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Statement A: [Payments to France out of the Dutch and Antwerp Loans], 13 February 1793

Statement A.

Statement shewing the dates and sums of the respective payments which have been made on account of the Debt due to France out of the Dutch and Antwerp Loans—and by whom and to whom the monies were remitted or paid.

Livres tournois. s. d. Florins. st: d.  
1790 Decemr. 3. } Remitted by Wm. and J:
Willink, N. and Jacob Van
Staphorst and Hubbard of
Amsterdam, to Monsr. du
{ 3.611.950.     1.500.104. 9
1791, June 10th. } Director of the royal
treasury of France, by
order of Wm. Short
{ 2.696.629. 4   1.005.000.  
August 11th: } Remitted by the same,
to the Commissioner of
the national treasury at
Paris, by order of William
Short Esquire.
{ 941.176. 9    358.187.10
Septemr. 12th: 642.896. 9. 9. 238.233. 6.
15th. 1.080.874.12. 6. 400.531.12.
22d: 1457.734.15. 4. 539.414.10.
907.280.15. 2. 335.726.14.
29th 616.212.14. 7. 229.500.15.
October, 3d. 220.680.10.   81.957.10.
6th: 806.420. 3. 3. 300.951. 9
13th: 1. 429.550.16.
20th: 811.154. 2. 8. 302.291. 4
24th: 487.692. 2. 8. 108.608.13.
} Do, by the same to Mr. Garat, Cashier
of the national treasury at Paris, by
order of William Short Esquire.
{ 1.540.909. 2.   567.825.  
Remitted from Antwerp
by Mr. de Wolf to the
national treasury
at Paris, by order
of William Short.
{ 270.500.    
338.990.   9.
312.004. 6. 6.
308.441. 6.  
From { January
Payments made by
Mr. De Wolf, to J.
Broeta at Antwerp,
by order of the
Commissioners of the
national treasury of France . .
{ 4.581.413.15. 1.
From { April 1st.
June 4th:
Do.     Do.  843.925.10. 6.
6.756.974.18.10.* 1.968.000.  
} Do, by Wm. and J. Willink. N. and
Jacob Van Staphorst, and Hubbard,
of Amsterdam, to Messrs. Hogguer,
Grand and Company, bankers for
the Commissioners of the national
treasury of France, by order of
William Short Esquire
{ 6.000.000.     1.641.250.  
29.717.639.13.10. 10.073.043. 8.

Alexander Hamilton
Secretary of the Treasury.

Authorial notes

[The following note(s) appeared in the margins or otherwise outside the text flow in the original source, and have been moved here for purposes of the digital edition.]

* The amount of Livres here stated, exceeds somewhat that which was stated in No. I, of my last report,11 It will be observed, that it was then mentioned, that the details of this transaction were wanting. They have since been received, and correspond with the present Statement. The difference arises from the real rates of exchange, at the times of the respective payments having been different from what was assumed by analogy, as a rule of computation.

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