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Candidates for Army Appointments from Massachusetts, [9–28 December 1798]

Candidates for Army Appointments
from Massachusetts1

[Philadelphia, December 9–28, 1798]

9 James Church
24 years
Shepherd2 } sprightly active—good stature
S Lyman3
} good abilities & character now Ensign of Militia
judgment & military kno
respectable family
14 Joseph H Dwight
Belcher Town
Shepherd } General Mattoon6 recommends fully active smart young man right age
Sykes—has been Adjutant of Milia & would do honor as Captain
10 John Page Junr
24 years
Goodhue7—Young man of good character Lt
Abbott8 } respectable family well qualified—son of respectable father thinks his abilities & principles qualify him
Pearson10 engaging manners
Thatcher11—J Tredwell12—spirited has been on the wrong side but now appears has good zeal
11 Charles Hunt
19 years
Wm. Hunt13 Ensign
G Hull14 possesses the requisites of an officer education & habits favourable
18 John Rudberg
50 years
Fosdyck15—fair reputation & acquainted with duties of soldier
P Wadsworth16—no doubt of his entire ability for Lt—has been in German & British service Musician wont do
22 Jonathan Nichols
native of Boston
has resided lately
 at Newark
Boudinot17 } manly good conduct will do honor to the appt. good character warmly attached & otherwise well qualified
1 - 2
30 John Wheelwright
28 years
Knox19 active & robust
Elliot20—Merchant good Cadet
J C Jones21 } fair reputation good abilities & connections
H Jackson22
35 Seth Smith Jun
Norton (40) yrs
asks for Majority
Lt of Artillery
Leonard23—senator—has been Capt Lt of Artillery activity & good character
38 William Swan
22 years
Knox health activity industry & integrity information Lieut
No 1
Lincoln24—every thing we want information acquisition to service Young Gentleman
45 Abijah Harrington
Brooks25 would make an excellent officer writes badly 2
49 Caleb Aspinwall
34 years
P. Wadsworth—Lt. of Artillery now has been in that Corps from 20 years old likely spirited & noble person and ability all the essentials of good subaltern
54 William Leveritt
Otis26 Lieutenancy of Artillery would in his opinion do credit to the appointment 1 - 2
63 John G Shindle Letter a little bombastic has studied a military life &c
67 William A Barron
B Waterhouse27 recommends him strongly Mathematical & Philos know 1 Inquire
72 Ward Eaton
Peabody28—son of a respectable man who was an Officer in the army—clever young man & worthy of a Lieutenancy Inquire
31 Daniel Hastings
New Town
24 years
G Hull—strong general turn good family has had a good private education good personal & constitution 1
83 Nathaniel Soley
G Hull Young Gent of Talents & merit well fitted for subaltern 1
D Jackson29—recommends him for Captaincy
Brooks—from information is satisfied he will sustain a Con with hon
84     Shepherd
Hallowel30 integrity & honor fit naturalized Englishman
85 Moses M Bates
22 years
Ensign in Marines
S Lyman— } good education & sprightly honest & honorable & capacity competent for
D Foster S
86 Thomas Durant
New town
22 years
G Hull—officer of Militia faithful intelligent will make a valuable officer, suitable age Ensign
1 perhaps
Brooks confirms but thinks his age most suitable to Ensign
88 James D
Knox recommends for Lt 1
89 Willard Tales
Knox Ensign 1
90 David Tales
Knox Ensign 1
91 Jacob Ulmer
} Lt or Ensign
92 James Austin
Boston Qr
Clarke31 } sobriety morals & good Character fit for Lt.
95 Marshall Spring Weston 22 years Selectmen good character reputable family & well esteemed would prove active & faithful 1 - 2
Knox—from every appearance would make an excell Lt
96 Thomas Heald
Wm. Jones33 } integrity & possesses qualifications of Officer & Gentleman
G Brook
who is silent liberal education & well looking
97 Jeremiah Hill
his own letter was Lt. in the last War such Commission as he may merit
99 Daniel Bell
writes good hand
Bells letter to Knox who is silent
Thomas Dawes34 } ingenious draftsman & otherwise suitable
J Pierce35
Greenleaf Grandfather36
100 Charles Cutler
his letter well
Simon Elliot & others { virtues talents & patriotism
education &c would do honor
103 Duncan Ingraham
Green Vale farm
25 years
his letter good
Letter to G Knox who is silent
Judge Dawes—his wifes relative thinks him remarkably amiable & accomplished qualified as Secretary Inquire
transmitted by G Knox without supporting it
107 Rufus Childs
N Rice37 education pretty good & he thinks a clever man asks Captaincy but he supposes would accept Lieu 1 - 2
108 Alpheus Cheny
Rice—has had a College education & would make a good Lieut 1
109   Lathrop
Rice son of Col Lathrop38 tolerable education & decent young man perhaps Ensign
110 John Pratt
117   Fay Wm. Latham39 just taken his degree at College
118 Ambrose Keith
William Higgins Otis retracts his Recommendation
Franklin Tinkham
O Wood40 recommends
Knox barely transmits
134 Samuel P Fayv
21½ years old
Pres Willar41
} healthy active industrious enterprising good morals character education talents genius & good acquirements
138 James Gardner
26 years
his own letter well enoug 1
Knox } good character & probably abilities for Lt
141 Thomas W
Newbury Port
Jackson Supervisor42 College education studied law but went into trade—unfortunate in Trade & marriage Aide De Camp to Titcomb43 for several years
145 Nathaniel Kidder
Honeywell44 good militia Officer perhaps personal knowlege sufficient 2
146 Joseph Lee
Custine perhaps
Honeywell—now Lt & Adjutant a young man of good talents active Officer great military genius 1
146 Warren Hall
Custine perhaps
Honeywell he will make a good officer 2
2 Benjamin Larkin now Lt in Boston Artillery
recommends himself—badly
26 John Burbeck Knox—ought to be Capt of Artillery & employed in an elaboratory excellent Officer
64 Boston
19 Samuel Treat Knox—would be a valuable Capt of Artillery—but would accept a Capt of Infantry—in which the public would find its account 1 -
66 Boston
44 - 50
7 John Spooner
New Bedfork
28 years
E Pope
} now Adjutant of Militia active & of military turn
integrity firmness & ability
Parson West46 } Letter will accept a Captaincy & raise a Company
refers to L L Morris
1 - 2
Naval Contractor great natural abilities
13 Ebenezer Kent Knox—services last war, conduct since & standing in society qualify him for a Company 1 -
Jackson—served in his regiment with first Reputation as a Gentleman & soldier
16 Samuel Jordan
Thatcher (now Major of Militia) well qualified as officer—good stature & military turn 1 - 2
17 Phineas Ashmem
Writes a good hand—well enough worded—now Aide De Camp to Major General 1 - 2
Sedgwick47 Worthy man & well qualified to command a Company
21 John Pynchon
} fine natural talents & good education—
was Ensign in the army 86
has been Adjutant of Militia
lately unfortunate in business
Capt or Lt
23 John Roulstone
his own letter indifferent
Bradley50 } now Capt of Militia & fit—Major—confirm
Lt Col Mill
2 - 3
Knox—Jackson Lincoln—as far as they know faithful Officer & friend to his Country
Otis enterprise industry & good moral C
25 Samuel Mackay
Williams town
was British
 Officer 33 years
has served from
 Ensign to Aide
Sedgwick, now in a literary situation—sincerely believes him worthy
28 Eleazar Williams
24 years
S   Lyman proper for Captain to recruit & guard the stores elegant figure & manners integrity capable & worthy 1 - 2
29 John Cooper
Lt last war of
77 to 82
says his circumstances are same—
S Higginson51 } good & faithful citizen
W Parsons52 industrious integrity & fidelity
1 - 2
Knox—activity & good constitution
31 Jacob Welsh
37 years
some experience in foot & Artillery
Knox—member of Legislature 4 years officer of Artillery would now accept company which he could command with reputa 1 - 2
Knox & Brooks well educated & sensible clever man Major P
32 Thomas Seward
Capt last war
Knox—advanced in years & corpulent Garrison Capt few better Officers
33 Hall Tufts
Brooks fine liberal education & personal qualities well quailfied for captain—such characters an acquisition 1 -
34 Nathanial
was Lt. in army & Lt of Marines—good letter— 1
Knox—would be an acquisition as Capt
Divers good accountant
35 Seth Smith Junr
See 35 Subaltern 1 - 2
36 John Meacham Divers Lt & Adjutant last war now in prime of life with good constitution good character wont do
Hull—in his Regt. & discharged the duty well—was dismissed by Court Martial
40 William Jones
cavalry   see Field Officers 1
42 John W Greaton
speaks of his former service & asks Lty in the Navy turned over to Navy
43 Samuel Greene
Boston Qr
between 30 & 40
writes a good
 hand & good
second Lieutenant & Adjutant of Militia 1 - 2
Landon good man friend to his country—will support the character
44 Levy Meade
Brooks no doubt he will do honor to his Commission writes indifferent hand 2
46 Jonas Bridge
do 2
48 John Radford
Woburnnow Major of
writes ill
Walker53 B G will acquit himself well
Brooks from the soldierly manner of his conduct as officer of Militia has confidence he will comd well a company
Knox S R
1 - 2
50 William Gordon
New Bedford
Does not appear
 on the list
comp of Artillery
was Capt of Artillery last War
Parson West
Collector Pope
} has always sustained the character of a good Officer proprietor of a good landed estate
53 John F Jennison
29 years
Dwight Forster   prefers his wishes
Brother54—college education served in Shays insurrection unfortunate merchant
D Jackson good figure & strong mind
Knox transmits without remark
56 Samuel Fowles
now Capt of Cavalry
Gill Lt Gov55 respectable family & character
M military knowlege & skill 1 - 2
applies for Capt of Cavalry
58 David Hobbs Letter from himself
59 John Whitney Letters not his own
now Store Keeper seven years last War five now Nothing
Gates56—gave him leave of Absence
60 Augustus Hunt
Boston Qr
good letter
Lt of Militia
General Elliot57—favourable in general terms
Ben diligent officer good disciplinarian 1 - 2
served as private of Cadets
74 Ebenezer Davis said to be recom by P. Wadsworth
93 David C D Forest
unfortunate in
Boyd59 } Mills58 born Stratford irreproach–man of good character
Amasa Davis60
Hull supports Mills character
John Hancock D
23 years
D C D Forest
his own letter very well
Knox transmits most qualified for Lieutenancy
101 John Tolman
Lt last war &
 wounded in the
43 years
not found on
 army list
Selectmen qualified as to abilities activity & singular good conduct last War—zealous friend to Govermt 1
G. Adjutant unimpeached character vigorous & activity has known him several weeks
F Ames61 bravery at Lexington where wounded appears well informed good principles
Knox recommends for a Company
104 Erasmus Babbit
D: Foster lawyer educated at Cambrige esteemed & respected 1
Eaton62 recommends him for batalion
Rice—of good person manners education good Captain
105 Ebenezer
N Rice—liberal education studied law good character qualified will perhaps accept Lieutenancy 1
112 John Shepherd
S Wilde63—amiable & unblemished confidence & esteem of his acquaintance
Dan Davis64—personal & mental acquaintance intitle him to first attention 1 - 2
Knox only transmits
114 William Henshaw
N Bedford
Lt last war

33 years
Claghorne65 now commands volunteer Artillery Company }
Puddleford66 did his duty well attached to Government
Knox transmits without observation
115 Robert Duncan Jun~
Knox } good politics morals & qualified for Capt of Infantry
D sergeant67
116 James Cunningham
now commands volunteer Company
his own letter good Attention
Knox transmits without remark
119 Edward Hogan
120 William Williams
H Jackson } now Capt of Militia recommended pretty strongly for Capt
123 Isaac Rand Junr.
J C Jones } Abilities fortitude health & strength
W. Parsons
125 Osgood Carleton
Lt last war
Knox—If he does not possess every requisite possesses as many as likely to accou morals good respectable for Mathematics teacher
Boston M Society—
Dawes Otis &c
128 Seth Tinckham
Obiel Wood political sentiments good, believes will make good officer can raise men
G Knox barely transmits
133 Thomas Bowman
W Howard69 } no place mentions Letter to President
R Hallowell mental qualifications
John Sheppard70 firm friend to the Government
James Bridge71 moral character
If recommends good
No. 1
for Capt or Lt.
President says excellent fœderalist father & son
139 Thomas Chandler
A Bancroft72 } Gentleman of good connections & education fortune—military turn now com
N Paine74
D: Foster
140 Nathaniel Balch
writes good letter
Knox } from knowlege of his general character recomd him as eligible to comd of a Company
Otis—good moral character & do credit to service
141 Thomas W Hooper
Newbury Port
Jackson } See Lt.
1 Inquire
142 Samuel Henly Capt last war conductor of Military stores since Inquire
144 Eli Forbes Honeywell, now Brigade Major fit for command of Company information & abilities now Register of Deeds 1
145 Thomas Philips
Honeywell hes perfect Brigade Major & a good Officer 1
Field Officers
Caleb Gibbs
Major last War
Lincoln } Lt Col certify him qualified
3 John Frances   N
{ Dane76
field officer perhaps Lt Col
believes he would not serve lower than Major
served last War—has commanded with reputation a Militia Regt.
4 Christopher Marshall
{ Major by brevet at the end of the war—good constitution
Lincoln } served with reputation & his services would now be valuable as Major
N Gilman77
H Jackson
1 - 2
5 Isaac Winslow
30 years
Major or Capt of Cavalry
Knox Aide De Camp to General Elliot78 man of honor & from general character qualified mentioned no name with more confidence than this 1
6 William Perkins
yet capable of
 efficient duty
Major of Artillery last war
Lincoln— good service for 23 years
Knox some expedient before mentioned would be desireable to employ—brave Capt of Artillery with brevet of Lt Col & address of 35
12 William Shepherd Jun
now of NY
General Shep79 honest capable faithful man was an Ensign & Ad last war declines less than Majority P
Knox & Brooks—select him as Major now Cap of Militia
26 Arthur Lithgow
Winslow Maine
30 years
Otis says he is
North80—respectability of family standing & character
Davis generally well
Nothing from General Knox
37 Fitch Hall
Brooks } served in insurrection
Knox preeminently fit for comd of Regiment
No. 1
39 John Rowe
39 years
Ensign in the army
Brooks } intelligence bravery & fidelity fit him for Majority preferable for Major
Knox } believe he would make an excellent Major
40 William Jones
preferable as
—Lawyer with handsome prospect now commands a troop—qualified for Majority but will accept captaincy
1 for Captaincy
47 James Brown Brooks commanded an excellent company of Artillery—talents really military good Major
Lincoln confirms 1 - 2
Knox Brooks opinion always of high estimation
55 John Lillie
applicant for command of a Corps of Marines
GW81 Cert was Capt of Artillery conducted himself with diligence bravery & intelligence
Knox knowlege of Gunnery & Mathematics & fortification
77 George Ulmer
40 years
Major P
Knox & Brooks } able energetic character would do honor to appointm
78 John Walker
35 years
Lt Colonel
28th of August
Knox & Brooks } strongly for provisional
79 Ephrain Emory
Capt of Militia & Brigade Major
} recom for Major Lt & adjutant last war & now considered as a valuable acquisition
will accept
 a captaincy
Jacob Welsh Lovejoy83—activity alertness
Knox & Brooks } See Capt 31
57 Samson Wood
T Bigeloe farmer in tolerable circumstances pretensions well founded in the army all last war—brave spirited punctual has been Major of Militia Weak
T Williams84 transmits as if he doubted
76 Richard Honeywell
} strong for Lt. Col in provisional army
94 Jeremiah Clapp
now Major of
 Mil & Brigade
Loaman Baldwin85 } friend to government
Walker86 military genius
Not strong
102 Ralph Bowles G Knox an old Officer desires employment probably a majority
122 John Hobby
Capt last War
desirous of employment on the staff—fears his own health
136 Benjamin Shaw
Newbury Port
Aide De Camp to G Patterson87 late War Attention
Divers—Major Generals & others recommend him as a good officer
will perhaps accept a Captaincy
143 John Blake
not found on
 army list
R: Honeywell Majority military genius good disciplinarian & old Con Officer 1
150 Stephen Peabody
P. Wadsworth good education fine person manners Major perhaps Captain
Lt Cols.
Simon Elliot
Caleb Gibbs
John Walker E
Isaac Winslow E
John Hobby Capt last War
John Rowe Ensign last War
40 1 William Jones Concord
47 3 James Brown Lexington 1 - 2
79 3 Ephram Emory Haverhill
143 John Blake Orrington Maine
26 5 John Burbeck s Boston Ela
16 Samuel Jordan Bideford do
34 4 Nathaniel Thwing Lt Boston
101 John Tolman Needham 1 - 2
104 Erasmus Babbe Sturbridge Worcester
105 Ebenezer Thatcher Lancaster will perhaps accept Lty
William Heywood Winslow M
Solomon Phelps Westfield
133 Thomas Bowman Lincoln Maine
139 Thomas Chandler Worcester
140 Nathaniel Blach Boston
144 Eli Forbes [Custine]88
145 Thomas Phelps Custine M
33 S1 Hall Tufts Medford
21 2 John Pynchon Salem
Simeon Draper Brookfield
150 Stephen Peabody Penobscot M
17 Phineas Ashmem Blanford
28 Eleazar Williams Springfield
S 9 [James Church Springfield]89
30 [John Wheelwright Boston]
49 [Caleb Aspinwall Portland] M
67 [Wm. A. Barron Cambridge]
83 [Nathaniel Soley Charlestown]
100 [Charles Cutler Boston]
145 Nathaniel Kidder Belfast M
146 [Joseph Lee Castine] M.
Jacob Allen Sturbridge Worcester
Samuel Flagg Junr ditto
Robert Duncan Junr Boston Qr
John Shepherd Waldoboro M
38 William Swan
Isaac Rand Junr. [Cambridge]
108 Alpheus Cheny Stockbrige
134 Samuel P. Fay Concord
88 James A Weaton Maine
10 [John Page Junr. Salem]
11 [Charles Hunt Watertown]
54 [Willm. Leverett Boston]
90 [Willard Tayles Maine]
146 [Warren Hall Castine] M
John Roulstone Boston
22 Jonathan Nichols Boston
40 Abijah Harrington Lexington
81 Daniel Hastings New town
85 Moses M Bates Spring field
86 Thomas Durant New town
91 Jacob Ulmer Maine
95 Marshall Spring Weston
99 Daniel Bell Boston
103 Duncan Ingrahan Tertius Pougkeepsie
Boston Qr
138 James Gardner Boston
96 Thomas Heald Concord
90 David Tales Maine
109 [Lathrop Cohasset]
[Franklin Tinkham Maine Wiscasset]

AD, George Washington Papers, Library of Congress.

1This list was prepared at the December meetings of H, George Washington, and Charles Cotesworth Pinckney in Philadelphia. It was prepared after H received Benjamin Goodhue’s letter of December 8, 1798, and before James McHenry submitted a list of officers to John Adams on December 29, 1798 (ADfS, James McHenry Papers, Library of Congress; LS, James McHenry Papers, Library of Congress).

In this list of recommendations for Army appointments, those recommended have not been identified. Wherever possible, however, the individuals making the recommendations have been identified.

The comments on this list should be compared with the comments on the list enclosed in Goodhue to H, December 8, 1798.

2William Shepard.

3Samuel Lyman.

4Joseph Stebbins, a veteran of the American Revolution, was a resident of Springfield, Massachusetts.

5Joseph Sykes was a resident of Belchertown, Massachusetts.

6Ebenezer Mattoon, a resident of Amherst, Massachusetts, had been a major in the American Revolution. He was a Federalist member of the state Senate from 1795 to 1796, and in 1796 he was an Adams elector. From 1797 to 1816 he was a major general of the fourth district of the state militia.

7Benjamin Goodhue.

8Benjamin Abbot became headmaster of Phillips Exeter Academy in 1788, and he held that position for fifty years.

9William Cushing was an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

10Eliphalet Pearson was professor of Hebrew and Oriental languages at Harvard University.

11George Thacher (Thatcher) of Biddeford, Maine, was a Federalist member of the House of Representatives from 1789 to 1801.

12John Treadwell represented Ipswich in the Massachusetts General Court in 1785. In 1786 he moved to Salem and became a flour merchant. He was justice of the peace in Essex County from 1786 to 1799 and a Federalist member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives from 1790 to 1799.

13Hunt was a resident of Salem, Massachusetts.

14General William Hull, a veteran of the American Revolution, was a Republican and a lawyer in Newtown, Massachusetts, and a supporter of Thomas Jefferson.

15Nathaniel Fosdick was collector of customs for Portland and Falmouth, District of Maine.

16Peleg Wadsworth, a brigadier general of the Massachusetts militia at the close of the American Revolution, moved to Falmouth, District of Maine, after the war. From 1793 to 1807 he was a Federalist member of the House of Representatives.

17Elisha Boudinot.

18John N. Cumming.

19Henry Knox, former Secretary of War.

20Simon Elliot.

21John C. Jones, a Boston merchant.

22Henry Jackson of Boston held the rank of colonel at the close of the American Revolution. From 1792 to 1796 he was a major general of the Massachusetts militia.

23George Leonard of Norton, Massachusetts, was a Federalist member of the House of Representatives from 1789 to 1791 and again from 1795 to 1797.

24Benjamin Lincoln, who held the rank of major general at the close of the American Revolution, was collector of customs for the ports of Boston and Charlestown from 1789 to 1809.

25In 1798 Eleazer Brooks became commissioner of valuations for the fifth division of Massachusetts (Executive Journal, I description begins Journal of the Executive Proceedings of the Senate (Washington, 1828), I. description ends , 287–89).

26Harrison Gray Otis.

27Benjamin Waterhouse was a Boston physician.

28Nathaniel Peabody, a physician and veteran of the American Revolution, was born in Essex County, Massachusetts. He moved to New Hampshire, where he served in the state Assembly and Senate. From 1779 to 1780 he was a delegate to the Continental Congress, and from 1793 to 1798 he was a major general of the state militia.

29Daniel Jackson, a veteran of the American Revolution, was appointed a major in the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers on June 1, 1798 (Executive Journal, I description begins Journal of the Executive Proceedings of the Senate (Washington, 1828), I. description ends , 277, 279).

30Robert Hallowell was one of the proprietors of the Kennebec Purchase in the District of Maine.

31Jonas Clark became collector of customs of the District of Kennebunk in 1800.

32In 1798 Samuel Winslow was appointed surveyor and inspector of the revenue for the port of Thomaston, District of Maine.

33William Jones was a Concord, Massachusetts, lawyer.

34In July, 1798, Dawes was appointed commissioner of valuations for the fourth division of Massachusetts. He had been a Federalist member of the Electoral College in 1796. From 1792 to 1803 he was a justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Court.

35Joseph Peirce of Boston, who had been a regimental quartermaster during the American Revolution, was a business agent of Henry Knox.

36Bell was the son of Mary Greenleaf and Daniel Bell. His grandfather, James Greenleaf, had been a partner with James Watson of the former New York City firm of Watson and Greenleaf and a United States consul at Amsterdam. Greenleaf engaged in extensive land and securities speculations.

37Nathan Rice was a veteran of the American Revolution.

38Thomas Lathrop represented Cohasset in the Massachusetts General Court.

39Latham was a resident of Essex County.

40General Abiel Wood was a resident of Wiscasset, District of Maine.

41Joseph Willard was president of Harvard University.

42Jonathan Jackson of Newburyport was appointed marshal for the District of Maine in 1789 and inspector of the revenue for Survey No. 2 in Massachusetts in March, 1792 (Executive Journal, I description begins Journal of the Executive Proceedings of the Senate (Washington, 1828), I. description ends , 29, 30, 102, 111). George Washington nominated him in February, 1795, to succeed Oliver Wolcott, Jr., as comptroller of the Treasury, but Jackson declined the appointment. In December, 1796, Jackson became supervisor of the revenue for the District of Massachusetts (Executive Journal, I description begins Journal of the Executive Proceedings of the Senate (Washington, 1828), I. description ends , 173, 174, 216, 217).

43Jonathan Titcomb was naval officer for Newburyport, Massachusetts.

44Richard Hunewell.

45Edward Pope was collector of customs for New Bedford, Massachusetts.

46Samuel West, who preached the Arminian doctrine, was a minister in New Bedford and Fair Haven, Massachusetts.

47Theodore Sedgwick.

48Samuel Sewall.

49Bailey Bartlett of Essex County was a Federalist member of the House of Representatives from Massachusetts from 1797 to 1801.

50David Bradley was a veteran of the American Revolution.

51Stephen Higginson, a Boston merchant, was a Federalist and a frequent correspondent of H.

52William Parsons was a Boston merchant.

53Benjamin Walker.

54William Jennison, a veteran of the American Revolution, was a resident of Brookfield, Massachusetts.

55Moses Gill was the lieutenant governor of Massachusetts.

56Major General Horatio Gates.

57Samuel Elliot, a Boston merchant, was a general in the militia.

58Elisha Mills, of Stratford, Connecticut, was appointed a justice of the peace for Fairfield County in 1797, 1798, and 1799.

59Colonel John P. Boyd was a resident of Boston.

60Davis was a Boston mer-chant.

61Fisher Ames.

62Benjamin Eaton, a veteran of the American Revolution, was a customhouse officer in Boston.

63Samuel Wilde was a Maine lawyer. In 1794 he moved from Waldoboro to Warren, District of Maine.

64Daniel Davis was a lawyer in Port-land, District of Maine.

65Colonel George Claghorn was a resident of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

66Seth Paddleford was a Taunton, Massachusetts, lawyer.

67Daniel Sargent was a Boston mer-chant.

68The name in brackets is in the handwriting of Tobias Lear. Lear was correcting H who incorrectly listed Franklin Tinkham as “Seth Tinckham.”

69William Howard of Hallowell, Lincoln County, District of Maine, was a millowner and a lumber dealer.

70Shephard was a resident of Lincoln County, District of Maine.

71Bridge, a graduate of Harvard, was a lawyer in Hallowell, District of Maine.

72Aaron Bancroft, a graduate of Harvard College, served as a missionary in Nova Scotia in the early seventeen-eighties. In 1786 he was appointed pastor of the Second Congregational Church in Worcester, Massachusetts.

73William Caldwell of Worcester County was a paymaster during the American Revolution. From 1793 to 1805 he was sheriff of Rutland, Massachusetts.

74Nathaniel Paine became a probate judge in Worcester County in 1801.

75In December, 1796, Samuel Bradford, a resident of Boston and a veteran of the American Revolution, became United States marshal for the District of Massachusetts.

76Nathan Dane, a lawyer in Beverly, Massachusetts, served in the Massachusetts Assembly from 1782 to 1785. He was a delegate to the Continental Congress from 1785 to 1788, and he was elected to the state Senate in 1790 and again from 1793 to 1798.

77Nicholas Gilman of Exeter, New Hampshire, was an assistant adjutant general during the American Revolution. He was a delegate to the Continental Congress from 1786 to 1788 and a Federalist member of the House of Representatives from 1789 to 1797.

78Samuel Elliot.

79William Shepard.

80William North.

81George Washington.

82The word in brackets is not in H’s handwriting.

83Obadiah Lovejoy was a veteran of the American Revolution.

84Timothy Williams, a resident of Boston, was a nephew of Timothy Pickering.

85Loammi Baldwin, a resident of Woburn, Massachusetts, was a veteran of the American Revolution.

86Benjamin Walker.

87John Paterson was brevetted a major general at the close of the American Revolution.

88The word in brackets is in the handwriting of Charles Cotesworth Pinckney.

89With the exception of the last two names within brackets all the remaining material in this document within brackets is in the handwriting of Tobias Lear. The last two entries are in the handwriting of Charles Cotesworth Pinckney.

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