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I believe the fact is that no measures have been taken by the states indebted to the US. to discharge the balances due under the act of June 23. 1797. or, at any rate, that we have no notice of any such measures. will you be so good as to state this or any other fact on the subject in a form to be communicated to the H. of R. in compliance with their resoln of yesterday. Dec. 24. 05. NHi :...
Th: Jefferson asks the favor of a consultation with the Heads of Departments tomorrow at 11. Oclock, & that they will do him the favor to dine with him. NHi : Papers of Albert Gallatin.
I inclose you a paper containing a Memorial of the legislature of Misipi. to Congress respecting their lands. I also send some observations of Doctr. Barnwell on the country about N. Orleans which I think you will like to read.—Burr has surrendered himself to Cowles Meade. NHi : Papers of Albert Gallatin.
The inclosed certainly cannot be wrong: can it be taken amiss by mr Nicholson himself? to what place must I address it? I wish it to go by this day’s post, to cut off applications. NHi : Papers of Albert Gallatin.
The inclosed bond is signed by mr Maury the father, who I have no doubt is worth the 10,000 D. therein named. he owns a valuable tra[ct of] land on which he lives, well improved as a farm, & a considerable number of negroes: and I question if he owes 10. Dollars in the world, having always been one of the most prudent & cautious men. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
I am giving in my last nominations to the Senate. the place of Surveyor at Richmond having become vacant during their session must be filled during the same. two persons are proposed, William Wardlaw, & Ryland Randolph, both excellent men & republicans, well known to me personally: the former a Medical man, at his ease, the latter in want, of higher standing, and probably would be quite...
These recommenders are such good men that I think it will be best to make the nomination at once if the Senators & delegates know nothing to the contrary. will you be so good as to consult them? NHi : Papers of Albert Gallatin.
will you be pleased to give the permission to Capt Brewster, & take any other measures you think best. NHi : Papers of Albert Gallatin.
Thomas Jefferson asks the favor of a Consultation with the heads of Departments tomorrow at one Oclock on the subject of the message, & that they will add that of dining with him. NHi : Papers of Albert Gallatin.
I inclose you a letter from Capt. Mc. Neill (formerly commander of one of our frigates) to Capt Tingey asking the command of the revenue cutter at Charleston. he was a good officer, reduced when the navy line was reduced; & therefore entitled to any proper thing we can do for him. I am induced to believe his claims better than those of any other. he is considered as a man of perfect fidelity....
I think the keeper of lighthouses should be dismissed for small degrees of remisness, because of the calamities which even these produce, & that the opinion of Colo. Newton in this case is of sufficient authority for the removal of the present keeper. DNA : RG 26—Light House Service.
J. Randolph has just called to ask a conversation with me, for which purpose he will be with me tomorrow morning, every thing therefore had better be suspended till that is over. NHi : Papers of Albert Gallatin.
As it will be necessary to decide how this question of the Batture is to be settled, we must of course take the trouble of understanding it. I therefore send you a very able opinion of Derbigny’s to be returned when read to mr Rodney. happening to have the Encyclopedia which he quotes, I have turned to it & find it able and satisfactory. mr Rodney is in possession of the opinion of the court...
The appointment of mr Alger, recommended by mr Milledge, as Commr. of loans, in the room of the one who is dead, is approved. extreme reluctance to appoint a violent federalist at Cherrystone’s induces a wish to defer it as long as can be admitted in the hope of hearing of some good republican to invest with it. RC ( NHi : Gallatin Papers); addressed: “The Secretary of the Treasury.”
The inclosed may perhaps merit enquiry. persons to be consulted on the survey of the coast. Robert Patterson Ellicott Briggs Garnet Bp. Madison Hasler Moore of the treasury it would be well to enquire of them also whether they know any persons whom they can recommend as capable of acting in the different parts. I presume a capability of determining the longitude by lunar observations will be a...
Will you be so good as to peruse & return the inclosed? what Dupont says of N. Orleans will require a verbal explanation. he will probably be a very efficient instrument for us in that business, and I should very much wish to render him the personal service he asks as to paiments in Paris, if you find such an arrangement can be made agreeably to what is right & useful for us. it would lessen...
Can mr Gallatin enable Th:J. yet to give to the Senate the information they asked respecting the paiment of the Detroit militia in Detroit bills? NHi : Papers of Albert Gallatin.
I really think Cross ought to be immediately removed: the clearance in our possession is evidence enough of the fact. but are we provided with a successor.   Hook & Reed should I think be called on to shew cause why they should not be removed.   can there not be appeals from the decision of that judge?   I propose to appoint Benjamin Harrison Comr. of loans for Virginia if you approve of it, &...
I intended to have sent the former papers respecting Gibbs, Chingoteague & the Folly landing to mr Smith for perusal; but without thought at the moment I returned them to you. if you will let me have them again I will get him to peruse them & confer about them. if the embargo is to be continued I am persuaded we must enlarge his number of seamen & employ more gunboats. NHi : Papers of Albert...
I return you the report with great approbation. one or two verbal changes, and, in one place, the striking out 2. or 3. lines, not affecting the sense, are all I have to suggest. the erasure is to avoid the producing an odious idea, which a few days now may shew to be unnecessary, and which, even if war takes place, may not be necessary. in the mean time the federalists would have the benefit...
Th: Jefferson asks the favor of a consultation with the heads of departments tomorrow at 12. a clock, & that they will add that of dining with him. NHi : Papers of Albert Gallatin.
Will you be so good as to propose any corrections to the within which you may think it needs? I think in your note of yesterday you must have meant Cahokia, which is nearly opposite St. Louis, instead of Kaskaskias. is the fact I state true, that the road proposed is conformable to the wishes and interests of the best settled parts of the state of Ohio? NHi : Papers of Albert Gallatin.
I am closely confined by the run of visits from the members. can you therefore do me the favor to call on me this forenoon, to consult about the estimate you inclosed me yesterday, which gives me much uneasiness? NHi : Papers of Albert Gallatin.
Th: Jefferson presents his compliments to Mr. Gallatin. This letter comes to him, as others have done, from Mr. Tronchin Minister for Geneva at Paris. Th: Jefferson will with pleasure on all occasions give a conveyance of Mr. Gallatin’s letters through the same channel, putting them into his dispatches to our Chargé des affaires at Paris. RC ( NHi : Gallatin Papers); written on address cover...
Th: Jefferson returns to mr Gallatin Gurley’s letter: no further intelligence being now expected on the subject of our affairs with Spain and some measures growing out of them requiring the earliest consideration possible, he asks the favor of mr Gallatin to attend if possible a cabinet meeting at Washington on the 4th. of October at 12. oclock. he presents him affectionate salutations. NHi :...
I think the instructions are perfectly just which provide that if a purchase be made of the Indians adjacent to the Connecticut reserve by the US. the public should be at the expence of surveying all the lines circumscribing their purchase. but if they make no purchase, then those for whom the survey is should pay the expence. it has been sometimes made a question whether Seller or Buyer...
I see nothing to alter in the inclosed except two or three verbal changes of the indefinable ‘shall’ for ‘will’. Dec. 8. 05. NHi : Papers of Albert Gallatin.
I have recieved a complaint against McGillis, Collector of St. Mary’s, which comes from persons, who appear respectable from their offices, to wit, Counsellers &c. stating that he injures the revenue, & that they have forwarded the particular charges to you; and they affirm that his malpractices continue. are their charges serious & founded? affectte salutns. NHi : Papers of Albert Gallatin.
The appointment of a woman to office is an innovation for which the public is not prepared, nor am I. shall we appoint Springs or wait the further recommendations spoken of by Bloodworth.   Briggs has resigned; and I wish to consult with you, when convenient, on his successor, as well as on an Attorney General. affectionate salutations. NHi : Papers of Albert Gallatin.
I have this moment recieved the embargo law, but I do not sign it till I have returned it to the Commee to correct 3 errors of enrollment one of which is material. this I can put off to tomorrow morning. in the mean time you can have it copied as if signed & dated tomow Mar. 12. only be so good as to let me have it again this evening or tomorrow morning NHi : Papers of Albert Gallatin.
Th: Jefferson has desired the Post Master General to forward no papers to him at Monticello, after the mail which leaves Washington on the 4th. of May, as he will leave Monticello on the 13th. he salutes mr Gallatin with affection. NHi : Papers of Albert Gallatin.
I inclose you a copy of my letter to Theus, which goes on by this day’s post. also a letter from Wm. Gamble of the neighborhood of the falls of Niagara, for information. considering that I shall leave this for Washington on the 27th. or 28th. and that no communication made to you after this date could be answered to this place, I shall reserve the future for our meeting at Washington. I salute...
In the case of the seamen left on Trinity isld. would it not be well to engage the identical seamen who left them? NHi : Papers of Albert Gallatin.
I have written to mr Smith proposing to order a couple of gunboats from New York into the Delaware, and 2. from Norfolk to the head of the bay.   I hope the passage of naval stores into Canada will be prevented. I inclose for your information the account of a silver mine to fill your treasury. Affectte. salutns. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
The defence of Orleans against a land army can never be provided for, according to the principles of the constitution till we can get a sufficient militia there. I think therefore to get the inclosed bill brought forward again. will you be so good as to make any alterations in it which the present state of the surveys may have rendered necessary, & any others you shall think for the better?...
The appointment of Joseph Farrow as Keeper of the Lighthouse at Cape Hatteras is approved.  DNA : RG 26—Light House Service.
Some letters are recieved which require to be consulted & acted on to-day. if you will be so good as to come here on your arrival at your office, I will send for the other gentlemen. it will be an affair of not more than a quarter of an hour’s consultation. NHi : Papers of Albert Gallatin.
I am sorry to be obliged to hasten your return to this place, & pray that it may be without a moment’s avoidable delay.    the capture of the Chesapeak by a British ship of war renders it necessary to have all our council together. the mail is closing. Affectionate salutations. NHi : Papers of Albert Gallatin.
The Cutters being intended to fulfill a legal object, if that of Charleston is not competent, we should certainly provide one which is so. I think she should be of such velocity & force as not to be outsailed or resisted by the African ships, against which nothing should be spared. I concur with you in opinion that MacNeel being here & a good judge, it would be better to let him buy one at...
The draught of the letter is approved, & I should be much disposed to remove Backus, on a more detailed knolege of facts. Feb. 6. 07. NHi : Papers of Albert Gallatin.
I inclose for your perusal my answer to mr Clarke. will you be so good as to give the instructions therein spoken of to the Commissioners & Governor, & to Seal & send the letter to Mr. Clark? I send herewith the papers he left with me, to be filed in your office unless he wishes their return. affectionate salutations. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
Joseph Howland is approved as Keeper of the Light House at Clarke’s point near New Bedford Mas. DNA : RG 26—Light House Service.
Mr. Elliot (whose speech I saw not till last night) has so pointedly denied our account of the battle of the Lyman sea or lake, that it would seem necessary to have published in the Nat. Intelligr. an Extract from the work from which it was taken. you were kind enough to suggest the transaction to me (for I had forgotten it) and I think you took it from the Annual Register. can you furnish me...
Will you be so good as to read my letter to mr Smith, and then seal & send it with your own to the Post office? also to read the within rough draught to Genl. Sullivan & suggest any alterations you think proper. when mr Rodney’s opinion shall be printed I shall be glad a few copies, say half a dozen or a dozen. Affectionate salutations. NHi : Papers of Albert Gallatin.
I am afraid this matter of Beaumarchais, will become a serious one if not done with, which is easy as yet, but will become more & more difficult. can you take any measures to get it acted upon, & satisfactorily? the letter is to be returned to mr Madison. NHi : Papers of Albert Gallatin.
Th:J. with his salutations to mr Gallatin informs him that the act for the Navy appropriation was brought to him last night, is signed & deposited in the office of state. Dec. 11. 05. NHi : Papers of Albert Gallatin.
Th: Jefferson incloses to mr Gallatin two letters for his perusal, and asks the favor of him to meet the heads of department here at half after two to-day, if he is well enough to come out. affectte. salutns NHi : Papers of Albert Gallatin.
I am ready to appoint any persons whom mr Gallatin shall approve in place of the delinquent Collectors . RC ( NHi : Gallatin Papers); on verso of address sheet previously directed by Gallatin to the president; addressed by TJ: “The Secretary of the Treasury.” Not recorded in SJL . DELINQUENT COLLECTORS : see Memorandum from the Treasury Department, 20 June .
I have kept the papers on the subject of raising the salaries of certain light-house keepers longer than usual, because I know that the systematic pressure on every government for augmenting salaries requires serious consideration. however if the salaries at present are not properly proportioned among themselves, I think it will be just and expedient to make them so, once for all, & hereafter...
I recieved last night your letter from Havre de Grace, in which you count on being here to-day by 2. aclock. it will save a day in the measures we may determine to take, if I can see you soon after your arrival. if you arrive before half after three, come & take a family dinner with me, that I may put you in possession of what is under contemplation, so that you may have to reflect on it till...