Adams Papers

To John Adams from John Woddrop, 12 April 1787

Bridge Street of Glasgow the 12th April, 1787.


I do in the most becoming and with the most due respect, humbly Solicit the favour of your Excellency, for to be informed, if my former letters came to your Excellencys’ hand.

If they have come to your hand, I will be glad to have such an answer as may appear to your Excellency, for to send to me, relative to the contents of these letters. Your Excellency may be also assured, that any impropriety that may appear in my conduct, in writing to your Excellency, formerly, or now again at this time, I do give my consent, to be punished for such impropriety, if it do ever appear to be done, wilfully, either to the detriment of your Excellency personally, or to the true Interest of the States of America.

To whom again, I offer my poor services, with the last drop of my blood, & puff of my breath. And for that purpose, I consent to pass over to the States of America, as soon, and in what Vessel, is to go first to such part of these States, your Excellency is connected with. Please to advise me, if William Lee, Esqre. Alderman, in London, has left America, & come home to London, I beg to do this. And as soon as possible, directing to me thus, as below, which will make me certain that the letter, is from your Excellency, when offered to me, at the Post office, here, in Glasgow.

With all manner of pure regard, & the most perfect Respect, / I have the honour to be, / Sir, / Your Most Obedient, & / Your Most Humble Servant,

John Woddrop

(direct to me thus,) To John Woddrop, in Bridge street, & facing the foot of Kings-Street, in Glasgow, North Britain.

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