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27401General Orders, 5 October 1777 (Washington Papers)
The officers commanding regiments are to make returns of the cartridges wanted for their men, to...
27402[Diary entry: 23 August 1787] (Washington Papers)
Thursday 23d. Dined at home and drank Tea there.
27403[Diary entry: 5 October 1798] (Washington Papers)
5. Clear all day. Mer. 60 in the Morning. Doctr. Thornton—Mr. Law and a Mr. Baldo a Spanish...
27404[Diary entry: 16 March 1769] (Washington Papers)
16. Morning lowering and sometimes raining with high squals of wind.
27405[Diary entry: 19 October 1771] (Washington Papers)
19. Clear in the forenoon, but lowering afterwards with Rain in the Evening and all Night.
27406[Diary entry: 13 June 1769] (Washington Papers)
13. Went into the Neck.
27407[Diary entry: 31 July 1795] (Washington Papers)
31. Do. Showery. Do. Do. in the Night.
27408[Diary entry: 24 April 1775] (Washington Papers)
24. My Brother John, Mr. Adam & Mr. Leitch & his Wife went away. I continued at home. Andrew...
27409[Diary entry: 21 February 1771] (Washington Papers)
21. Colder than yesterday—Wind being still in the same place & higher. River & every place closd...
27410[Diary entry: 10 September 1769] (Washington Papers)
10. Got to Mr. Warner Washingtons—I calling by Vale. Crawfords & Mrs. Stephenson’s. Onora...
27411General Orders, 20 February 1780 (Washington Papers)
Dead carcases in and about camp are to be buried by fatigue parties from the brigades near which...
27412[Diary entry: 12 May 1765] (Washington Papers)
12. Finish Sowing Oats at Muddy hole.
27413[Diary entry: 22 January 1798] (Washington Papers)
22. Very cloudy & heavy. Wind Southerly. Mer. 32 in the Morn.—40 at Noon & 42 at Night. About two...
27414[Diary entry: 7 August 1795] (Washington Papers)
7. Wind Southerly & very warm.
27415[Diary entry: 30 March 1769] (Washington Papers)
30. Dined at Colo. Fairfax’s along with Colo. Bassett & Lady—returnd in the Eveng.
27416General Orders, 6 June 1779 (Washington Papers)
The Pennsylvania division is to take post at June’s or in the Vicinity according to the situation...
27417[Diary entry: 26 October 1787] (Washington Papers)
Friday. 26th. Thermometer at 57 in the Morning—68 at Noon and 67 at Night. Clear all day & wind...
27418[Diary entry: 5 June 1785] (Washington Papers)
Sunday 5th. Mercury at 72 in the Morng.—80 at Noon and 80 at Night. Opened the Well in my Cellar...
27419General Orders, 9 July 1775 (Washington Papers)
The Continental Congress having been pleased to appoint Horatio Gates Esqr. Brigadier General,...
27420[Diary entry: 19 May 1768] (Washington Papers)
19. Went a Shooting, & hair huntg. with the Hounds who started a Fox wch. we catched.
27421[Diary entry: 23 July 1768] (Washington Papers)
23. At 12 Oclock finishd the third cut of 37½ Acres at Doeg Run & clapd into the last one.
27422[Diary entry: 13 September 1787] (Washington Papers)
Thursday. 13th. Dined at the Vice Presidents Chs. Biddles, & drank Tea at Mr. Powells.
27423[Diary entry: 27 July 1774] (Washington Papers)
27. At home all day. Doctr. Rumney Dined and lodged here.
27424[Diary entry: 26 March 1769] (Washington Papers)
26. The Bitch Musick brought five Puppies one of which being thought not true was drownd...
27425[Diary entry: 24 November 1774] (Washington Papers)
24. Went to the Sale, which began at the Middle Plantation, at Willm. Dawson’s, the Head...
27426[Diary entry: 9 November 1771] (Washington Papers)
9. Set out in Company with those Gentlemen. Dined at Todds bridge and lodgd at Hubbards.
27427[Diary entry: 3 June 1769] (Washington Papers)
3. Clear, and not so cool as yesterday. Midday warm—Wind being at So. Wt.
27428General Orders, 1 July 1779 (Washington Papers)
The whole Army is for the future to undergo a monthly inspection, in which the State of the men’s...
27429[Diary entry: 14 April 1775] (Washington Papers)
14. Very Cool & Wind very hard at No. West.
27430[Diary entry: 11 March 1771] (Washington Papers)
11. Set of from my Brother’s for Mr. Warnr. Washington’s on my return Home.
27431General Orders, 3 September 1776 (Washington Papers)
The General most earnestly requests, that the several Brigadiers, and Commandants of Brigades,...
27432General Orders, 7 February 1778 (Washington Papers)
The Brigade Major of the day will in future take the names of the officers who mount guards, the...
27433General Orders, 29 January 1780 (Washington Papers)
The Court Martial whereof Major General Howe is President is adjourned ’till their proceedings...
27434[Diary entry: 12 February 1798] (Washington Papers)
12. Clear—Mer. at 35 and Wind at No. Wt. in the Morning—little or none afterwards—& at Night...
27435January 1788 (Washington Papers)
[Tuesday 1st.] Thermometer at 25 in the Morning—30 at Noon and 27 at Night. Clear and moderate in...
27436General Orders, 4 July 1780 (Washington Papers)
The Troops to be supplied with a jill of Rum ⅌ man this day in Case they have not already drawn....
27437[Diary entry: 30 July 1768] (Washington Papers)
30. Very little Wind but very hot with appearances of Rain tho none fell.
27438[Diary entry: 2 January 1774] (Washington Papers)
2. At home all day. Mr. Alexander went home after Breakfast. Mr. Benjn. Dulany Mr. Peale & Mr....
27439[Diary entry: 19 March 1787] (Washington Papers)
Monday 19th. Mercury at 58 in the Morning—63 at Noon and 63 at Night. Morning lowering, and the...
27440[Diary entry: 20 March 1769] (Washington Papers)
20. A little cool but still clear and pleasant.
27441[Diary entry: 16 November 1787] (Washington Papers)
Friday 16th. Thermometer at 57 in the morning—56 at Noon and 57 at Night. A continued rain all...
27442[Diary entry: 23 October 1771] (Washington Papers)
23. Lowering Morning with Rain then clear & Cool Wind fresh from the North West.
27443[Diary entry: 8 May 1768] (Washington Papers)
8. Less Cool than yesterday but not warm.
27444[Diary entry: 6 August 1768] (Washington Papers)
6. At home all day.
27445[Diary entry: 3 October 1787] (Washington Papers)
Wednesday 3d. Went up with Mrs. Washington to Abingdon. Dined at Mr. Herberts in Alexa. on our...
27446[Diary entry: 17 July 1774] (Washington Papers)
17. Very warm with but little Wind & that Southerly. Night very hot.
27447Orders, 2 May 1756 (Washington Papers)
A General Court Martial, to consist of four Captains, and five Subalterns, to sit immediately for...
27448[Diary entry: 5 October 1768] (Washington Papers)
5. Finishd Sowing in the Neck. This field took 216 Bushels. Which makes the quantities sowed as...
27449Proclamation, 26 August 1790 (Washington Papers)
Whereas it hath at this time become peculiarly necessary, to warn the citizens of the United...
27450Cash Accounts, June 1775 (Washington Papers)
Cash June  7— To John Ross recd from him on Accot of Mr Andrew Leitch P[rince] William Arms [£]...