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32011[Diary entry: 18 July 1787] (Washington Papers)
Wednesday 18th. Dined at Mr. Milligan’s and drank Tea at Mrs. Meridiths.
32012[Diary entry: 22 November 1772] (Washington Papers)
22. Cloudy, with Rain more or less all day.
32013[Diary entry: 4 May 1762] (Washington Papers)
4. Finished Planting Corn at all Places.
32014[Diary entry: 29 August 1799] (Washington Papers)
29. Morning very lowering with a brisk Southerly wind, Mer. 70 & at Night 76. A good deal of rain...
32015[Diary entry: 26 June 1795] (Washington Papers)
26. Do. No. Wt. Clear & cooler all day.
32016[Diary entry: 16 February 1771] (Washington Papers)
16. Still at Colchester upon the same business and in the same Company till 8 Oclock at Night.
32017[Diary entry: 5 August 1769] (Washington Papers)
5. Warm morning & hot day with a thunder shower—to the Westward.
32018[Diary entry: 2 August 1788] (Washington Papers)
Saturday 2d. Thermometer at 68 in the Morning 77 at Noon and 73 at Night. Wind Southerly all day...
32019[Diary entry: 13 May 1771] (Washington Papers)
13. Rid to the Brick House with Colo. Bassett and returnd to Dinner.
32020[Diary entry: 2 November 1769] (Washington Papers)
2. Misty & Raining all day. Wind Eastwardly tho but little of it.
32021[Diary entry: 24 March 1785] (Washington Papers)
Thursday 24th. Mercury at 40 in the Morning—45 at Noon and 45 at Night. Wind Southerly. The Sun,...
32022Memorandum, 17 June 1757 (Washington Papers)
Colo. Stanwix Send Colo. Carlyle’s Letter to him. Inform him that the Enemy have Mortar’s—by the...
32023[June 1787] (Washington Papers)
Friday 1st. June. Attending in Convention and nothing being suffered to transpire no minutes of...
32024[Diary entry: 21 November 1785] (Washington Papers)
Monday 21st. Thermometer at 48 in the Morning— at Noon and at N. Lowering morning, with the wind...
32025General Orders, 9 November 1782 (Washington Papers)
For duty tomorrow the 1th Newyork regiment. Brigadier General Patterson, Cols Greaton & Shepard,...
List of Tools intended for Capt. Hogg Sent Wanting Fifty narrow axes 50 Twelve broad ditto 6 6...
32027[Diary entry: 22 May 1769] (Washington Papers)
22. Cool Morning with the Wind Northwardly but warmer afterwards and wind at So. West.
32028Cash Accounts, April 1763 (Washington Papers)
Cash Apl  8— To Captn McCarty Balle of Accts £ 5.18.2 16— To Cash of Mrs Washington 0. 1.3 27— To...
Tennessee Captains 2 Arthur Crozier Knoxville good letter Clayborne —a young man of respectable...
32030[Diary entry: 1 April 1799] (Washington Papers)
1. Clear (except being smoky). Mer. at 46. Wind Northerly—afterwds. Easterly and towards Night...
32031General Orders, 7 October 1781 (Washington Papers)
Major Dexter is appointed officer of the day for this day vice Major Olney indisposed. The Guards...
32032[Diary entry: 30 January 1771] (Washington Papers)
30. A Great quantity of Rain fell last Night—a good deal the forepart of the day. Afternoon...
32033[Diary entry: 8 August 1787] (Washington Papers)
Wednesday 8th. Dined at the City Tavern and remained there till near 10 Oclock.
32034[Diary entry: 19 October 1774] (Washington Papers)
19. Again cool & somewhat lowering.
32035[Diary entry: 12 December 1772] (Washington Papers)
12. Doctr. Brown went away abt. 12 Oclock & Mr. Brown after Dinner.
32036General Orders, 26 March 1778 (Washington Papers)
No scouting party is to be sent out of Camp unless it is by order of the Commander in Chief the...
32037[Diary entry: 19 September 1799] (Washington Papers)
19. Raining in the Morning early and by 8 oclock storming with a heavy fall of rain. Mer. at...
32038[Diary entry: 16 July 1795] (Washington Papers)
16. Do. Do. but clear & warmer.
32039[Diary entry: 9 April 1775] (Washington Papers)
9. Went to Pohick Church & returnd to Dinner. Doctr. Craik and Mr. Danl. Jenifer came in the...
32040[Diary entry: 6 February 1771] (Washington Papers)
6. Very hard frost & keen Wind from the No[rth]ward, in the Morning. Midday tolerably pleasant...
32041[Diary entry: 3 May 1771] (Washington Papers)
3. Warm, with appearances of Rain but none fell. Wind Southerly.
32042[Diary entry: 14 April 1785] (Washington Papers)
Thursday 14th. Mercury at 48 in the Morning—50 at Noon and 58 at Night. Winds variable—in the...
32043[Diary entry: 28 April 1768] (Washington Papers)
28. Clear, & rather Cool, wind variable and in the Evening at No. Wt.
32044[Diary entry: 7 January 1798] (Washington Papers)
7. Morning calm & clear. Mer. at 28; in the evening it lowered with the wind at No. Et. Mer. at 34.
32045[Diary entry: 11 December 1785] (Washington Papers)
Sunday 11th. Thermometer at 38 in the Morng. 50 at Noon and 58 at Night. A heavy mist all day...
32046General Orders, 27 May 1783 (Washington Papers)
For the day tomorrow Brigr Genl Stark B. Qr Mr 3d Massa. Brigade The 1st York regt gives the...
32047[Diary entry: 22 July 1787] (Washington Papers)
Sunday 22d. Left town by 5 Oclock, breakfasted at General Mifflins—rode up to the Spring Mills...
32048[Diary entry: 15 March 1769] (Washington Papers)
15. Out again with many People attending.
32049General Orders, 5 June 1779 (Washington Papers)
Varick transcript , DLC:GW . GW’s aide-de-camp Richard Kidder Meade received money from Maj....
32050[Diary entry: 18 October 1771] (Washington Papers)
18. Went into the Neck & run some Lines there. Captn. Crawford came in the Afternoon.
Your kind Congratulations on my Appointment, & Arrival demand my warmest Acknowledgements, and...
32052[Diary entry: 30 June 1795] (Washington Papers)
30. Do. Do. Cloudy forenoon. Rain after.
32053[Diary entry: 20 February 1771] (Washington Papers)
20. Rid to my Mill. Colo. Thos. Lee came here to Dinner. My Bro. & Mr. Thompson a Ducking.
32054[Diary entry: 9 November 1774] (Washington Papers)
9. At home all day.
32055[Diary entry: 2 December 1772] (Washington Papers)
2. Clear in the forenoon but Cloudy & cold afterwards.
32056October [1787] (Washington Papers)
October 1st. Thermometer at 56 in the Morning—64 at Noon and 62 at Night—Cloudy in the Morning...
32057[Diary entry: 20 July 1795] (Washington Papers)
20. After doing business with the Comrs. of the fedl. City I proceeded on my journey & got home...
32058General Orders, 15 September 1777 (Washington Papers)
The whole line, while it continues unseperated, is to furnish 600 men properly officered, for...
32059[Diary entry: 27 October 1769] (Washington Papers)
27. Much such a day as the former there being but little Wind & that Southwardly.
To His Excellency, the Right Honble John Earl of Dunmore, His Majestys Lieutt, & Govr General of...