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From George Washington to Major General Nathanael Greene, 2 March 1779

To Major General Nathanael Greene

[Middlebrook] March 2d 1779


The forgoing list being submitted to me by you, for consideration,1 I shall observe that if the articles therein contained, are intended as an extra provision for the ensuing campaign and wholly designed for such troops as may proceed by the way of Wyoming, I think the quantity too great, and that the following deduction may be made; as an expedition of this kind, should be as little encumbered as possible.

500 Felling Axes

200 Spades

200 Shovels

1,000 Knapsacks ) It is to be presumed

1,000 Haversacks ) the troops will be

2,000 Canteens ) provided with those

600 Camp Kettles ) Articles

200 Fascine Knives

500 Horse bells

200 Hopples—Perhaps the whole 500, as

every wood’s Man knows how to make

them equally good of hiccory witches.

If on the other hand these things are to be considered as part of the genl Provision for the use of the army next campaign and can be procured on tolerable good terms in the Towns bordering on the susquehannah they may as well be purchased there, as else where, especially as it may be a magazine from whence the troops at fort Pitt may be supplied, the wants of which should be immediately ascertained and supplied, and a proper enquiry made into the state of these articles at Albany that there may be no want of them at [that] place.

Go: Washington

Copy, PPAmP: Nathanael Greene Papers; Df, DLC:GW; Varick transcript, DLC:GW.

1The enclosed copy of Greene’s list of “Articles to be provided & deposited at Estherton for the ensuing Campaign,” dated 2 March at Middlebrook, reads:

150 Batteaus of abt two Tons burthen to be immediately built

10 Boats to carry from 8 to 10 Tons

2 Travelling [F]orges

1500 good felling Axes ground & helved, & boxed up

20 Broad Axes do. do.

500 Spades )

500 Shovels ) Helved

100 Picks )

300 Tents

2000 Knapsacks

2000 Haversacks

3000 Canteens

1000 Camp Kettles

2000 Fascine Hatchets

200 Fascine Knives

2000 lb. Nails consistg of 10d. 12d. 20d. & a few small.

6 Setts Carpenters Tools—supposg 10 Men in a Sett

2 Setts Smiths Tools

50 Grass Scythes, with Sneeds, whet-stones &c.

20 Setts Shoeing Tools

6000 Setts Horse Shoes with Nails pointed–the ends of the Shoes turned up fit to set

500 Pack Saddles

2000 [F]athom Rope suitable for packing & Slinging Kegs, &c. &c.

1000 Horse Slips

1000 Horse Bells–with straps to buckle on

500 Horse Hopples of strong Leather

50 Setts Harness compleat including Chains &c.

50 Cross Cut Saws—with files suitable

6 Saw mill Saws

1000 Ax Slings with Straps to Buckle

50 Ream Paper

20 lb. Sealing wax

10 lb. Wafers

3,000 Quills

10 Doz. Ink Powder

200 Orderly Books

50 Ink Stands

100 flat bottom Iron Candle Sticks

100 Portmanteaus

N.B. All the Articles that will admit of being packed to be Boxed up, with Two Hoops round Each Box & every Box to weigh to as near 100 lb. as possible & all marked & Numbered

(copy, in James McHenry’s writing, PPAmP: Nathanael Greene Papers; copy, in McHenry’s writing, DLC:GW; copy, PPAmP: Nathanael Greene Papers. GW’s deductions are written in another hand in the left margin of McHenry’s copy at PPAmP).

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