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2521[Diary entry: 17 August 1771] (Washington Papers)
17. Rid by Muddy hole to Doeg Run—from thence to the Mill & so home by the Ferry Plantn.
2522Cash Accounts, May 1772 (Washington Papers)
Cash May  1— To Ditto [cash] receivd for Ditto [Fish] £  0.18.0 11— To Ditto for Fish 3 M...
2523[Diary entry: 14 November 1771] (Washington Papers)
14. Rid to the Mill with the Ladies & back again. Mr. Lawson came in the Afternoon.
2524[Diary entry: 8 August 1774] (Washington Papers)
8th. Left Colo. Bassetts. Visited my own Plantn. in King Wm. & Mr. Custis’s in King & Queen. Dind...
2525[Diary entry: 5 December 1774] (Washington Papers)
5. Went to Colo. Fairfax’s Sale at Belvoir. Returnd in the Evening alone. A second sale at...
2526[Diary entry: 13 May 1768] (Washington Papers)
13. Wind Northwardly & rather Cool.
2527[Diary entry: 25 March 1774] (Washington Papers)
25. Lowering but no Rain, Wind Southerly.
2528[Diary entry: 11 August 1768] (Washington Papers)
11. Rid to the same places as yesterday & returnd to Dinner.
2529May [1762] (Washington Papers)
3. Mr. Daingerfields Negro Bricklayer Guy came here to work. Three William Daingerfields were...
2530[Diary entry: 22 July 1774] (Washington Papers)
22. Very warm, & clear. Wind Southerly.
2531[Diary entry: 4 November 1771] (Washington Papers)
4. Clear & pleasant not being so cool as yesterday. Wind however in the same place.
2532[Diary entry: 26 December 1768] (Washington Papers)
26. Wind rather to the East of North and Cloudy, but not cold. Frost this Mg.
2533[Diary entry: 14 January 1760] (Washington Papers)
Monday Jany. 14th. The Wind at No. West, and the Morning being clear and cold but otherwise fine...
2534[Diary entry: 28 May 1773] (Washington Papers)
28. Much such a day as yesterday—in all respects.
2535[Diary entry: 21 August 1771] (Washington Papers)
21. At Court all day. In the Evening returnd home.
2536[Diary entry: 7 March 1768] (Washington Papers)
7. Rather better. Doctr. went home after breakfast. Mr. Ramsay staid to Dinner.
2537[Diary entry: 29 May 1768] (Washington Papers)
29. The bitch Chanter brought five Dog Puppies & 3 Bitch Ditto which were named as...
2538[Diary entry: 15 April 1774] (Washington Papers)
15. Rid with Mrs. Bassett &ca. to the fishing Landing at Johnson’s. Mr. Digges & his three...
2539[Diary entry: 1 August 1768] (Washington Papers)
Augt. 1. But little Wind & yet not very warm.
2540[Diary entry: 12 August 1774] (Washington Papers)
12. At home all day. Miss Carlyle & her Sister Nancy came here. Mr. Willis also dind here, & went...
7 Dec. 1771 . GW’s bond was to Philip Pendleton (1752–1802) of Frederick County for £800 in the...
2542Cash Accounts, May 1774 (Washington Papers)
Cash May 13— To Cash recd from Mr Hunter Rent [£] 10. 0.0 To Ditto won at Cards 1. 0.0 17— To...
2543[Diary entry: 19 October 1768] (Washington Papers)
19. Set of on my Journey to Williamsburg & reachd Colo. Henry Lees to Dinner. GW is beginning a...
2544[Diary entry: 4 February 1760] (Washington Papers)
Monday Feby. 4th. White Frost & So[uther]ly Wind. Sometimes cloudy & sometimes clear. The Frost...
2545[Diary entry: 18 June 1773] (Washington Papers)
18. Every one but Miss Reed & Miss Nelly Calvert went away after Breakfast. In the Afternoon my...
2546[Diary entry: 15 October 1773] (Washington Papers)
15. Mr. Richd. Harrison went away before Breakfast. The others continued all day. At home.
2547[Diary entry: 5 April 1774] (Washington Papers)
5. Warm and pleasant with but little Wind & that Southerly.
2548[Diary entry: 26 March 1767] (Washington Papers)
26. Clear & pleasant tho cool.
Colo. George Washington Colo. John West Captn John Posey Lord Fairfax Lord Fairfax Solomon...
2550[Diary entry: 30 December 1768] (Washington Papers)
30. Clear. Wind at No. West, & fresh in the Morning but incling. Southwardly in the afternoon. No...