Adams Papers

John Woddrop to John Adams, 3 Apr. 1786

Bridge–Street of Glasgow, 3d. of Aprile, 1786.


Having wrote some letters and sent them to your Excellency at London sometime ago and by Post, no answer coming from your Excellency, directed to me, to any of the letters I did send to your Excellency.—I am thinking, I may have been guilty of some impropriety, in sending such letters as I have done, or else, the Address to your Excellency must have been wrong in me.

In whatever manner I may have done amiss I ask pardon and assure your Excellency it is a error not wilfully done, and comitted by me. I do humbly ask the favor of your Excellency, for to be allowed to repeat, & to confirm every thing, I did mention in my former letters to your Excellency, and also in the letters, sent under the cover, to your Excellency.—And after I may have the honour for to receive any answer either to this, or to my former letters, to your Excellency, and to the letters, more formerly inclosed to your Excellency. I Shall be able to write to your Excellency more fully, & more at large, than I chuse at present for to do.—

I shall only add that some attachment in me, to the States of America, procures me at will, not very honorably, but my blood, and breath, are both at the Service of the Thirteen United, Free and Independant States, of North America. Whom God Preserve.

With true, & Sincere Esteem, & the / Most Perfect Respect.— / I have the honour to be, / Sir, / Your Most Obedient Humble Servant,

John Woddrop

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