hole—Gathering and husking corn at the two first—Treading out a Stack of Rye at the latter.

Received the following acct. of the Corn measured in the Neck by Jno. Fairfax, to day—viz. 42 Barrels from the riverside cut which makes the whole crop stand thus at that Plantation

Drilled Corn
Cut nearest the Barn 86 1/2
Middle cut 85
Easternmost ditto 24
Common Planting 195 1/2
Cut next the Barn 76
Middle do. 74
River side cut 42
Total 387 1/2

The Oats made at, and recd. from that Plantation this year are

Of those drilled between } 55
the rows of drilled Corn
From the point 29 Acres 275
Total 330

The Wheat sowed here this year, is—

In the field on the River 126
In part of the Middle cut } 30
Timberlanding field
In all 156
Rye Ditto in field No. 1 50
Eastn. most cut of No. 2  19
Sowed in all 69
Besides the Rye sowed as mentioned } Bush.
on the other side, there has been
used by the Negroes 25
Ditto by the Horses 65
Sent to Dogue run 19
brought from other side 69

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