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32301[Diary entry: 9 July 1768] (Washington Papers)
9. Six and sometimes 7 Cradlers, cut the remainder of the field (abt. 28 Acres) on this side to...
32302[Diary entry: 2 September 1787] (Washington Papers)
Sunday—2d. Rode to Mr. Bartrams & other places in the Country and dined & drank Tea at Mr. Grays.
32303[Diary entry: 16 July 1774] (Washington Papers)
16. At home all day alone.
32304[Diary entry: 25 September 1784] (Washington Papers)
25th. Having obtained the foregoing information, and being indeed some what discouraged from the...
32305[Diary entry: 13 November 1774] (Washington Papers)
13. Went up to Alexandria Church. In the Evening Colo. Blackburn Mr. Lee, & Mr. Richd. Graham...
32306General Orders, 25 July 1777 (Washington Papers)
The troops having arrived at the place of encamping so early, they can with the greatest ease...
32307General Orders, 16 August 1775 (Washington Papers)
Capt. Eleazer Lindsey of Col. Gerrishes Regt tried by a General Court Martial, for “absenting...
32308[Diary entry: 31 October 1769] (Washington Papers)
31. Cloudy & misty Morning and rainy afternoon. Wind still Eastwdly.
32309[Diary entry: 3 April 1775] (Washington Papers)
3. Wind at No. Wt.—fresh & Cool all the forepart of the day—latter part moderate—Wind Southerly.
32310[Diary entry: 25 February 1768] (Washington Papers)
25. Doctr. Rumney went away. I went to the Creek but not cross it. Killd 2 Ducks—viz. a sprig...
32311General Orders, 25 July 1778 (Washington Papers)
All Officers who have received public Monies, which are yet unaccounted for will prepare and...
32312General Orders, 1 September 1776 (Washington Papers)
It being necessary there should be an Arrangement of the troops, in order that they may act with...
32313General Orders, 17 March 1776 (Washington Papers)
The Regiments under marching orders, to march to morrow morning at sun-rise. Varick transcript ,...
32314[Diary entry: 1 February 1798] (Washington Papers)
1. Clear wind about So. Wt. & Mer. 28 in the Morning. Pretty brisk from No. Wt, about Noon & calm...
32315[Diary entry: 8 March 1787] (Washington Papers)
Thursday 8th. Mercury at 34 in the Morning—48 at Noon and 42 at Night. Grey Morning with some...
32316[Diary entry: 30 June 1774] (Washington Papers)
30. Again warm with little or no Wind & that in the same Quarter. A little Rain in the Night.
32317[Diary entry: 5 November 1787] (Washington Papers)
Monday 5th. Thermometer at 48 in the Morning—58 at Noon and 56 at Night. But little Wind, clear &...
32318[Diary entry: 12 October 1771] (Washington Papers)
12. Much such weather as yesterday.
George Washington President of the United States of America. To all to whom these Presents shall...
32320[Diary entry: 19 July 1798] (Washington Papers)
19. Morning—clear—Wind North. Mer. 60. Clear all day. Wind blowing fresh from No. Wt. Mer. 66 at...
32321[Diary entry: 9 March 1774] (Washington Papers)
9. Rain last Night. Wind high & Cool from the No. West all day but moderating towards Night.
32322General Orders, 28 December 1779 (Washington Papers)
Varick transcript , DLC:GW . Adj. Gen. Alexander Scammell’s orderly book entry for this date...
32323[Diary entry: 6 July 1774] (Washington Papers)
6. Again very hot with Clouds in the Afternoon & a fine Rain in the Night.
32324[Diary entry: 3 November 1774] (Washington Papers)
3. Clear & pleasant but little Wind.
32325[Diary entry: 22 February 1787] (Washington Papers)
Thursday 22d. Mercury at 30 in the morng.—55 at Noon and 48 at Night. Day pleasant, with the Wind...
32326[Diary entry: 31 October 1765] (Washington Papers)
31. Finishd sowing Wheat in Hemp Ground at Rivr. Plantn. & plowd in a good deal of shattered Hemp...
32327[Diary entry: 15 February 1768] (Washington Papers)
15. Heavy Morng. Rain abt. 8 Oclock & till 2 then Snow. Variable Winds.
32328General Orders, 28 July 1780 (Washington Papers)
The Army, except the Jersey Brigade, will march tomorrow morning by the Left in the following...
32329Orders, 6–8 July 1756 (Washington Papers)
The General Court martial, whereof Lieutenant Colonel Stephen was President, is dissolved....
32330[Diary entry: 12 May 1768] (Washington Papers)
12. Went to New Kent Court with Colo. Bassett.
32331General Orders, 10 January 1779 (Washington Papers)
Varick transcript , DLC:GW .
I have some Spring Barley for sale, and if you incline to buy it, would be glad to know what you...
32333[Diary entry: 23 March 1774] (Washington Papers)
23. At home all day. Doctr. Rumney came to Dinner.
32334[August 1761] (Washington Papers)
Augt. 15th. Sow’d abt. half an Acre of English Turnip Seed adjoining to the above and Raked them...
32335[Diary entry: 20 July 1774] (Washington Papers)
20. Rid into the Neck. Mr. Piper, Mr. Ross & Mr. Gibson Dind & Lodgd here. Mr. Gibson may be...
32336[Diary entry: 5 August 1771] (Washington Papers)
5. At home all day. Colo. Fairfax came here to breakfast & returnd afterwards. Doctr. Craik came...
32337Cash Accounts, February 1760 (Washington Papers)
Cash Feby 27— To Wm Nationss horse destraind on & sold for £ 5. 0.0 To Cash at Cards 3. 1.0...
32338[Diary entry: 2 November 1771] (Washington Papers)
2. Dined with the Council and Spent the Evening in my own Room a writing. GW is probably...
32339[Diary entry: 9 August 1798] (Washington Papers)
9. Morning clear & calm M. 78. Clear all day. Mer. 90 at Noon & 84 at Night. Clear & calm all...
32340[Diary entry: 15 May 1781] (Washington Papers)
15th. Information, dated 12 oclock yesterday reports 15 Sail of Vessels & a number of Flatboats...
32341[Diary entry: 27 September 1768] (Washington Papers)
27. Clear with the Wind Westwardly & sometimes blowing fresh.
32342Circular to the States, 22 May 1779 (Washington Papers)
The situation of our affairs at this period appears to me peculiarly critical, and this I flatter...
32343[Diary entry: 26 December 1768] (Washington Papers)
26. Ditto—Do.—L. W——n. set of for Staffd.
32344[Diary entry: 29 January 1773] (Washington Papers)
29. At home all day alone.
32345[Diary entry: 12 March 1787] (Washington Papers)
Monday 12th. Mercury at 36 in the Morng.—60 at Noon and 58 at N. Morning a little Cloudy with the...
32346[Diary entry: 26 May 1773] (Washington Papers)
26. Din’d at Elizabeth Town, & reachd New York in the Evening wch. I spent at Hull’s Tavern....
32347[Diary entry: 6 November 1765] (Washington Papers)
6. Finishd sowing Wheat at the Mill—viz. 19 Bushls. in the large cut within the Post & Rail fence...
32348[Diary entry: 26 February 1768] (Washington Papers)
26. Began to deliver my Wheat to Mr. Kirk. Carpenters not having quite finishd the Overseers...
32349September 1784 (Washington Papers)
Having found it indispensably necessary to visit my Landed property west of the Apalacheon...
32350[Diary entry: 2 May 1768] (Washington Papers)
2. Cold & chilly wind to the Northward.