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Candidates for Army Appointments from Connecticut, [November–December 1798]

Candidates for Army Appointments
from Connecticut1

[Philadelphia, November–December, 1798]


1 Austin Nichols
Fairfield County
Writes ill
Wm. Edmond2 good constitution single man & in prime of life education equal to place active enterprising & on the whole qualified } Not very strong
Allen3   & Smith4 } believe he will make a brave & enterprising Officer “have heretofore recommended in a certain manner
Tracey5—broken speculation & besides Lty sufficient
7 Jesse Hopkins
New Haven
Letter very well } Respectable enough
Will: Edmond—well qualified for the office he solicits
David Smith6 Capt of Militia has discovered ambition & activity integrity can raise a Company
Tracey S
Wadsworth7 well recommended to him
Talmage No. 48
8 Aaron Benjamin
Abr. Baldwin9—always appeared a good Officer }
Tracey   a Democrat
An Ajutant of 4th. Connecticut Regt. in last war afterwards a Captain
only Lieutenant
11 David Tallman Allen Smith said quite as much as he deserved
9 Litchfield
Wm. Edmond not particularly acquainted but knows him to be of education abilities & enterprise } Not very strong
N Smith enterprising spirit unfortunate in speculation believe he will make a brave & spirited Officer
Writes not very well
12 David Koeler
26 years old
Letter very well
Col Bradley10 can easily raise a Company bred a Merchant of good character worthy of a higher grad if known respect respectable enough
16 John Foot
37 years
6 feet high
Recommended by sundry Militia officers as well qualified not strong
Qr. Ensign
his letter well enough
non Com Officer last war
now Capt of Militia
18 Jasper Meade
Ridge Field
Sergeant last War
Lt & Qr Master
Col Bradley speaks handsomely of him So So
22 [Saml. P Williams
respectable connexions & talents Mr. Goodrich11
genteel manners, fair reputation good connections—Judge Elsworth12
very respectable]
24 [Daniel Tillotson
28 yrs of age
Lawyer E
Saml. Lyman13—good constitution active, federal—handsome accomplishments—well]
26 [John Benjamin
43 years old
good constitution
Was in the revolutionary war Lieutt. in the Artillery—served with reputation—good Character—Certificate favourable from Genl: Knox
very respectable]
27 [Joseph Mix Junr.
33 years old
good Character; fond of military affairs–
New Haven respectably recommended]
28 [Elihu Sandford]
39 years old
Talmage No. 6
Handsome appearance, military Turn adjutant of the Militia—served the whole of last War—private 2 years—sergeant 5 years—Well as Lieutenant]
30 [Solomon Allyn Junr. —served part of the revolutionary War as private, part as Ensign—very well recommended by Judge Elsworth & other respectable Characters]
good family
31 [Wm: Marsh
[adjutant in Militia—personable & active—has been addicted to scenes of dissipation hurtful in civil life—his own fortune lost by speculation. His father’s fortune good—connections respectable] little vigour of body & mind
Wadsworth }
Adjutant of Militia & active there
Talmage Tracey
Ensign No. 8
32 [Joseph Barrett
26 years old
Lieutt in the governor’s guard. indubitable spirit—respectable military talents—well educated—had been led into excesses, but reformed—perhaps Lieutenant]
35 [Benhoni Clark Capt: in the Militia—attached to government]
37 [Simon Clark
30 yrs age
served in the Militia, as Captn: of Light Infantry—His Company well disciplined—fair Character—decent property—respectable]
38 [John Hart
Healthy & well affected—prudent & sober recommended by many]
41 [Captn: Joseph Day]
W Mosely14 very deserving.
[served as sergeant in the revolutionary war—commands governor’s guard]
43 James Morris
Capt in late war
44 years
Allen taken prisoner at G. Town reputation of brave officer—public education property fair character } Qr Military talents
desires a majority
44 Elisha Frost
Allen private in late war, now Captain of Militia—light Infantry Comp can raise men
Tracy S }
hardy brave
No 2
45 John Boolford
same as above
Allen } sober brave & manly respected
No. 3
49 Gershom Burr
25–30 years
Judge Hobart15 well educated
& well connected
 Capt of
respectable family
55 Stephen Ranney
Tracy } strongly
Talmage No. 1
43 Noah A Phelps
Tracey strongly
Wadsworth—Major of Brigade farmer of good health good figure & good character fit for service above common run of Militia Officers
56 Jonathan Root
Wadsworth } No. 8
57 Samuel Blakelee Wadsworth Tracy Talmage No. 7
58 Ambrose Hitchcock Talmage No 5
34 years old
Wadsworth } Respectably recommended to him as a Lieutenant
sergeant in late war & ever since
respectable now as Ensign of Militia
59 John Meigs Wadsworth Tracy & Talmage No. 9
60 }
Reuben Champion
Wadsworth } No. 10
81 Russel Bissel desires to be transferred to twelve
now Captain in 2 Reg See his letter 81


Field Officers


Garwood H Cunningham }

writes pretty well
36 years old
Major in Militia
Naniel Smith abilities & patriotish qualified probably good Captain
David Judson—as well qualified as any one he knows
Allen & Edmond—has had a liberal education—and military turn brave—has never served—no doubts of his talents or disposi Qr
Tracy S Talmage
first of their acquaintance
among those inexperienced
Wadsworth thinks him fit upon inquiry but no personal knowl
4 Justus Barnum
served as a private
said to be Officer
 last war Qr
Major of Militia
45 years old
Now Member of
General Judson16—much a military man vigilant & active } Inadequate pretensions for a Majority
Cooke17 was a sergeant Major active & ambitious —was afterwards an Adjutant & then a Captain & then a Major of Militia
Mygatt18—Adjutant & an active Officer
will accept Majority
Edmond—engages confidence & good will of his neighbours is reputed to have military talents.
Tracy broken speculator may do for Captain but must not be Col.
5 Samuel Huntington Zep: Smith19—Gentleman of liberal education activity & merit
now a Col of Militia Wadsworth honest & well disposed but negative
Tracey incompetent
13 John Ripley
Letter—well now
 Major of Militia
30 years old
J. Trumball20
a young Gentleman of good connections—character address
} Respectable
Wadsworth—no personal knowlege has no doubt he will do honor to his Country
General Chapman21 educated as Merchant friend to G Govermt.—well qualified
Talmage secondary General Huntington22 his recommendation founded on that of General Chapman whom he speaks well of
Tracey } well looking man
17 Jabez Huntington
son of General
30 years
J Trumball—liberal education & good genius }
now Lt Col of Militia Respectable
Thinks it fortunate that there is a choice of such character quite enough said
Wadsworth says he is fit for any thing
Tracey valuable Young man Captaincey high enough
21 Burr Gilbert
now Col of Militia
hopes to have grade similar to that he holds }
Sundries } fair character served as a sergeant in last war—had the badge of Merit
none respectab
Thaddeus Burr23
42 Augustine Taylor
41 years old
Allen College education— }
Smith suffered by all the changes in military arrangement—Gentleman Scholar & brave has a good Regt of Militia ardent fœderalist fought bravely good property
very strong
Lt in late war several years
will not serve under a Junior Officer
Talmadge & Wads
Wadsworth well recommended to him & he thinks fit
43 James Morris
See Captain 43 for character
74 Timothy Taylor
capt in late war
Tracy } strongly } strong
75 Eliza Wadsworth
Captain last War
blacksmith by Trade now a man of property
Major of Dragoons
served through the War in Sheldons24 Corps
man of sense not literary vigour
Reuben Humphrey25 Wadsworth now Major of Militia & will be glad of a Regt. in provisional army Farmer of good health good figure & good character fit for service above common run of Militia Officers
82 Joseph Wilcox 2d
General E Huntington—one in his opinion well qualified—thinks good connexions
served through the Revolutionary War esteemed a brave & active Officer
otherwise well W
Col } Wyllis26 in their opinion well qualified
Jo. Ingersoll29
9 Robert Hosmer H L Hosmer30 possesses talents & integrity a friend to the Govermt good family probably good
14 Dyer Manning
General Huntington—abilities & ambition competent to the Office
Drum Major in Revolution War
19 Waters Clark
27 years old
} would accept Lieutenancy
Hull33 of good character
have no doubt he will make a good officer
20 William Young Jun writes well—asks Captaincy
no Capt of Militia
Zephaneah Swift34ambition & Merit
23 [Joseph Dewett]
a doctor
[Soon inlist Company—Age, sprightliness & military spirit]
Tracey violent Democrat
29 [Thomas King]
[28 years old]
[Healthy & sprightly—serves as non Commissioned officer in the Army so so]
33 [John Knox]
Talmage No. 8
[In the governors guard—will make a good officer—perhaps Ensign]
Tracey Wadsworth Sadler35 well made young man & he thinks fit for soldier will take Lieutenancy
36 [Wm J Bellamy]
about 26 years
[young gentleman of character & family—recommended by W: Allen]
39 [Albin Hurlbert
37 years old
served six years last war—was at Stoney Point—Mud fort &c—recommended by many]36
40 [Leonard Seymour—Enquire of Mr: Wolcott37]
46 Asa Morgan
47 Reuben Heard
Allen stout fine Officer like gentlemanly brave men
Smith of about 26 years—
Tracey S can inlist men well
Wadsworth } No. 6
51 Trueman Mosely
52 Trueman Hinman
Allen } No. 7
21 & 22 years—promising young Gentleman
Wadsworth preference to Mosely
Wadsworth Tracy Talmage 5 Ensign
64 Ebenezer Bebee
24 years old
Tracey } strongly—corps of Artillery
Wadsworth No. 3 father38
Talmage good man & good officer
63 Lemuel Harrison
Tracey } strongly
Wadsworth No. 4
65 Bennet Bronson
Tracey } strongly 5
61 Phineas Cadwell Wadsworth Tracey Talmage No. 2
62 Samuel Waugh Wadsworth Tracey Talmage No. 1
66 Thomas Day Wadsworth Tracey Talmage No. 9
67 John Bissel
Wadsworth Tracey Talmage No. 1 } Ensigns
Wadsworth Tracey Talm: No 2
Wadsworth Tracey Talm 3
Wads. Tracey Talm 6
Wads. Tracy Talm 4
Wads: Trac Talm 7
Wads: Tracey Talm 10
Wads Tracey Talm. 9 cadet in Corps of Artillerists
68 Salmon Clark
69 Peter N Brinsmade
70 Benjamin H Judd
71 Philo Gibbs
72 Rufus Case
73 Joseph A Wells
74 Walter Smith
Job Tabor Bolls
New London
43 Samuel R Gaup Allen
53 Sharon 32 years real education good Character
surgeons mate
54 Timothy Pearce
excellent & truly learned accomplished Physician
Wadsworth  by Inquiry Talmage Mate
77 Abel Catlin Tracey Wad. Talmage
78 Thaddeus Waugh same
79 William Bostwick
Mate Tracey }
Tudor by Elsworth

D, in the handwriting of H and Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, George Washington Papers, Library of Congress.

1In this list of recommendations for Army appointments, those recommended have not been identified. Wherever possible, however, the individuals making the recommendations have been identified.

H, George Washington, and Pinckney prepared this list, which is undated, during their meetings in Philadelphia.

The words within brackets in this list are in Pinckney’s handwriting.

2Edmond, a veteran of the American Revolution and a lawyer in Newtown, Connecticut, was elected to the House of Representatives as a Federalist in 1797 to fill the vacancy caused by the death of James Davenport. He was a member of the House until 1801.

3John Allen, a lawyer from Litchfield, Connecticut, was a Federalist member of the House of Representatives from 1797 to 1799.

4Nathaniel Smith was a lawyer in Woodbury, Connecticut. From 1795 to 1799 he served in the House of Representatives as a Federalist.

5Uriah Tracy.

6Smith, a veteran of the American Revolution and a major general of the fourth division of the Connecticut militia, represented the town of Plymouth in the General Assembly of Connecticut in 1798.

7Jeremiah Wadsworth of Hartford, Connecticut, was deputy commissary general and commissary general of purchases during the American Revolution. From 1789 to 1795 he served in the House of Representatives as a Federalist.

8Benjamin Tallmadge.

9Abraham Baldwin, who was a brigade chaplain during the American Revolution, practiced law in Fairfield, Connecticut, until 1784, when he moved to Augusta, Georgia. From 1789 to 1799 he was a Federalist member of the House of Representatives from Georgia.

10Philip Bradley, a veteran of the American Revolution, was United States marshal for the District of Connecticut.

11Chauncey Goodrich, a lawyer from Hartford, Connecticut, was a Federalist member of the House of Representatives from 1795 to 1801.

12Oliver Ellsworth, a Connecticut Federalist, served in the United States Senate from 1789 to 1796. From 1796 to 1799 he was Chief Justice of the United States.

13Samuel Lyman of Massachusetts was a member of the House of Representatives from 1795 to 1800.

14William Moseley of Hartford was a member of the Connecticut General Assembly in 1798.

15John S. Hobart, who was born in Fairfield, Connecticut, was the United States judge for the District of New York.

16Judson, a veteran of the American Revolution, was a justice of the peace in Litchfield County, Connecticut.

17Josiah P. Cooke, a veteran of the American Revolution, was judge of the Probate Court of the District of Danbury.

18Eli Mygatt was a justice of the peace in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

19Zephaniah Smith represented Glastonbury in the Connecticut General Assembly.

20Jonathan Trumbull.

21In 1797 Elijah Chapman, Jr., became brigadier general of the first brigade of the Connecticut militia.

22Ebenezer Huntington, a veteran of the American Revolution, was appointed a brigadier general of the Provisional Army on July 19, 1798 (Executive Journal, I description begins Journal of the Executive Proceedings of the Senate (Washington, 1828), I. description ends , 292–93).

23Thaddeus Burr was a merchant in Fairfield, Connecticut.

24During the American Revolution, Elisha Sheldon was a colonel of the Second Continental Dragoons.

25Humphrey was the keeper of Newgate State Prison in Simsbury and a justice of the peace in Hartford County, Connecticut.

26Samuel Wyllys, a veteran of the American Revolution, was the secretary of the state of Connecticut.

27Heman Swift was brevetted a brigadier general at the close of the American Revolution. In 1796 he was a Federalist member of the Electoral College from Connecticut.

28Thomas Grosvenor, who had been a lieutenant colonel during the American Revolution, was an assistant in the General Assembly of Connecticut.

29Jonathan Ingersoll was a justice of the Superior Court of Connecticut.

30Hezekiah L. Hosmer, a lawyer from Hudson, New York, was a member of the House of Representatives from 1797 to 1799.

31David Daggett served in the lower house of the Connecticut General Assembly from 1791 to 1797 and in the upper house from 1797 to 1804.

32Nathan Beers, a paymaster during the American Revolution, was a resident of New Haven, Connecticut.

33Samuel Hull, a resident of Derby, Connecticut, served in the General Assembly of Connecticut in 1793 and 1794.

34Zephaniah Swift, a lawyer from Windham, Connecticut, was a Federalist member of the House of Representatives from 1793 to 1797.

35John Sadley was a resident of Milford, Connecticut.

36Charles Ledyard was a resident of Hartford County, Connecticut.

37Oliver Wolcott, Jr.

38Bezaleel Beebe (Bebee) was a captain in the American Revolution and after the war served in the Connecticut militia. In 1793 and 1795 he represented Litchfield in the Connecticut General Assembly.

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