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Enclosure: Invoice to Robert Cary & Company, 20 June 1768


Invoice to Robert Cary & Company

[Mount Vernon] 20th June 1768

Invoice of Goods to be sent by Robt Cary Esqr. & Co. for the use of Geo: Washington—Potomack Rivr—Virginia—Vizt1

3 M 30d. Nails 1 large Cask 20d. Ditto 6 Inch heading Chissels2 6¾ Inch Ditto Ditto 6½ Inch Ditto Ditto 4 best Curry Combs (without Brushes) 1 dozn large Tinn Sheets 1 Strong and best Post Chaise3 Trunk to be 3 feet long 20 Inches wide & 18 Inches deep to be well secured & have a good lock & Cover 4 best secret padlocks proper size for Portmanteaus 3 Setts strong Shoe & knee Buckles 2 Setts Shoe Brushes 1 dozn large blackg Balls 1½ groce plated Coat Buttons 3 groce Do Breast Ditto 2 groce of large & 3 groce of sml course & cheape horn Buttons 2 Shillings worth of Spunge As good a common Spy glass as can be bought for 50/ or 60/4 2 pr large & strong Scissars 1 pr neat & sml Ditto 4 M Corking Pinns 6 M short whites Ditto 500 best Londn Needles mostly la. 1 groce flat wire shirt buttons

¼ lb. Mace ¼ lb. Nutts ¼ lb. Cinnan ¼ lb. Cloves 3 lb. Mustd in ½ lb. Bottles 2 Quarts fine Sallid Oyl 4 Bottles best Capers 4 Ditto best French Olives 2 lb. finest white Ginger 25 lb. Salt Petre 10 lb. Roache Allum 10 loaves dble refind Sugar 10 loaves Ditto Single Ditto Do 3 lb. finest Hyson Tea 6 lb. best green Do5 15 lb. Jordon Almonds 1 large Jarr best Raisons 1 large Pott best Currts 50 lb. white Bisquet 1 Groce fine old Porter 50 lb. dble Gloster Cheese 40 lb. Cheshire Ditto

10 lb. Turnep Cabbage Seed 20 lb. Burnet Ditto 20 lb. Lucern Ditto 1 Peck earliest Garden Peas 1 Galln white Nonparel Do 1 Ditto Dwarf Marro Do6 1 Oz. early Sugr loaf Cabbage 1 Oz. late Do Do 1 Oz. best Savoy

3 ps. course Rolls 1 ps. Irish Linnen @ 1/3 1 ps. Do Do 2/ 1 ps. Do Do 4/ 1 ps. Do Do 5/ 1 ps. best Cambrick £4 1 ps. course Scarlet Callimanca 1 ps. good light col[ore]d Duffield @ 3/ 1 ps. Do dark col[ore]d Ditto @ 3/ 2 ps. best Dutch Blanketing 4 dozn pair of the best & largest plaid hose that are made 2 best woolen Cirsingles 4 pr Wool Cards 2 Qts Spirit of Turpentine 1 lb. Venice Treacle 1 lb. Diascordium 1 Qt strong Cinnamon Water ½ groce sml Phials 5 Groce Corks for Ditto 10 Groce large & best Corks 1 Mans best Beaver Hatt 4 pr Mens large spun silk ribd H⟨ose⟩

1 Sein properly fixed with leads & Corks—to be 65 fathom long—9 feet deep in the middle—& 7 at the ends with meshes proper for Herring fishing 250 fathom of white Inch Rope for hauling of Ditto 100 fathom of deep sea Line 4 dressd Calf Skins for Shoes & Ben[t] Leathr Sufft for Soles for Ditto 1 Shott Bag Beverley’s history of Virgina (to be had at J. Cadell)7 Shoes of Mr Didsbury pr Letter A Suit of Cloaths of Mr Lawrence pr Ditto8

Of French Kid & for a middle sizd hand9—4 pr red & purple Gloves 3 pr Do Do Mitts 4 pr white Gloves 3 pr Ditto Mitts

1 large Plate Basket lined wt. Tin ¼ lb. best red Sealing Wax

2 handsome Stomachers & Sleeve knots made of Ribbon—together with Necklace Strings &ca A Green Sattin quilted Coat not to excd £3 A Grave & handsome Winter Silk (but not yellow) nor to exceed £10 to be bought of, & made by Mrs Harris into a Sacque & Coat for a middle sized Woman.

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ADS, ViMtvL; ALB, DLC:GW. Some of the entries in the letter book are in a different order.

1These goods came with Cary’s invoice dated 28 Sept. 1768. GW also sent invoices dated 20 June 1768 for John Parke Custis (ADS, MiDbEI; ALB, DLC:GW) and for Martha Parke Custis (ADS, NN: Washington Collection; ALB, DLC:GW).

2A heading, or mortise, chisel is used to cut down the head of a mortise.

3GW wrote “chair” in the letter-book copy.

4In the letter-book copy, GW adds the words, “of a good artist.”

5GW wrote in his letter book: “The tea last year was very bad.”

6A marrowfat pea is large and rich.

7Cary sent the 1722 revised edition of Robert Beverley’s The History and Present State of Virginia. Thomas Cadell (1742–1802) was a bookseller on the Strand in London.

9The letter-book copy reads “arm.”

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