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Candidates for Army Appointments from Virginia, November 1798

Candidates for Army Appointments from Virginia

[Philadelphia, November 1798]

x A John Cropper + These old officers order of merit by Heth & Carrin[gton]
x B Jonathan Clark +
x C Robert Porterfield +
x D Joseph Swearingen +
x E David Stephenson +
x f John Blackwell +
g Wm Bentley
h Otway Bird
John Heth (now in service) Carrington thinks him worth considering for Majority
1. A. Gibson mentioned for Majority now in service distinguished at Fort Recovery
2. Laurence Butler Major
Lt Colonels
No. 3 William Watkins Letter ill written
Halifax no recommendation
officer last War
4. John M. Willis
Fredericksburgh officer last War Oldest Major in Virginia line
unquestionable bravery & great popularity but a great Gambler & weighs 4 or 500 lb. Good for nothing C. & H.
14. James Maxwell
Berkely County officer last War
Morgan active officer in the Militia understands tactics Attention offers himself for immediate service
22. Thomas Finn Mr Evans says served in the Artillery during last War as Captn Lieutt with Coll Carrington to whom he says his worth is well known. Desirous of joining the service of his Country against any Nation who wishes to go to War with us. Of great bravery Quare politics?
24. Thomas Mathewes wishes to be Inspector General—will not serve under his present rank viz. Brigr Genl.
26. Thomas Parker1 of Frederick 37 Years old recommended very strongly by Genl Marshall very strong recommendations from others. Expects a regiment 5th on the list of Majors Carrington & Heath. as good an officer as any of his rank last War—recommended by Josiah Parker. Genl Morgan from 80 to 120 speaks very highly of him—uniformly federal—Genl Lee says he knows no man who would make a better Colonel of a regiment—respectable connections—property—⟨H.⟩ Marshall recommends him—Walter Jones also—Atty Genl recommends him for a regiment.
1. Richard B. Lee Presly Thornton
provisional army Native American formerly in British service but refused to come to America—a man of great worth & probably well qualified
50. Richard Blackburne
Prince William
now Capt. of Artillery desirous of transfer to Infantry as Major not otherwise
B. Washington strongly recom.
15. Nathaniel Henry Shepherds Town Berkely officer in N.Y. line to nearly end of the War Swearingen speaks well Ed. O. Williams—highly Morgan—served with reputation last war thinks him judicious—sober J. Maxwell—strict Disciplinarian pretty respectabl. not worthy
129. Thomas Tinsley Hanover Now Col. of Militia Evans desires command of Regiment good information respectable character & friend to Govt
93. James Baytop2 Gloucester officer Last War—Captn Evans man of good information & respectability—middle aged—wishes in the immediate army but will accept in the Provisional. 6th on the list of Majors Carrington & Heth
119. Samuel Marsh of Norfolk serves for the Provisional Army Evans—native of Connecticut bred to law Brigade Inspector so far as observation goes—decent Gentlemanlike & prudent—disciplinarian recommended by Coll Parker & officers of Brigade.
illegible⟩ Thomas Finn
illegiblelast War
Evans—barely mentions ⟨other Letter⟩ man of great bravery see T. Finn on other side
20. Samuel Tinsley Evans—was a captain of Infantry wishes to be Major of Artillery
151. [Benjamin] Graves
recommended by Josiah Parker for a Majority in provisional army—good character—Cap⟨tn⟩ of State Troops last War—Quare Politics
35. John Baylor Armstead3
Loudoun County
will not accept of an appointment inferior to a Majority in Infantry or Captcy in Cavalry—on the western expedition was aid to Genl Morgan—active, & respectably connected—recommended by genl Marshall—R. B. Lee—Leven Powell—Captn Parker—wishes to serve in the regt which may be given to Thomas Parker—Friend to the measures of Government—very repectable.
51. Wm Bentley4 Powetan mentioned by Carrington & Heath as 7th in merit for Lt Col. recommended strongly by Govr Wood—served 7 years as Captn in the revolutionary War. his regt of Militia well disciplined—a friend of order & the Constitution of U.S. certainly Major perhaps Colonel
55. Wm Munroe Genl Morgan says he served the whole of the War, not with him, but is highly spoken of.
59. Thos Richardson
Nothing worse C. & H.
62. John Tayloe Served as Captn of Calvary in the western Expedition—large fortune federal, amiable; very respectable as Major—wishes the Cavalry.
65. Otway Bird wishes Brigade or regt if consistant with holding his civil office. Carrington & Heth 8th in scale of merit
74. Roger West
Fairfax County
Coll Fitzgerald—Mr Ludlow Lee—Man of Fortune—Father of a Family—Major of Militia—Coll Sims differed from him in political sentiments, but recommends him—Unblemished Character—strong Military ardour. Wishes to command a regiment in the provisional army—Mr Lee the Atty Genl says he is in prime of Life & well qualified to command a Regt
Field Officers
125. Wm Campbell Orange County 4th on the list of Majors Carrington & Heth. wishes to be Lieutt Coll Served 6 years during the War—recommended by Genl Stevens. Was on the Western Expedition—federal—Middle aged—recommended by Genl Lee as Field Officer.
97. John Stith5
Brave active & meritorious Officer—was Captn last War recommended by Govr Wood—federal—A field Officer—appointment in provisional army
117. Hugh Holmes Winchester Will not accept lower than a Majority recommended by the Atty Genl for that commission. opposed to some of the measures of Government C. & H.
99. Robert Beale6 Maddison County Third on list of Majors Served from 1776 to the end of the War—served as Captn expects Majority recommended by Genl Morgan, & Genl Marshall—not very strongly.
Carrington & Heth
83. Churchill Jones recommended by Genl White
84. John Watts7
Bedford County
recommended by Genl White—Heth & Carrington well intitled to first rank in Virgina Quota of cavalry if not in U. States—C. & H.
162. Thomas Buckner No testimonials.
159. Daniel Broad-head Taken Prisoner at fort Washington—served in Pennsylvania line—Man of honour—intellig⟨ent—⟩active—hopes for a Majority at least—Does not appear to have served after his captivity—respectable
85. Larking Smith recommended by Genl White decided enemy of the Govermt C. & H.
133. Joseph Forman Friend to the Government—recommended by Mr Fitzhugh—Quare is he of Virginia?
181. Thomas Hoard Caroline County 10th on list captains Carrington & Heth backward recommended by Generals Lee & Spotswood distinguished himself last War—in prime of life—excellent citizen & warmly attached to his Government.
158. Simon Morgan
adjutant General of Virginia—officer in the last war—cool & intrepid—rallied his regt when a subaltern at German Town—shot through the body bravely fighting at Eutaw recommended by Genl Marshall.
175. Elias Parker
served in the artillery & Infantry with fair reputation in the last war—in the Massachusetts line—Certificate from Genl Knox.
Presly Thornton
John Stith
2. William K. Blue8 Berkly County Lt of Western Army Resigned desires a Commission wishes to command a batalion Bu[shro]d Washington—excellent heart and as he is informed was a good officer
D. Holms—from his general character is qualified Thinks himself intitled to a Majority will accept an old Captaincy. Inquire
see Lieutenants9 D. Holms—desirous of a Commissin
13. Daniel Ball Manchester Lt last War Carrington recommends good officer & good citizen Marshall—thinks favourably of him 5th on the list of Lieutenants Carrington & Heth Respectable
16. George Tate Berkley
Swearingen J. Maxwell Speaks well—Genl Morgan writes strongly in his favour—3
17. Josiah Thornburgh Berkeley—do Morgan speaks well of him—now capt. of Militia—has instructed himself in tactics Maxwell—well—well enough
18. James Maxwell Berkley Col. Maxwell speaks favourably of him [Not much]
19. Robert Gustin Bath Berkeley Morgan Foederalist & man of good character Not much
21. Samuel J. Winston Hanover Capt. or Lieutenancy Col. Tinsley recommends & evans supports young Gentleman much respected & of good principles
23. John Hardiman Evans barely mentions officer during last War—acted as Major—Mr King says valuable Quare.
25. Asa Bacon of Leesburgh a Man of science—persecuted for federalism. native of Connecticutt—unites science, sense integrity spirit & patriotism according to the Letters of Nathan Smith & John Allen. In the Connecticut List—Captain.
27. John Stewart10 Richmond wishes a Captaincy of Cavalry—no recommendations. Good for nothing C. & H.
29. William Armstead
Prince William
Desires a Captaincy of Cavalry—no vouchers—doubt his politics C. & H.
30. Charles Shackleford
a young man pretty well recommended perhaps a Lieutenant.
32. Robert Gregg Culpepper a Captain in the Pennsylvania Line in the Revolutionary War. Ten years residence in Virginia will serve as Captn in Cavalry or Major in Infantry—recommended by Coll Jameison & Genl Stevens—worth & respectability.
36. John Davidson Richmond First on the list of Capts. Carrington & Heth qualified for any promotion. native of Pennsylvania—recommended by Mr Hopkins as one who will be an ornament to the army & fine supporter of his Countrys rights & a friend to its government—30 years old—active & strong. respectable.
50. Philip Lightfoot Culpepper Lived 10 years with Coll Jameison strict honour & may be confided in—Friend to Government. recommended by Genl Marshall & Posey & Major Day & Coll Stevens & Jameison very strong
96. James Duncanson
very respectably as Lt Jameison Stephens, Posey
43. Charles Fenton Mercer 22 years old Fredericksburgh a young Gentleman—recommended by Dr Smith of Princeton as a young Gentleman of Talent, probity industry, & good Politics—Also by Genl Lee—very respectable, Captain or Lieutenant
44. John Reynolds Norfolk formerly of Connecticut Stability & good morals—commands a Militia Company—federal—expects further recommendations. good for nothing C. & H.
45. Daniel C. Lane Loudoun County 25 years of age Thinks he can easily raise a Company Captn of Grenadiers in the Regt—recommended by Mr R. B. Lee & Dr Stewart—active & of sound political sentiments—happy to see such men com.
48. David Shields Rockbridge County Dudley Odlin Alexandria Mr Holmes recommends him as Captn Antifoederal formerly of Exeter in Connecticut—will not do here.
56. Samuel Turner Nothing strong.
64. Bathurst Jones Hanover Doubtful
66. Wm Glassoll good for nothing C. & H. Federal—brave but intemperate—said to be reforming. exclusively provisional army
68. Robert Young Alexandr. Fitzgeral[d]
Young Gentleman desirous of serving his Country from zeal & activity can raise troops will do honor to his Country wishes to be Major or 1st Captn in the provisional army
69. George Hite Berkeley Lt last War in dragoons wounded MGill—Genl Lee Theo Lee very strong till lately violent antifederalist now very different Wm Heath—very brave & deserving of a Troop or Company—noble minded—& of different politics from Rutherford. Holmes—valuable Citizen military merit R. Page—possessed eminently of military qualities
Thurston excellent officer and a Gentleman. ⟨M. Guine⟩—his military talents entitle him to a Majority
Ths Parker—peculiar merit—respectable family Gentleman
Genl Marshall [ ]
73. Archibald Randolph11 About 26 years old Strongly recommended by Mr B. Washington—Captn of Cavalry. perhaps Lieutt—was aid to Genl Morgan on the Western Expeditn
76. Lemuel Bent lived 8 years in Virginia Alexandria born in Massachusetts —Coll Fitzgerald—Mr Ames recommend him—Captn of Militia. Perhaps Lieutenant
87. Henry Percy
lived 6 years in Virginia—acquainted with maneuvring a company—served through the revolutionary War—federal—Coll Sims says a valuable officer—Good Captain.
81. Garnett Peyton
Stafford Country
federal—good military genius—strong Wishes Captn in the Cavalry—or 1st Leutt in do or Captn in Infantry—Courageous, Sober discreet, stout popular generally beloved—warmly recommended by genl Lee.
86. Richard Hill good for nothing C. & H. Served in Harrisons Artillery—wishes a Capcy in Artillery—no recommendation among his Papers.
91. Wm Campbell son of Coll Arthur Campbell Washington Desires a Captaincy—Member of the Legislature of Virginia—His conduct that of a gentleman—federal.
98. Booker Pegram
Dinwiddie County
recommended to Govr Wood by persons he can depend upon—Quare Family Antifœderal his own politics unknown otherwise worthy of notice C. & H.
116. John Koontz not recommended
100. James Ware recommended as a man of good Character not been in service—Quare politics?
105. Edmund Taylor Served in the Western Army—expects Majority but will serve as Captn recommended by Genls Morgan & Marshall & Captn Parker
101. Patrick Daugherty12
Frederick County 12th on the list of Carrington & Heth
Captn Parker says he is an amiable Character & could soon raise his men—not been in service.
126. Francis Fouchee
Northumberland County
wishes not to except any thing inferior to a Captain. amiable—active mind & stout body—according to Genl Lee—refers to testimonials not before us said to be in secretary of Wars office—Inquire.
127. John Dowdall
very little said of him.
74. Francis Thornton
Near Fredericksburgh
recommended by Genls Lee, Spotswood & many others warmly for the Provisional Army as Captain—Connections very respectable & of ample fortune. federal principles.
180. John Greene Warmly recommended for Captn by Genl Lee, Spotswood & others—strongly federal—a very fine young fellow.
143. Richard Chinn Loudohn County respectable—Captain Thos Parker warmly recommends him. If he can get a Capcy his company will enlist.
145. Jesse Sims Serjeant last War—Hurt if not made Captn—No.
149. Thomas Wilson
Mecklenburgh County
wishes Captaincy in the provisional army—The Marshall of Virginia recommends him strongly.
153. Laurence Washington
King George
recommended by Genl Lee Captn perhaps Lieutt in Cavalry.
156. Beverley Robertson
King Wm County
federal—sober & esteemed recommended by Genl Young.
159. James Caldwell 28 years old Ohio County respectable—federal.
163. Isaac Andrews no testimonials
164. John Rose
Amherst County
Young Gentleman—good Character & family—recommended by Mr Ludwell Lee Quare politics.
165. Gustavus B. Wallace recommended by Brigr Genl Washington Educated at Princeton—good character well looking—cannot find any Letters concerning him.
170. Robert King Hanover active, intelligent spirited recommended by Genl Marshall.
172. Wm C. Carter Albemarle or Amherst respectable & well recommended—perhaps provisional
173. Laurence Lewis 30 years of age Frederick County very respectable—aid to Genl Morgan Captn of Cavalry.
176. Thomas Turner King George 25 years old unblemished reputation—ardent patriotism—federal—strict honour—popular strongly recommended—Captn of Cavalry perhaps—if not, wishes majority in Infantry voted with the Democratic assembly last time now supported by Federal party, General C. & H.
182. Martin Tapscott Stafford Edmund Clark Spotsylvania Friend to Government—good man recommended as Captn by Genl Lee. Eleventh on the list of Carrington & Heth
168. Robert Gregg Culpepper officer last War Capt. Colo. Jameison—brave Officer & worthy independent Citizen—willi[n]g to take Capt. of Caval[r]y or Major of Regt
5. James James
P. William County
Atty G.—gentleman of good character & behaviour army or navy Inquire
6. Gerard Roberts York Town probably private or N. C. officer officer in West Expedition Lee—agrees with Marshall Marshall Evans. His own letter very well. Attenti⟨on⟩ as Ensign
7. William Bouyer } Alfred Moore not much Boyer & Brown well known to him active young men & doubts not will be found qualified
Green Briar
8. John G. Brown✻ ✻son of Col S. Brown
9. Jams Brown Brown recommended by Mr Harper & Genl Blackburne
Green Briar
10. Michael Flinn The others knows only from information.
Green Briar
J. ⟨Skiles⟩ Tinsley
good man
✻young man of good behaviour Browne of respectable connections and good character can recruit good men Qr. Browne stand pretty well as Lt or Ensign
11. William Potts
Lt in provisional army will accept ensigncy Letter pretty well No recommendation 5th Ensign on list of Carrington & Heth
152. Brewer Goodwin Junr Isle of Wight respectable connections attached to the Government perhaps Lieutenant recommended by Josiah Parker.
28. Robert Brook13 King Wm County resident of Philadelphia worth & amiable Character Govr Wood recommends him as Lieutt of Cavalry—good understanding, spirit activity & attachment to his Country recommended by Genl Marshall Mr Burrell, Mr Griffin very respectable
31. Charles Tutt Culpepper young Gentleman—an only Son—applies with cons[en]t of his Father respectable connexions—fair reputation recommended by genls Marshall Lee Stevens Posey & Coll Jameison—& Mr Williams. Attached to Government—well recommended—a Lieutenancy in Cavalry or Infantry.
49. Thomas Jameison
a first Lieutt in State artillery now—respectable family—recommended by genl Stevens.
33. James Tutt Junr
wishes Lieutcy in Cavalry—a young man of respectable connections—tolerably recommended
34. Wm D. Clopton New Kent County recommended by his Uncle—18 years of age. Badly recommended C. & H.
37. Robert Carrington14
a near relation of Coll Carrington wishes to be appointed Lieutenant of Davidsons Company should he get one. Young active about 25—respectably recommended by Mr Hopkins first on the list of Carrington & Heth 26 years old Mr Carrington thinks he would not wish an appointment but in provisional army. his health dellicate
46. Horatio Gates Whiting Richmond between 20 & 21 respectable connections—promising appearance—perhaps Ensign bad politics C. & H.
47. Andrew Moore Lusk Fredericksburgh—at present formerly Lexington recommended by Genl Posey as Lieutt or Ensign—Nephew to Mr Moore late Member of Congress—perhaps Ensign.
72. Reuben Thornton 19 years old Hugh McAllister Rockbridge County Mr A. Smith Mooresfield Son in Law to Genl Posey—Desires Lieutenancy or Cornetcy in the Horse—perhaps Cornet. Mr Holmes recommends him for a Lieutenancy—not strong. Mr Holmes recommends him for Ensign. not strong.
49. Mr John Seayres His Father fell at German Town—was Colonel—Quare other recommendations—Horrible authority for him C. & H.
52. John C. Williams In Prince William respectable family—& much esteemd Perhaps Ensign—recommended by Genl Stevens—Mr Jameison & Mr Brent & many others—Quare political sentiments & whether John Williams & John C. Williams are the same person—NO
57. Simon Owens recommended strongly by Genl Morgan as Lieutt to Tate.
58. Robert Temple King Wm Recommended by A. New who is bad authority C. & H. a young man—recommended by Hopkins active sober discreet & Enterprizing—Friend to the Government. recom: by N. Burrell W. F. Gains—Son of an old officer—very respectable—Lieutenant.
60. Thos Davis Albemarle weak
61. John Bacon weak
New Kent recommended by John Clopton who is bad authority C. & H.
63. Wm Knight [ ]
67. Obadiah Clifford15 Tolerably respectable—perhaps Lieutenant.
112. William Brent } Kinkead speaks well in general terms Gl Lee—youth of merit [ ] Nothing very positive perhaps Ensigns.
113. Thomas Brent
70. Charles J. Love Loudohn County 24 years old strong healthy good disposition, good character—Mr Charles Lee recommends him as Lieutt—pretty well perhaps Lieutenant
75. Charles Loftland Rockingham County so-so.
77. B. Dandridge Armstead New Kent Cold recommendation—prefers civil appointment—Mr Clopton recommends him strongly—Not much.
78. Charles Lane 22 years old Loudohn County recommended by R. B. Lee—not very strongly.
79. John Thornton Fitzhugh 19 years old free from vice—desirous to enter the Army.
80. John Williams Strong.
82. Alexr Henderson16 21 years old Dumfries Sprightly active young man, federal—good Ensign.
88. Thomas Blackburn
21 years old
Mr Stoddart recommends him—won’t do.
96. James Duncanson
very respectable as Lieutenant. See Captains
106. Mathew Arbuckle young—sedate & manly—Inquire.
107. L. ⟨Tremper⟩ offers service—not recommended.
109. Richard Graham
recommended by the Atty Genl as Ensign in the ⟨Marine⟩ service.
110. Carter B. Fontaine
Prince William
man of family—wishes to serve in the Cavalry as Lieutt. about 21 years of age—respectably recommended—perhaps Cornet.
114. Turner Richardson
recommended by Govr Wood—will not accept lower than Lieutt—Tolerable. Good for nothing C. & H.
115. Wm Finny no recommendation Good for nothing C. & H.
118. John Campbell Frederick Father died fighting at Eutaw—respectable for Lieutt.
120. Horatio Stark17 Frederick Genl Marshall says he is recommended by respectable persons—but the recommendations do not appear.
102. John Braham
young man of excellent character & could soon raise his men recommended by Major
103. Addison Armstead
Loudohn County
Thomas Opie
104. Frederick Thurston Frederick County recommended by Majr Parker from Genl Morgan as Ensign—was Serjeant in Western Expedition & in several actions.
121. Calvin Morgan
25 yrs old
} recommended by Mr Harper as Ensigns their families federal—sober & honest Morgan’s recommendation well supported by many others, & recommending him for Lieutt.
128. Jesse Dold Morgan’s, very respectable—Dold’s, good.
123. Joseph Grigsby
28 yrs old
sober—served as Sheriff & Magistrate Quare politics
124. Charles McAllister
22 years old
sober—Quare politics
128. Jesse Dold recommended by Mr Andw Moore—David Stevenson & Mr Harper—steady, sober, & respectable connexions—Coll Potterfield speaks handsomely of him—well recommended as Ensign—Brother an Officer killed in Wayne’s Expedition of great Character.
130. Charles Winter Smith Martinsburgh Berkley County Referred to wishes employment as an Engineer, artillerist or Physician to the Army—Draughtsman to Bourgoyne—Teacher to the officers at Montreal—Inquire
131. George Washington
Genteel Young Man perhaps Ensign Quare.
132. John A. Steward of Belfast has been Six years in this Country. of Alexandria recommended by John Taylor & Jesse Steward not strong.
136. Wm G. Hunter In Captn Tinsleys Company in Georgia not strong.
John Muse ⟨navy⟩
138. Tunspall Banks recommends himself
Francis Thornton for Captains recommended by Genl Lee as Captn for Provisional Army—& Genl Spotswood—well connected & of ample fortune.
⟨1⟩39. John Moore No testimonials but his own Letter produced.
140. John Strother Culpepper nothing about politics or abilities mentioned.
141. Wm Deane Bath County about 22 years old respectable connections—tolerable perhaps Ensign.
142. Jesse Ewell Junr about 22 Dumfries federal—very respectable—Ensign perhaps Lieutenant.
Richard Chinn see Capns
143. John Craine Junr
Loudohn County
respectable—perhaps Ensign.
144. Samuel Casson
Caroline County
Wishes to be Midshipman.
148. John Winterberry
tolerable—perhaps Ensign.
150. John Sanders
Prince William
Recommended to Genl Lee—who does not know him—Quare
Henry Tapscott recommended by Genl Lee as well fitted for the business of War—at present a Capt. in the Militia.
157. Benjn Temple
King Wm County
federal, sober & esteemed recommended by Genl Young.
160. Van Bennett
Berkley County
federal—pretty well for Ensign.
166. George Armstead
Loudohn County
respectable connections & character.
167. Thomas Bagot
served 18 Months in the Army recommended by Thos Parker.
Thomas Blackburn Marine.
174. Peter Lamkin recommended by Captn Blackburne Ensign perhaps.
183. Rowan Stafford Good Landed Estate—federal—qualities of a Soldier recommended by Genl Lee for Cornett
184. H. L. Seayres
wishes to be Lieutt of arsenal to be established at Richmond, or some respectable station in the Army—Father fell at German-town—no Letter but his own.
187. Strother Settle 40 strongly recommended by General Morgan. Searjeant & in last war made Officer & served to end of war as Ensign

D, DLC:GW. Most of the notes refer to a list of Applicants in Virginia (DLC:GW), which was most likely the same one used by GW and the two major generals to determine who was applying for commissions in the Virginia regiments.

1GW appended this comment to Parker’s name in the list of Applicants in Virginia: “very good.” In the original, the name "Graves" was crossed out and replaced with "Marshall."

2GW wrote: “supposed to be a good Officer in the R. War.”

3GW wrote: “respectable Chr.”

4GW wrote: “Good Officer Ry War.”

5GW wrote: “If from Brunswick—good Offr R. War.”

6GW wrote: “Offr R. War.”

7GW wrote: “Old & distinguished Off. of Cavalry.”

8GW wrote: “Well spoken of—in the Western Army—Lieut.”

9“O[badiah] Clifford” is crossed out here. Clifford appears again as entry no. 67 with the lieutenants.

10GW wrote: “would make a gd Of.”

11GW wrote: “very clever.”

12GW wrote: “good Offr Westn Expn.”

13GW wrote: “If of Kg Wm—good.”

14GW wrote: “respe. yg man.”

15See note 9.

16GW wrote: “⟨a good⟩ young Man.”

17GW wrote: “Well regd.”

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