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4651[Diary entry: 19 August 1770] (Washington Papers)
19. Showers again with the Wind fresh from the southward.
4652[Diary entry: 20 August 1770] (Washington Papers)
20. Very warm all Day. In the Night a good deal of Rain and a sudden change in the Air.
4653[Diary entry: 21 August 1770] (Washington Papers)
21. Very Cool and Cloudy. Wind being Northwardly & Eastwardly.
4654[Diary entry: 22 August 1770] (Washington Papers)
22. Cloudy & very cool all day. Being a close & constant Rain. Wind Eastwardly.
4655[Diary entry: 23 August 1770] (Washington Papers)
23. Warmer, Wind being Southwardly. Morning Misty & cloudy all day.
4656[Diary entry: 24 August 1770] (Washington Papers)
24. Misty Morning, and sometimes slight showers in the forenoon but clear & warm afternoon.
4657[Diary entry: 25 August 1770] (Washington Papers)
25. Cloudy generally through the day with the Wind pretty brisk from the Southwest especialy in...
4658[Diary entry: 26 August 1770] (Washington Papers)
26. Clear and Warm wind being still to the Southward.
4659[Diary entry: 27 August 1770] (Washington Papers)
27. Very Hot & even Sultry in the Evening with Clouds to the westward & some Rain.
4660[Diary entry: 28 August 1770] (Washington Papers)
28. Still warm but not so hot as yesterday. Raining most part of the Night.
4661[Diary entry: 29 August 1770] (Washington Papers)
29. Raining in the Morning but clear & cool afterwards.
4662[Diary entry: 30 August 1770] (Washington Papers)
30. Very cool. Wind being at No. West.
4663[Diary entry: 31 August 1770] (Washington Papers)
31. A Slight frost in the Morning but clear and cool all day.
4664Remarks & Occurances Augt. [1770] (Washington Papers)
Augt. 1. Began to Sow Wheat at Muddy hole—the Ground Grassy & in bad order. Began to Sow Ditto at...
4665[Diary entry: 1 August 1770] (Washington Papers)
Augt. 1. Began to Sow Wheat at Muddy hole—the Ground Grassy & in bad order. Began to Sow Ditto at...
4666[Diary entry: 8 August 1770] (Washington Papers)
8. Began to sow Wheat in the Neck in that Cut upon the Creek above Carneys Gut. The Ground here...
4667[Diary entry: 10–11 August 1770] (Washington Papers)
10 & 11th. I rid over all my Corn Ground as well that in the Neck as those at Muddy hole & Doeg...
4668[Diary entry: 17 August 1770] (Washington Papers)
17. Finished the Cut at Doeg Run abt. John Gists Houses.
4669[Diary entry: 25 August 1770] (Washington Papers)
25. I examined my Corn fields & perceivd that the late Rains had made a great alteration for the...
4670[Diary entry: 29 August 1770] (Washington Papers)
29. The Rain that Fell last Night made the Ground too wet for plowing.
4671[September 1770] (Washington Papers)
Septr. 1st. Returnd from the Arbitration at Colchester. In the Evening my Brothr. Saml. & his...
4672[Diary entry: 1 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
Septr. 1st. Returnd from the Arbitration at Colchester. In the Evening my Brothr. Saml. & his...
4673[Diary entry: 2 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
2. At home all day with the Company before Mentioned. Mr. Adam’s Miller came here & went to see...
4674[Diary entry: 3 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
3. Went in the Evening a fishing with my Brothers Saml. & Charles.
4675[Diary entry: 4 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
4. Rid to My Mill and back to Dinner.
4676[Diary entry: 5 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
5. At Home all day playing Cards.
4677[Diary entry: 6 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
6. Rid to the Mill with Colo. Lewis &ca. returnd to Dinner.
4678[Diary entry: 7 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
7. Went a fishing into the Mouth of Doegs Creek.
4679[Diary entry: 8 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
8. A Fishing along towards Sheridine Point. Dined upon the Point. Sheridine Point (now called...
4680[Diary entry: 9 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
9. Colo. Lewis, my Sister & Brother Charles went away. At Home all day.
4681[Diary entry: 10 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
10. My Brothr. Saml. & self rid to the Mill & Back to Dinner.
4682[Diary entry: 11 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
11. Rid to the Mill and Ditchers again.
4683[Diary entry: 12 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
12. Rid to the Mill & Ditchers. Mr. Christian & his Scholars came here to Dancing. Jacky Custis...
4684[Diary entry: 13 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
13. Rid to the Mill Ditchers & Morris and Muddy hole—also the Mill in the Afternoon. Mr....
4685[Diary entry: 14 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
14. Rid to the Mill and Ditchers in the forenoon with my Brother. In the Afternoon went a fishing.
4686[Diary entry: 15 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
15. Rid to Alexandria with my Brothr. & returnd to Dinner.
4687[Diary entry: 16 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
16. At home all day. My Brothr. Sam. and his wife set of in my Chariot for his House in Fredk....
4688[Diary entry: 17 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
17. Went up to Court, and returnd in the Evening with Mr. Nash & Mr. Peachy. The court met 17–20...
4689[Diary entry: 18 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
18. Mr. Renny & Jacky Custis set out for Annapolis. Mr. Nash &ca. went home & I to Court again &...
4690[Diary entry: 19 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
19. Rid to the Mill & Ditchers & come home to Dinner.
4691[Diary entry: 20 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
20. Rid to the Mill & Ditchers again & went by Poseys. Doctr. Rumney came.
4692[Diary entry: 21 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
21. Rid to the Mill and Ditchers. Doctr. Rumney went away. Before Rumney left, GW paid him for...
4693[Diary entry: 22 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
22. Rid to my Mill in the forenoon & afternoon. James McCarmack came here last Night & returnd...
4694[Diary entry: 23 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
23. At Home all day Mr. Campbell and Captn. Sanford dind here. Capt. Lawrence Sanford, a...
4695[Diary entry: 24 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
24. At home all day alone.
4696[Diary entry: 25 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
25. Rid to the Mill and Ditchers in the forenoon.
4697[Diary entry: 26 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
26. Rid by Posey’s and to the Mill & Ditchers again.
4698[Diary entry: 27 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
27. Rid to the Mill and Ditchers. In the afternoon Doctr. Rumney came here.
4699[Diary entry: 28 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
28. Rid to the Mill and Ditchers. Doctr. Rumney here Sick.
4700[Diary entry: 29 September 1770] (Washington Papers)
29. At Home all day—Doctr. Rumney still here Sick.