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27351[Diary entry: 30 April 1770] (Washington Papers)
30. The Doctr. stayed till after dinner and then returnd to Alexandria. I rid to the Mill & my...
27352[Diary entry: 27 February 1771] (Washington Papers)
27. Rid to my Mill in the Forenoon and Afternoon. Colo. Robt. Fairfax dined here.
27353[Diary entry: 16 August 1769] (Washington Papers)
16. Wind Northwardly & fresh. Clouds in the Evening but no Rain here.
27354[Diary entry: 13 August 1788] (Washington Papers)
Wednesday 13th. Thermometer at 64 in the Morning—70 at Noon and 70 at Night. Wind still Northerly...
27355[Diary entry: 24 May 1771] (Washington Papers)
24. Dined at Mr. John Smiths at Cabbin Point. Returnd to my Brothrs. in the Afternoon.
27356[Diary entry: 10 September 1766] (Washington Papers)
10. Began to get Fodder at Muddy hole Quarter & at the Mill.
27357[Diary entry: 13 November 1769] (Washington Papers)
13. Cool Morning but more moderate afternoon. Wind Southwardly.
27358[Diary entry: 9 December 1772] (Washington Papers)
9. The forenoon quite calm, warm & pleasant. Afternoon a little more Windy from the Southward.
27359[Diary entry: 3 July 1770] (Washington Papers)
3. Clear & very Cool—the Wind being at No. West & fresh.
27360[Diary entry: 11 March 1772] (Washington Papers)
11. Cold & raw in the forenoon Snowing in the afternoon.
27361Cash Accounts, May 1763 (Washington Papers)
Cash May 3— To Ditto [cash] for Burgesses Wages £ 33.18. 6 To Ditto of Mr [Joseph] Valentine for...
Whereas at a Circuit Court of the United States holden at Philadelphia in and for the...
27363[Diary entry: 12 April 1799] (Washington Papers)
12. Morng. Calm & Heavy. Mer. 45. Wd. afterwards, first Southerly & then Easterly but not fresh....
27364[Diary entry: 30 August 1769] (Washington Papers)
30. Old Mr. Flint dined with us, otherwise we were alone.
27365[Diary entry: 2 February 1775] (Washington Papers)
2. At home all day. In the Afternn. Mr. Calvert, Mr. Bordley, & Mr. Jacques from Maryland and Mr....
27366[Diary entry: 19 August 1787] (Washington Papers)
Sunday 19. In company with Mr. Powell rode up to the White Marsh. Dined at German Town—drank Tea...
27367[Diary entry: 23 December 1772] (Washington Papers)
23. Went a Hunting but found nothing. In the Evening Colo. Fairfax came. On this day Baldwin...
27368[Diary entry: 9 June 1769] (Washington Papers)
9. Rid to Captn. Posey’s—from thence to the Mill & then home. John Posey had recently gone to...
27369[Diary entry: 4 June 1762] (Washington Papers)
4. Jno. Askew came to Work. In 1759 GW hired John Askew (Askin) , a local joiner, for £25 per...
27370[Diary entry: 27 July 1795] (Washington Papers)
27. Easterley—a great deal of Rain.
27371General Orders, 25 April 1783 (Washington Papers)
For the day tomorrow Major Genl Heath B.Q.M. Hampshire Brid. The Jersey Battalion gives the...
27372General Orders, 17 May 1778 (Washington Papers)
The Commanding Officers of Regiments & Corps are to make an exact return tomorrow morning ten...
27373[Diary entry: 17 February 1771] (Washington Papers)
17. Light Snow all the Morning with but little Wind. About 10 Oclock it came out of Northwest...
27374[Diary entry: 6 September 1769] (Washington Papers)
6. Colo. Robt. Fairfax dined here.
27375General Orders, 16 January 1783 (Washington Papers)
For the day tomorrow Lieutenant Colonel Barber. For duty tomorrow the 5th Massachusetts regiment....
27376[Diary entry: 3 September 1788] (Washington Papers)
Wednesday 3d. Thermometer at 64 in the morning—76 at Noon and 75 at Night. Clear morning with the...
27377[Diary entry: 14 May 1771] (Washington Papers)
14. Much such a day as yesterday Wind being in the same place.
27378[Diary entry: 3 December 1769] (Washington Papers)
3. At Eltham all day.
27379[Diary entry: 25 April 1785] (Washington Papers)
Monday 25th. Mercury at 64 in the Morning—66 at Noon and 72 at Night. Perfectly calm all the...
27380General Orders, 5 October 1778 (Washington Papers)
Varick transcript , DLC:GW .
27381[Diary entry: 11 August 1771] (Washington Papers)
11th. Clear and quite Calm. Morning little Cool; Evening Warm.
27382[Diary entry: 18 January 1798] (Washington Papers)
18. Lowering, with the wind pretty fresh from the Northward in the morning. Mer. then 38–32 at...
27383[October 1787] (Washington Papers)
Oct.—Monday—1st. Rid to all the Plantations—work as usual—except that the Plows at Dogue run were...
27384[Diary entry: 22 December 1785] (Washington Papers)
[Thursday 22d.] Went a Fox hunting with the Gentlemen who came here yesterday—together with...
27385[Diary entry: 1 April 1772] (Washington Papers)
Apl. 1. Dined and Spent the Evening at Mrs. Campbells.
27386[Diary entry: 26 March 1769] (Washington Papers)
26. Took an airing with Colo. Bassett on horse back. Mr. R. Alexander came in the Evg.
27387General Orders, 26 May 1780 (Washington Papers)
For manœuvring tomorrow Colonels Livingston and Johnston, Lieutenant Colonels Sumner and Hay;...
27388[Diary entry: 29 October 1771] (Washington Papers)
29. Reach’d Williamsburg before Dinner. And went to the Play in the Afternoon. About four weeks...
27389[Diary entry: 2 May 1799] (Washington Papers)
2. Clear & calm in the Morning. Mer. at 52. Brisk So. westerly wind afterwards—still clear. Mer....
27390[Diary entry: 20 August 1769] (Washington Papers)
20. Morning Warm. Abt. Noon a shower with rumbling thunder. The afternoon wet.
27391[Diary entry: 9 September 1787] (Washington Papers)
Sunday—9th. Dined at home after paying a visit to Mr. Gardoqui (Minister from Spain) who had come...
27392[Diary entry: 13 December 1772] (Washington Papers)
13. Wind pretty fresh from the Southwest & very lowering.
27393General Orders, 26 March 1779 (Washington Papers)
At a Brigade General Court Martial, Fish-Kill Septr 29th 78, Lieutenant Colonel Smith President,...
27394[Diary entry: 7 March 1771] (Washington Papers)
7. At my Brothers all day writing Instructions & dispatches for Captn. Crawford the Surveyor of...
27395[Diary entry: 4 June 1771] (Washington Papers)
4. At home all day without Compa.
27396[Diary entry: 16 May 1785] (Washington Papers)
Monday 16th. Mercury at 63 in the Morning—66 at Noon, and 68 at Night. General Moylan, Mrs....
27397Cash Accounts, June 1763 (Washington Papers)
Cash June 8— To Cash for 2 Barrels of Corn £ 1. 5.0 10— To Ditto for D. Ditto 1. 5.0 14— To Ditto...
27398[Diary entry: 1 August 1771] (Washington Papers)
August 1st. Began to Sow Wheat in the Neck with Wheat steep’d in Brine & allum.
27399[Diary entry: 8 February 1798] (Washington Papers)
8. Visited the Public buildgs. in the Morng. Met the Compy. at the Union Tavern & dined...
27400[Diary entry: 26 July 1768] (Washington Papers)
26. Wind at No. West & cool & clear.