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Fairfax County Poll Sheet, 16 July 1765

Fairfax County Poll Sheet

[16 July 1765]

A Copy of the Poll taken at an Election of Burgesses for Fairfax County the 16th of July—and Candidates Names.

George Washington    John West       John Posey     
Robert Alexander Robert Alexander
Bryan Allison Bryan Allison
Benjamin Adams Benjamin Adams
Butler Ashford Butler Ashford
John Anderson John Anderson
Richard Arrol Richard Arrol
John Alexander Senr John Alexander Senr
Philip Alexander Philip Alexander
James Adams James Adams
Michael Ashford Michael Ashford
John Askins John Askin
Silvester Adams Silvester Adams
William Adams
Charles Alexander Charles Alexander
Thomas Asbury
Henry Boggess Henry Boggess
Marmaduke Beckwith Marmaduke Beckwith
Samuel Berkley Samuel Berkley
William Barker William Barker
William Boylston William Boylston
William Bronaugh William Bronaugh
Owen Brady Owen Brady
Thomas Baylis Thomas Baylis
John Bronaugh John Bronaugh
John Bowling John Bowling
John Ball John Ball
John Barrey John Barry
Joseph Bennett Joseph Bennet
Benja. Berkley Benja. Berkley
Abraham Barnes Abraham Barnes
Charles Broadwater Charles Broadwater
William Berk William Berk
John Brawner
Thomas Beach Thomas Beach
Moses Ball
Francis Bellenger
Gerrard Bowling Gerrard Bowling
Edward Blackburn Edward Blackburn
Thomas Bryan
William Ballenger
Edward Bates
Thomas Brownley Thomas Brownley
Thomas Cockburn Thomas Cockburn
Thomas Connell Thomas Connell
John Cotton John Cotton
Thos Withers Coffer Thos Withers Coffer
Thomas Colvill Thomas Colvill
John Crump John Crump
John Carney John Carney
Presley Cox Presley Cox
John Carlyle John Carlyle
Eli Cleveland Eli Cleveland
Joseph Cockrill Joseph Cockrill
Henry Collum Henry Collum
William Cash William Cash
William Connell
James Connell
Thos Wilman Thoms Wilman
Culverhouse Culverhouse
Thomas Douglass Thomas Douglass
James Deneal James Deneal
James Donaldson James Donaldson
William Darnes William Darnes
James Dyall James Dyall
William Donaldson William Donaldson
Robert Douglass Robt Douglass
William Douglass William Douglass
Townshend Dade Townshend Dade
Henry Darnes Henry Darnes
Blansflower Duncan Blansflower Duncan
Edward Davis Edward Davis
Isaac Davis Isaac Davis
Sampson Darrell Sampson Darrell
John Dalton John Dalton
Edward Dulan Edward Dulan
Francis Dade Francis Dade
Thomas Doudle
John Dulan John Dulan
Lewis Ellzey Lewis Ellzey
Philip Ellis Phillip Ellis
America Earp America Earp
Thomas Ellison
Daniel French Daniel French
John Ford John Ford
Thomas Foxworthy Thomas Foxworthy
Thomas Ford Thomas Ford
Joshua Ferguson Joshua Ferguson
Thomas Fleming Thomas Fleming
Geo: Wm Fairfax William Ferguson Geo: Wm Fairfax
John Gray John Gray
James Grimsley James Grimsley
William Gardener William Gardener
Benja. Grayson Benja. Grayson
Henry Gunnel Senr Henry Gunnel Senr
Lucas Garvey Lucas Garvey
Philip Grymes Philip Grymes
Matthew Gour Matthew Gowin
Nicholas Garret Nicholas Garret
William Gladding William Gladding
Thomas Graffort
Abraham Hargiss Abraham Hargiss
John Hough John Hough
John Heartshorn John Heartshorn
William Halley William Halley
George Hereford George Hereford
Alexander Henderson Alexander Henderson
James Halley Junr James Halley Junr
Benoni Halley Benoni Halley
Thomas Halbert Thomas Halbert
Michael Hall Michael Hall
James Halley James Halley
John Hurst John Hurst
Adam Hunter Adam Hunter
Nathaniel Harrison Nathaniel Harrison
John Hunter John Hunter
Jervis Hammond Jervis Hammond
William Halley William Hammond
William Hawkins William Hawkins
John Hereford John Hereford
William Horseman William Horseman
William Harden William Harden
William Johnston William Johnston
Joseph Jacobs Junr Joseph Jacobs Junr
James Jennings James Jennings
Joshua Jordan Joshua Jordan
George Johnston George Johnston
James Jenkins James Jenkins
John Jenkins John Jenkins
Samuel Johnston
Daniel Jennings Daniel Jennings
William Johnson William Johnston
Richard Kent Richard Kent
William Kent William Kent
James Keen James Keen
Benja. King Benja. King
William Keen William Keen
Nicholas Keen Nicholas Keen
Thomas Lucas Thomas Lucas
Gowin Lamphire Gowin Lamphire
Thomas Lewis Thomas Lewis
George Mason Junr George Mason Junr
Peter Mauzey Peter Mauzey
William Moore William Moore
James Moore James Moore
Jno. McIntosh John McIntosh
Jno. McClaughlin John McClaughlan
Harrison Manley Harrison Manley
John Minor John Minor
James Moxley James Moxley
John Martin John Martin
George Martin George Martin
James Martin James Martin
French Mason
George Mason George Mason
Daniel McCarty Daniel McCarty
John Muir John Muir
Daniel Mills Daniel Mills
Joseph Moxley Joseph Moxley
John Monroe John Monroe
Solomon Nichols Solomon Nichols
Harry Piper Harry Piper
John Patterson John Patterson
Thomas Pearson Thomas Pearson
William Payne Junr William Payne Junr
Edward Payne Edward Payne
Nathaniel Popejoy
Simon Pearson
Peter Ryley Peter Ryley
William Reardon William Reardon
John Reid John Reid
George Ross George Ross
William Rogers William Rogers
Michael Reagan Michael Reagan
Nicholas Reagan Nicholas Reagan
John Robinson John Robinson
Hector Ross Hector Ross
James Robinson James Robinson
John Ratcliff John Ratcliff
John Rhodes
William Richards
John Ramsay John Ramsay
John Rusin
Sanford Reamy
Moses Simpson Moses Simpson
Benja. Southward Benja. Southward
William Simpson William Simpson
Lewis Saunders Lewis Saunders
Francis Summers Francis Summers
Wm Shortridge William Shortridge
John Sarter John Sarter
Robert Speake Robert Speake
Baxter Simpson Baxter Simpson
Peter Smith Peter Smith
John Summers Senr John Summers Senr
Gilbert Simpson Senr Gilbert Simpson Senr
Thomas Shaw Thomas Shaw
William Summers William Summers
John Summers Junr John Summers Junr
Francis Summers Francis Summers
Daniel Summers Daniel Summers
William Sewell William Sewell
William Scott William Scott
William Stone William Stone
Eli Stone Eli Stone
William Smith William Smith
Richard Sanford Richard Sanford
Gilbert Simpson Junr Gilbert Simpson Junr
Robert Sanford Robert Sanford
George Simpson George Simpson
John Sheridine
Benja. Sebastian Junr Benja. Sebastian Junr
John Seale
William Sadd
John Tillet John Tillet
Benja. Talbot Benja. Talbot
Henry Taylor Henry Taylor
Gerrard Trammel Senr Gerrard Trammell
Robert Thomas Robert Thomas
Thomas Triplet Thomas Triplet
Paul Turley Paul Turley
George Thrift George Thrift
George Tillet George Tillet
William Talbot William Talbot
Samuel Talbot Samuel Talbot
Daniel Talbot Daniel Talbot
John Taylor John Taylor
Sampson Turley Sampson Turley
William Tunnell
David Thomas
James Turley James Turley
Peter Turley Peter Turley
Charles Thrift
Michael Vanlandingham Michael Vanlandingham
Edward Voilette Edward Voilette
John West Junr John West Junr
Tyler Waugh Tyler Waugh
Benja. Wickliff Benja. Wickliff
Drummond Wheeler Drummond Wheeler
Hugh West Hugh West
John Williams John Williams
Edward Williams Edward Williams
Edward Washington Edward Washington
Thomas Windsor Thomas Windsor
George West George West
John Williams (Run) John Williams (Run)
Henry Wingate Henry Wingate
Owen Williams Owen Williams
Peter Wagener Peter Wagener
James Wren James Wren
Thomas Wren
William Wren
Thomas Wren Junr
Henry Wisheart
David Young David Young
John Kirkpatrick John Kirkpatrick
Marcellus Littlejohn Marcellus Littlejohn
Geo: Washington 201
John West 148
John Posey 1311
Single votes to Colo. W——n 4
Ditto to Colo. West 27
Ditto to Captn Posey   1 
½ 512
No. of Voters 256

D, in the hand of GW, DLC:GW; AD (incomplete), DLC:GW. In both documents, which are copies that GW made of the actual poll sheet, he lists the names under letters of the alphabet. In the complete copy, printed here, he places a “T” or an “F,” standing for Truro and Fairfax parishes, after the names of seventeen of the first nineteen men who voted for him, down through the name John Ball. Seven were from Fairfax Parish and ten from Truro (see Vestry Elections in Truro and Fairfax Parishes, 25–28 Mar., 22–25 July 1765). Neither the letters of the alphabet nor the F’s and T’s have been retained.

Gov. Francis Fauquier dissolved the House of Burgesses on 1 June 1765, the day after it had adopted modifications of Patrick Henry’s resolutions against the Stamp Act. When writs went out later in the month for the election of a new House, George Johnston declined to stand for reelection from Fairfax County, and GW decided to enter the poll in Fairfax County rather than to seek reelection in Frederick County. Posey apparently hoped to unseat the incumbent Col. John West, the uncle of John West, Junior. Fauquier did not call the House into session until 6 Nov. 1766.

1It should be noted that 103 of those voting for Posey also voted for GW and only 27 voted for both Posey and West.

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