George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 14 July 1762]

14. Counted my Sheep as follows—

6 Rams at Johnson’s
12 Ewes at Do.
94 Do. runng. at large
1 Do. put into Oats
13 Weathers put into Do.
16 rung. in pasture
142 old Sheep, besides one at Colo. F[airfa]xs
12 Ram lambs put into Oats
8 Weather Do. in grass gd.
38 Ewe Ditto—in Ditto
200 in all & this day parted Ewes & L[am]bs

Puttg. the followg. Cattle for fattg. upon Oats

2 old Steers from D[ogue] Run } —formerly
1 old Cow from Do.
2 old Steers from there to day.
1 old Cow from Muddy hole
2 old Oxen Home Ho[use]
1 old Cow Do. Do.—wch. came formly. from R[ive]r[side Quarter]
9 —in all.

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