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Inclosd you will receive a Bill (promisd in my last of the 7th May) which please to receive and place to my Credit —Since mine of the above date your agreable favour of the 26th March covering Invoice of Sundries pr the desire is come to hand as has the Goods also in good Order which is more than most of the Importers by that Ship can boast great part of her Cargoe being damagd—thrô the...
1252[Diary entry: 17 March 1770] (Washington Papers)
17. Rid with Mr. West to Mr. Triplets to settle the Lines of Harrisons Patent. Passd by the Mill with Colo. Lewis. Mr. Whiting went home this Mor⟨n⟩ing & Mr. West in the Afternn. from T[riplet]s. Harrison’s patent, a grant of 266 acres made to William Harrison 4 Dec. 1706, lay northwest of Dogue Run between the lands that GW had bought from Pearson and the Ashfords in 1761–62 and Trenn’s land,...
1253[Diary entry: 17 May 1770] (Washington Papers)
17. 10 hands at work to day. The H⟨oist⟩ frame & Mill beam were put up to day. Began also to raise Scaffolds for the Masons this day.
1254[Diary entry: 23 January 1772] (Washington Papers)
23. Soft Morning and a White frost. Weather exceeding pleasant as it continued to be through the day without Wind & clear Sky.
1255[Diary entry: 12 August 1770] (Washington Papers)
12. Warm and still with Clouds.
1256[Diary entry: 20 May 1772] (Washington Papers)
20. Colo. Blackburn & the Compa. with him went away after Breakfast. I sat to have my Picture drawn. On 21 May, GW wrote to Jonathan Boucher : “Inclinations having yielded to Importunity, I am now contrary to all expectations under the hands of Mr. Peale; but in so grave—so sullen a mood—and now and then under the influence of Morpheus, when some critical strokes are making, that I fancy the...
Your Lordships favour of the 31st of October never came to my hands till a few days ago & then unaccompanied with any Printed Lists of the fortunate Prizes as mentiond in yr Letter. some time ago I came across one of these Lists in a Gentns possession by wch I found that out of the Six Tickets wch I kept on my own Acct two of them were fortunate—viz. One of £200—No. 58 in the division of...
A Plan of the number of Forts, and strength necessary to each, extending entirely across our Frontiers, from South to north. Names of the forts, or persons Commandg in ’em. On what waters placed Distance from each other in miles No. of men Garrisoning each Capt. Harris Mayo 20 Galloway Smith’s-river 15 miles 20 Terry
1259[Diary entry: 27 December 1770] (Washington Papers)
27. Frosty Morning but clear and pleasant afterwards.
When I was down the Committee among other things resolved that the Maryland and Carolina Companies shoud not be supported with our Provisions—This Resolve (I think) met with your Approbation; upon which I wrote to Colo. Stephen desiring him to acquaint Capt. Dagworthy thereof, who paid slight Regard to it, saying it was in the Kings Garrison and all the Troops had an equal Right to draw...
1261Orders, 16 May 1756 (Washington Papers)
A Court Martial to sit immediately, for trial of Richard Madden. The commanding Officers of the Militia, are to hold themselves in readiness to march very early to-morrow morning with their men, to their respective Stations. and must apply to the commissary for arms, ammunition and Provision. The provisions must be dressed to night, that no time be lost in the morning—at which time the...
1262[Diary entry: 22 September 1773] (Washington Papers)
22d. Warm—Wind blowing pretty fresh from the So. West.
1263[Diary entry: 8 March 1770] (Washington Papers)
8. Clear & pleasant with the Wind Southwardly.
Letter not found: to Joseph Valentine, 20 June 1768. On 8 July Valentine wrote to GW : “I Recd yours of the 20th of June.”
1265[Diary entry: 5 June 1770] (Washington Papers)
[5.] Dined at the Club & spent the Evening in my own Room.
1266[Diary entry: 8 August 1770] (Washington Papers)
8. Began to sow Wheat in the Neck in that Cut upon the Creek above Carneys Gut. The Ground here was tolerably clear and in Good Order the Grass and Weeds being Choped over. Carney’s Gut, named for GW’s former tenant John Carney, is on the east side of Little Hunting Creek a short distance above the creek’s mouth (see illus., p. 3).
1267[Diary entry: 10 May 1772] (Washington Papers)
10. Cool, Wind being pretty fresh from the Northwest.
1268[Diary entry: 21 March 1770] (Washington Papers)
21. Joind some dogs that were self hunting & from thence went to the Mill & was levelling all the remainder of the day with Jno. Ball &ca.
1269[Diary entry: 25 October 1772] (Washington Papers)
25. Still Warm, but Cloudy with Rain at Night and the Wind Easterly.
1270[Diary entry: 8 July 1769] (Washington Papers)
8. Calm but not hot. Afternoon Cloudy with much apps. of Rain—wind being Ea⟨st.⟩
1271[Diary entry: 12 October 1762] (Washington Papers)
12. Sowed Rye at Muddy hole.
1272[September 1768] (Washington Papers)
Septr. 1. Set out from Nomony in my return to Chotanck. Lodgd on board the Vessel between Swan Point & Cedr. P. Here GW must mean Lower Cedar Point, in St. Mary’s Charles County, Md., only a few miles up the Potomac River from Swan Point and just across the river from the lower side of Chotank (now Mathias) Neck. 2. Came up as high as Hoes ferry & Walk to my Brother Sams. 3. Went to Mr. John...
1273[Diary entry: 3 February 1772] (Washington Papers)
3. At home all day alone.
1274[Diary entry: 31 December 1770] (Washington Papers)
31. Also clear and Pleasant.
1275[Diary entry: 25 April 1769] (Washington Papers)
25. Raining most part of the day with the wind Eastwardly & cold.
1276[Diary entry: 18 August 1772] (Washington Papers)
18. In Town all day and Night. Din’d & Supd at Arrells.
1277[Diary entry: 12 March 1770] (Washington Papers)
12. Cloudy Morning with but little Wind. Clear afternoon with the wind fresh at No. West & Cold.
In compliance with the Bond given to Mr Fairfax and myself, as Trustees for the use of Mrs Savage, we think it incumbent on us to request payment of the sum therein stipulated, for the purposes therein expressed. This demand we are induced to make, on full conviction that it is not in our power to release the Bond (of which, possibly, you may hereafter be convinced) without forfeiting the...
Letter not found: to Robert Rutherford, 29 July 1758. On 31 July Rutherford wrote to GW : “I Received Your kind favour of the 29th.”
1280[Diary entry: 9 January 1771] (Washington Papers)
9. Rid to the Mill in the forenoon and Afternoon.
1281Remarks & Occurances in May [1769] (Washington Papers)
22. Returnd home from Williamsburg and found my Wheat much better in general; than ever it was at this Season before—being Ranker, better spread over the ground & broader in the Blade than usual. It was also observable that in general the head was shot out, and in many places in Blossom. 27. Finishd breaking up my Corn Ground at the Mill. 29. Mopsy the Hound Bitch and Truelove another Hound...
1282[Diary entry: 24 October 1770] (Washington Papers)
24. Clear & pleasant Morning but cloudy & cold afterwards.
1283[Diary entry: 18 February 1769] (Washington Papers)
18. Went a hunting with Doctr. Rumney. Started a fox or rather 2 or 3 & catchd none. Dogs mostly got after Deer & never joind. On this date GW paid Rumney for his medicines and visits during the past 12 months: £4 18s. on his own account and £19 6s. 6d. for Patsy Custis ( General Ledger A General Ledger A, 1750–1772. Library of Congress, George Washington Papers, Series 5, Financial Papers. ,...
1284[Diary entry: 26 February 1775] (Washington Papers)
26. Wind pretty fresh from the Northwest and a little cold towards Noon.
1285[Diary entry: 18 December 1771] (Washington Papers)
18. Went to Doeg Run & carried the Dogs with me who found & run a Deer to the Water.
1286[Diary entry: 12 July 1769] (Washington Papers)
12. Wind being in the same place—the day was also clear & pleast.
1287[Diary entry: 8 August 1772] (Washington Papers)
8. Exceeding warm in the forenoon. Cooler afterwards the Wind rising from the Southwd.
1288[Diary entry: 26 March 1770] (Washington Papers)
26. Countess a hound Bitch after being confind sometime got loose and was lined before it was discovered by my Water dog once and a small foist looking yellow cur twice. GW had paid £1 16s. for a spaniel on 5 Feb. ( General Ledger A General Ledger A, 1750–1772. Library of Congress, George Washington Papers, Series 5, Financial Papers. , folio 302).
1289Memoranda, 6–10 July 1757 (Washington Papers)
The Speaker Write to him that upon settling an acct with Colo. Carlyle of this date there appeard to be a ballance of £186.9.2 – ½ justly due him for Sundry Services done, and necessarys furnishd for the use of the Publick witht havg any connection with other accts—whether am I to pay the acct or not he is uneasy abt the Payment. Govr Whether is Jenkin’s to be continu’d as post—& how is he to...
1290[Diary entry: 5 November 1772] (Washington Papers)
5. Dined with the Council. Spent the Evening in my own Room.
1291[Diary entry: 27 December 1769] (Washington Papers)
27. A Very white frost but still clear & exceeding pleast. Gd. Hard froze.
1292Remarks & Occurs. in Feby. [1770] (Washington Papers)
Feby. 2d. Agreed with Joseph Goart, to come down and raise Stone out of my Quarry for my Mill at the Rate of Three pounds pr. Month 26 days to the Month and lost time to be made up. The walls of the new mill were to be built with local sandstone, which the residents of the area called freestone because of its abundance and the ease with which it could be cut and carved ( studebaker Marvin F....
1293Memorandum List of Quitrents, 1763 (Washington Papers)
A List of Lands on which Quit-Rents became due at Michaelmas 1763 In Fairfax County Mt Vernon 2126 Acres bot of [Sampson] Darrell 500 of [William] Clifton 1806 [George] Brent 238 Wm Ashford 135 George Ashford 135 Simon Pearson 178 5118 Frederick taken up
Please to send the following Shoes &ca and apply to Messrs Cary & Co. for the amount. For Geo. Washington &ca For Mastr Custis & to him chargd 1 pr dble Campaign Boots pr Mea[sur]e 6 pr strong Shoes } For a boy 14 yrs old—the last were too smal 2 pr Neat Pumps 1 pr Do Do Shoes 1 pr Strg Calfskin Slippers 6 pr Womans bla: Callimanca pr Mea[sur]e to be broader in the Soles & not so strait over...
1295[Diary entry: 25 April 1772] (Washington Papers)
25. Cool, and Calm in the Morning but windy afterwards from the Northwest.
1296[Diary entry: 18 October 1770] (Washington Papers)
Thursday 18th. Dind in the Fort with Colo. Croghan & the Officers of the Garrison. Supped there also meeting with great Civility from the Gentlemen, & engagd to dine with Colo. Croghan the next day at his Seat abt. 4 Miles up the Alligany.
1297[Diary entry: 22 August 1772] (Washington Papers)
22. Rid to the Plantations at the Ferry, Mill, Doeg Run, & Muddy hole—also to the Mill & Ditchers there.
1298[Diary entry: 8 February 1769] (Washington Papers)
8. No thaw yet. Grd. close blockd up and very cold. Wind still at No. Wt. but not so hard. Afternoon somewhat more moderate—quite clear. On the 6th. at Night the River was almost froze across & on the 7th. & last Night quite.
1299[Diary entry: 5 May 1769] (Washington Papers)
5. Dined at the Governors and supped at Mr. Carters. Robert Carter (1728–1804) of Nomini Hall in Westmoreland County, a grandson of Robert “King” Carter, had become a member of the council in 1758 and now lived in a handsome town house next to the Governor’s Palace. He returned to live at Nomini Hall in 1771 but remained on the council until the Revolution ( morton Louis Morton. Robert Carter...
Your Letter & Goods by Boyes for our Plantations on York River have come safe to hand as I wish Mrs Dandridges also had done she being a good deal disappointed in having them withheld from her —I must now desire that the Inclosed order may be complied with, & the Goods sent by the ⟨fi⟩rst ship bound to York River (chargd to me) still hoping that they may ⟨c⟩ome to hand some time this Fall. I...