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8701[Diary entry: 12 October 1771] (Washington Papers)
12. Much such weather as yesterday.
8702[Diary entry: 9 March 1774] (Washington Papers)
9. Rain last Night. Wind high & Cool from the No. West all day but moderating towards Night.
8703[Diary entry: 6 July 1774] (Washington Papers)
6. Again very hot with Clouds in the Afternoon & a fine Rain in the Night.
8704[Diary entry: 3 November 1774] (Washington Papers)
3. Clear & pleasant but little Wind.
8705[Diary entry: 31 October 1765] (Washington Papers)
31. Finishd sowing Wheat in Hemp Ground at Rivr. Plantn. & plowd in a good deal of shattered Hemp...
8706[Diary entry: 15 February 1768] (Washington Papers)
15. Heavy Morng. Rain abt. 8 Oclock & till 2 then Snow. Variable Winds.
8707Orders, 6–8 July 1756 (Washington Papers)
The General Court martial, whereof Lieutenant Colonel Stephen was President, is dissolved....
8708[Diary entry: 12 May 1768] (Washington Papers)
12. Went to New Kent Court with Colo. Bassett.
8709[Diary entry: 23 March 1774] (Washington Papers)
23. At home all day. Doctr. Rumney came to Dinner.
8710[August 1761] (Washington Papers)
Augt. 15th. Sow’d abt. half an Acre of English Turnip Seed adjoining to the above and Raked them...
8711[Diary entry: 20 July 1774] (Washington Papers)
20. Rid into the Neck. Mr. Piper, Mr. Ross & Mr. Gibson Dind & Lodgd here. Mr. Gibson may be...
8712[Diary entry: 5 August 1771] (Washington Papers)
5. At home all day. Colo. Fairfax came here to breakfast & returnd afterwards. Doctr. Craik came...
8713Cash Accounts, February 1760 (Washington Papers)
Cash Feby 27— To Wm Nationss horse destraind on & sold for £ 5. 0.0 To Cash at Cards 3. 1.0...
8714[Diary entry: 2 November 1771] (Washington Papers)
2. Dined with the Council and Spent the Evening in my own Room a writing. GW is probably...
8715[Diary entry: 27 September 1768] (Washington Papers)
27. Clear with the Wind Westwardly & sometimes blowing fresh.
8716[Diary entry: 26 December 1768] (Washington Papers)
26. Ditto—Do.—L. W——n. set of for Staffd.
8717[Diary entry: 29 January 1773] (Washington Papers)
29. At home all day alone.
8718[Diary entry: 26 May 1773] (Washington Papers)
26. Din’d at Elizabeth Town, & reachd New York in the Evening wch. I spent at Hull’s Tavern....
8719[Diary entry: 6 November 1765] (Washington Papers)
6. Finishd sowing Wheat at the Mill—viz. 19 Bushls. in the large cut within the Post & Rail fence...
8720[Diary entry: 26 February 1768] (Washington Papers)
26. Began to deliver my Wheat to Mr. Kirk. Carpenters not having quite finishd the Overseers...
8721[Diary entry: 2 May 1768] (Washington Papers)
2. Cold & chilly wind to the Northward.
8722[Diary entry: 13 March 1774] (Washington Papers)
13. Clear and pleasant with but little Wind.
8723[Diary entry: 10 July 1774] (Washington Papers)
10. Rather Cool all day altho there was but little Wind. That however was Northerly.
8724[Diary entry: 28 October 1774] (Washington Papers)
28. Breakfasted at the Buck Tavern. Dined at Downs’s & lodged at New town upon Chester.
8725[Diary entry: 14 December 1768] (Washington Papers)
14. Snowd the best part of last Night and till 2 Oclock this day.
8726[Diary entry: 8 July 1767] (Washington Papers)
8. Do. Do. Do.
8727[Diary entry: 2 January 1760] (Washington Papers)
Jany. 2d. Wednesy. Mrs. Barnes who came to visit Mrs. Washington yesterday returnd home in my...
8728[Diary entry: 19 January 1773] (Washington Papers)
19. More moderate; the Wind getting Southerly but thawd little—lowering in the Evening.
8729[Diary entry: 16 May 1773] (Washington Papers)
16. Little or no Wind, & that being Southerly it grew warm again.
8730[Diary entry: 27 March 1748] (Washington Papers)
Sunday 27th. Travell’d over to the South Branch (attended with the Esqr.) to Henry Vanmetriss in...
8731[Diary entry: 3 April 1774] (Washington Papers)
3. At home all day. Mr. Hooe & Mr. Robt. Harrison dined and lodged here.
8732[Diary entry: 4 November 1751] (Washington Papers)
November 4 th , 1751.—This morning received a card from Major Clarke, welcoming us to Barbadoes,...
8733[Diary entry: 7 October 1768] (Washington Papers)
7. Came home in the Morning & remaind. Mr. Townd. Dade (of Chotk.) came here. Townsend Dade (d....
8734[Diary entry: 30 May 1773] (Washington Papers)
30. Dined with Genl. Gage & spent the Evening in my own Room writing. GW wrote to Rev. Myles...
8735[Diary entry: 9 February 1773] (Washington Papers)
9th. Doctr. Rumney continued all day, & Night. After an early Dinner I set of to Mr. Robt....
8736[Diary entry: 6 June 1773] (Washington Papers)
6. Breakfasted at Slades 10 Miles from Suttons & dind and lodgd at Baltimore Town. Slade’s tavern...
8737[Diary entry: 24 July 1768] (Washington Papers)
24. Went to Pohick Church.
8738[Diary entry: 7 April 1748] (Washington Papers)
Thursday 7th. Rain’d Successively all Last Night. This Morning one of our men Killed a Wild Turky...
8739[Diary entry: 3 October 1773] (Washington Papers)
3. At home all day. Alone.
8740[Diary entry: 14 March 1767] (Washington Papers)
14. Ground exceeding hard froze & cold in the Morning but pleasant afterwards, clear. Wind Westward.
8741[Diary entry: 12 July 1767] (Washington Papers)
12. Southwardly Wind & clear.
8742[Diary entry: 23 January 1773] (Washington Papers)
23. Ground very hard froze again and day variable—sometimes threatning snow—then promising to be...
8743[Diary entry: 20 May 1773] (Washington Papers)
20. Still clear & midling Cool wind fresh from the west.
8744[Diary entry: 24 January 1760] (Washington Papers)
24. Fine day. Wind So[uther]ly. Gradual thaw.
8745[Diary entry: 31 March 1748] (Washington Papers)
Thursday 31st. Early this Morning one of our Men went out with the Gun & soon Returnd with two...
8746[Diary entry: 11 October 1768] (Washington Papers)
11. At home all day alone.