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1261[Diary entry: 8 August 1772] (Washington Papers)
8. Ditto—Ditto.
1262[Diary entry: 2 March 1770] (Washington Papers)
2. Cloudy with a Mixture of Hail Rain & Snow, but not much of it.
1263[Diary entry: 13 October 1772] (Washington Papers)
13. Also finishd Do. in the Neck.
1264[Diary entry: 27 December 1769] (Washington Papers)
27. Dined and lodgd at Dumfries with Mr. Boucher & J. P. Custis who overtook us on the Road. Before GW left his mother he gave her £6 in cash ( General Ledger A General Ledger A, 1750–1772. Library of Congress, George Washington Papers, Series 5, Financial Papers. , folio 299).
Feby. 1st. Ground not froze. Day calm & warm & mostly clear—but sometimes lowering. 2. The Ground slightly froze, Wind fresh from the northwest. Cloudy and cold. 3. Hard frost. Wind sharp & fresh from the No. West. Moderate & very pleast. afternn. 4. Ground froze. Cloudy with great appearances of Rain. Calm & still forenoon. Wind Eastwardly afterwards. 5. A little Snow & Rain in the Night....
1266[Diary entry: 25 April 1772] (Washington Papers)
25. Went a Hunting with Colo. Bassett. Found nothing.
1267[Diary entry: 14 October 1770] (Washington Papers)
14. Very pleasant but wind fresh in the Afternoon.
1268[Diary entry: 8 February 1769] (Washington Papers)
8. Colo. Lewis and son set of to go home but being stopd at Colchester by Ice returnd in the afternoon. I rid as far as the Mill with them.
1269[Diary entry: 15 April 1769] (Washington Papers)
15. Began to Plant Do. at the Mill. Sowed Oats in the Inclosure behind the Quarter.
1270Memorandum, 17 September 1755 (Washington Papers)
 Lieutt Colo.—Adam Stephen Andrew Lewis—Major Captains Lieutenants Ensigns 1st Peter Hogg 2 Jno. McNeill 12–1st Thomas Carter  2 George Mercer 3 William Starke 3d–2 [Edward] Hubbard  3 Thomas Waggener 4
1271[Diary entry: 16 February 1775] (Washington Papers)
16. Calm, at least very little Wind & that Southerly. Clear & exceeding pleasant.
1272[Diary entry: 8 December 1771] (Washington Papers)
8. After breakfast Mr. Pendleton & Mr. Crawford went away as Miss Mason & Miss Scott did yesterday.
1273[Diary entry: 2 July 1769] (Washington Papers)
2. Clear, warm, and still, their being very little wind & that southwardly.
1274[Diary entry: 31 July 1770] (Washington Papers)
31. Again very warm & still—especially in the Evening and Night.
1275[Diary entry: 31 July 1762] (Washington Papers)
31. Guy finished the 3 sides of Garden all to Capp[in]g Pill[a]r. B. Mitchell went away. Burgess Burgis Mitchell of Maryland had been employed 1 May 1762 by GW as overseer of the Home House plantation, the farm on which the mansion house was located. He was to work until the end of October, for which GW was to pay him £6 plus his levy and tax and to provide him with laundry services, lodging,...
1276[Diary entry: 28 June 1771] (Washington Papers)
28. Rid by the Ferry Plantation & Mill to Doeg Run Quarter & Meadow. Returnd home by Muddy hole Plantn.
1277[Diary entry: 17 December 1769] (Washington Papers)
17. Clear & pleasant with but little Wind. Evening Cool.
1278[Diary entry: 15 April 1772] (Washington Papers)
15. Clear, Calm, & Warm in the Forenoon, but Cloudy afterwds. with the Wind variable.
1279[Diary entry: 8 October 1770] (Washington Papers)
8. My Servant being unable to Travel I left him at Pritchards with Doctr. Craik & proceedd. myself with Vale. Crawford to Colo. Cresaps in ordr. to learn from him (being just arrivd from England) the particulars of the Grant said to be lately sold to Walpole & others, for a certain Tract of Country on the Ohio. The distance from Pritchards to Cresaps according to Computation is 26 Miles, thus...
1280[Diary entry: 12 August 1772] (Washington Papers)
12. After Breakfast the Gentlemen went away. Mrs. Cox continued, & I rid to my Ditchers at the Mill.
1281[Diary entry: 6 March 1775] (Washington Papers)
6. Colo. Harrison & Colo. Lee went away, as did Mrs. Barnes & Miss Ramsay after Breakfast.
1282[Diary entry: 3 January 1771] (Washington Papers)
3. The above Gentlemen stayed all day and Night. My Brother John and Mr. Lawe. Washington came here to Dinner.
1283[Diary entry: 31 December 1769] (Washington Papers)
31. At Home all day.
1284[Diary entry: 21 August 1762] (Washington Papers)
21. Recd. 70 Bags of Salt—abt. 280 Bushels.
1285[Diary entry: 18 June 1771] (Washington Papers)
18. Much such a day as yesterday, till the Evening then the Wind Shifting to the Northward it grew cool.
1286[Diary entry: 12 February 1769] (Washington Papers)
12. Mr. Piper went away after Breakfast. At home all day with Colo. Lewis & Son.
1287[Diary entry: 15 September 1771] (Washington Papers)
15. Set of home. Din’d in Dumfries and got up by Sun set.
1288[Diary entry: 20 February 1775] (Washington Papers)
20. Clear & very warm with but little wind & that Southerly.
1289[Diary entry: 12 December 1771] (Washington Papers)
12. The foregoing Gentlemen still here.
1290[Diary entry: 9 May 1774] (Washington Papers)
9. Lowering most part of the day with not much wind.