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    • Peyton, Bernard
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    • Jefferson, Thomas
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    • post-Madison Presidency

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Your Coffee and Corks went by a Waggon on tuesday last, to Charlottesville, care M r Raphael, the Wine is double cased, & ready for the first trusty Boat— MHi .
I send herewith, agreeable to your request, Adams’s Roaman Antiquities & Valpy’s Greek Grammar, both of which I wish safe to hand— MHi : Coolidge Collection.
I have just rec d , & this day forwarded to Charlottesville, care Jacobs & Raphael, a half Bll:, containing Botled scuppernong Wine, ship d by Tho s Cox of Plymouth North Carolina, by request of M r Burton of that state, for you—which I wish safe to hand—In haste— MHi .
By M r Johnson you will receive 2 Boxes Bursts which have been delivered to him in good order, if so delivered to you please pay Freight as is customary. 2 Boxes Bernard Peyton By Cesario Bias MHi .
I hand under cover Messer: Cox Maitland Invoice of Wine, ford d you some time since, together with an order on you, in my favor, for the account, say ninety nine dollars ten Cents $99 10/100 Dolls:—Is it correct &C:?— MHi .
Your two dfts:, to Ja s Leitch, for $541.17/100, and $50 Dollars, have been presented & paid MHi .
I have procured the white Lead and oil ordered in yours of the 30th: ulto, which shall go by first waggon for charlottesville— MHi .
By M r Johnson you will recieve a book, for d to my care by Gen l J. G. Swift of New York— MHi .
M r Warrrick ’s Tin is just to hand, & I have forwarded the eight Boxes you ordered; this day, by a Waggon, to the care of Messrs: Jacobs & Raphael of Charlottesville. MHi .
I hand herewith statement your quarterly a/c, to date, as heretofore directed, which I hope & believe will be found correct. I rec d to=day yours covering blanks for the several your notes at Bank, which shall be attended to— By Woods I sent the Bottle of Wine, rece d for you, from Mann Randolph, of Norfolk, which he promised great care of— MHi .
By Thom Wood you will receive 4 Blls: Herrings & 1 Bll Shad which have been delivered to him in good order if so delivered to you please pay fght: as Customary 5 Blls: MHi : Coolidge Collection.
By M r Brice Harlows Boat you will receive 1 Hhd: Stone ware which has been delivered to him in good order, if so delivered to you please pay freight as customary. Bernard Peyton By Cesario Bias 1 Hhd: MHi : Coolidge Collection.
Agreeable to the request contained in yours of the — Inst:, have purchased for you C ’s Concordance, at $9, and will forward it by the first Waggon, for Charlottesville, to the care of M r Raphael— I send by this mail the last of the three Books formally ordered, for your Grand sons, all of which hope will reach you safely— MHi .
I rec d some, days ago, five Hhds your Bedford Tobacco, & finding the River so very low as to render it doubtful when the balance could reach here, tho’t it best to dispose of those, without waiting for the balance, as this is the shipping season, & not much time to be lost.—I have done so & enclose a/c sales here with, which I hope will be satisfactory Wheat 1/3 declining 〃 Flour $6¼ do MHi .
I yesterday rec d from the Custom House at Boston, thro’ Gen l H. A. S. Dearborn, twenty five Boxes Wine & Oil for you, & also a Medal:—The Wine & Oil I have this day forwarded by a careful Waggonn to Charlottesville, can M r Ja s Leitch:—The Medal I have retained, to rend by some private hand, lest it should be last.—all which I wish safe to hand— MHi .
Yours of the 2 d has been rec d covering blank notes for the renewal of yours at the Banks which shall be attended to. The dft: you advise of having drawn shall be paid when presented. I was in hopes you had quite recovered your health before this, hearing you had been at the University since your first attack. I hope Judge Dade has accepted the Professorship of Law in the University, if it...
I have just learn’t, by a letter from M r Gilmer, to a friend here, that two of the Professors have arrived at New York, the Books &C: &C:, for the university, at Baltimore, & the other three Professors hourly expected in Hampton Roads—I give you this information, (which probably you will receive as soon thro’ some other channel) in order that you may attend to their entry, at the Custom...
Agreeable to your standing request, I have herewith, your quarterly a/c to 1 st Instant, which will, I believe, be found correct— I thank you for your introduction of M r Dodge, who I am quite pleased with, & will endeavour to make some arrangement for a regular supply of his Wines, should the first importation meet with such a reception as to justify it, which I am persuaded it will, as well...
M r Eppes reached Town on Friday last, & on saturday handed me five hundred $500 Dollars for your a/c, which is at your credit, & will be held subject to your order— Hoping the articles sent by the last mail may have reached you safely, remain— MHi : Coolidge Collection.
Agreeable to your request, hand under cover herewith, the triplicate of the bill of exchange, the first & second of which are now on their way to London & Liverpool— Your dft: favor & for fifty dollars has been presented & paid— MHi .
Agreeable to your request, have procured you a Q r Cask, best Sicily Madeira Wine, which shall be ford d by first Waggon, to Charlottesville, care Jacobs and Raphael—it cost 10/6 per Gallon— MHi .
I have heard with the deepe s t regret of your present, or late indisposition, & agreeable to your request, have this day deposited in the post office ½ lb Gum Arabic, to your address, which I hope will reach you safely—Hoping soon to hear of your entire restoration, remain MHi .
Your esteem d favor of the 21 st is to hand, & contents observd. The dfts: you intend to draw shall be duly honor’d when presented. I am glad to hear you are recruiting again in health & stength—the approach of spring weather will I trust be beneficial to you. I suppose Jefferson will be down soon to arrange the scheme of your lottery, the sooner the better, as many tickets might be sold to...
I hand under cover a paper from the Collector of the customs, which it is necessary. you shall be qualified too before a magistrate & return— I have paid the Collector his charges on the Books, amounting to $24.42, which is at your debit. I hope to see you at your own House in a few days, & in the mean time remain, in haste, MHi : Coolidge Collection.
I was duely favor’d with yours of the 19th current: & should, have replied to it by last mail, but had not heard from the dft: for $75, on Th: Leiper & Son, which I had forwarded for payment; by last nights mail, however, rec d it back again, the Messrs: Leipers declining to honor it, because they doubted the genuineness of it—I now return it to you under cover—you have been at no other...
Your much esteem d of the 16th: is now before me, and have already paid your dfts: favor Ja s Leitch, & Jacobs & Raphael, which leaves the balance against you, up to this day, $1412 Dollars—which is stated agreeable to your request— MHi .
The corks you write for shall go by the first Waggon I can find, to the care of Jacobs & Raphael of Charlottesville— I only wait for a trusty Boat, by which to send your coffee and Sicily Madeira Wine, as heretofore ordered— I have p d your dft: favor Jacobs & Raphael for $375— MHi .
By Mr. Johnson’s Boat you will recev 1 Bll seed Corn left with me by Jn o Ayers & C o of this City— MHi : Coolidge Collection.
By M r Johnston you will receive 1 Box Books which has been delivered to him in good order If so delivered to you please pay fght: as customary 1 Box Bernard Peyton By Cesario Bias MHi : Coolidge Collection.
I have this moment rec d bill lading for a Box of Books, for you, from a M r Coolidge of Boston, which shall be ford d as soon as rec d MHi .
The half ton Ground Plaister you order, in yours of the 6th:, is this day forwarded, by a Boat, to Shadwell Mills, care Ch s Vest.— MHi .
By M r Harlow’s boats you will receive 4 Blls. herrings, 2 Bundles 20 d nail rods 2 do. 8 d & 6 Bundles of the sizes between making in all 10 Bundles if delivered in good order pay frght: as customary— P.S. I could find no Shad but those with heads on, I therefore bought none— MHi .
I forwarded to shadwell mills, a day or two since, a keg of Tongues & sounds, & a package of dumb Fish, for you, just rec d from M r Coolidge of Boston, which I hope will reach you safely— MHi .
Yours of the 29 ulto: is now before me—when the articles from D r Green how of New York are rec d I will forward them, by a careful Boat, to Milton or shadwell mills, if possible, I will pay his dft: for the same, when presented, as you direct—the remittance from Mr. Brockenbrough, of $100 Dolls:, as mentioned in yours, was not made by last mail, but it no doubt will be, in due time— MHi .
I hand under cover your half yearly ℀ to date, which I think will be found correct. Your wine from Boston was for d several days since by a Waggon to Charlottesville. Care J. & Raphael & I hope is safely to hand before this. No news of the other Professors yet— MHi .
In obedience to your standing order, hand herewith your quarterly a/c, to date, which hope will prove satisfactory— Your blanks, for the renewal of your notes at Bank, have been out for some time— MHi .
Your esteem d favor of the 3 d has been rec d , & I have this day remitted a check for $20 Dolls:, to Harrison Hall of Philad a , as requested. Your dft: favor J & Raphael, for $59.22 Dolls:, has also been presented & paid, & the Box of Tin you order will probably be forwarded this day, by a Waggon, care J & Raphael Charlottesville. MHi .
I have yours covering a note for $1125 negotiable at the Virg a Bank, which I have endorsed, & deposited for discount, as well as $12 interest upon it for 64 days. Your Tobacco is not yet to hand, nor is any more your Flour, when they are, will dispose of them on the best possible terms for your a/c, of which you shall be advised. Flour $3 ¾ Tobacco $4 @ 12 ¼ MHi : Coolidge Collection.
Sales 21 Barrels Fine Flour by B. Peyton for a/c M r Th: Jefferson 1821 Rich d 16 Ap l To Lewis Ludlum for cash in store 21 Blls: fine Flour at $3.25 $68.25 Charges Canal Toll $2.20, Drayage $0.44 $2.64 Storage $1.68– Inspection 42¢ 2.10 Comss n
Agreeable to the request contained in your favor of the 25 th ins t , now before me, have this day forwarded Bank check, for one hundred forty six, $146 Dollars, to E. Copeland Junior of Boston, with a request that it may be placed at your credit— I expect your North Carolina Wine this Week, & will forward it by Johnson when he next goes up with his Boat— MHi .
Your Glass, from Boston, was forwarded several days ago, by a Waggon, to Charlottesville, care Jacobs & Raphael, & hope it will reach you safely— MHi .
The two Boxes of Books for M r M. Jones, & the Box for you, from New York, have arrived, & are this day forwarded, by a Waggon, together with a bundle each from Nash & Fitzwhylsonn, of this City, for you, care J. & Raphael Charlottesville—all which I wish safe to hand— MHi .
I am distres d that my absence from Town a day or two should have delay d the forwarding the Catheter’s ordered, one Mail, they will go by the same with this, & being carefully packed, hope they will reach you safely—I sincerely regret to hear that your discard is unabated, I hope the approach of cool weather will be beneficial— MHi .
I hand herewith a/c sales your 20 Hhds: Tobacco, as mentioned in my last, which hope will be satisfactory—I wish with all my heart it could have yielded you quadruple the prices— I have a letter this morning from M r A. Robertson, saying that the balance of your crop was there in Lynchburg & would be forwarded by first Boat, when it arrives will do the best with it possible for your interest,...
By Mr A. Whileton you will receive Ten Boxes Tin if deliv d in good order by fght at three shillings per recivd’d MHi .
I Take leave to introduce to your acquaintance my particular friend Col o John Campbell of the Executive Council, who will hand you this, & who it is only necessary to know, to highly esteem. I solicit for him your civilities, and am, MHi .
The Tin ordered in yours of the 6th:, now just to hand, is off to Lynchburg, & the Cask of Wine shall go by the first Waggon, to J & Raphael Charlottesville—The price of Tin has advanced to $ 14 p r Box, the last I bo’t for you was at $ 11, I believe.—I have had it marked for “Francis Eppes”, & consigned it to Mr. Archibald Robertson Lynchburg. MHi .
I have been out of blanks for a considerable time, for the renewal of your several notes at Bank— The prospect of War in Europe has revived us a little here, & put flour up to $7—I wish it may not turn out to be a Ne-epolitan affair— MHi .
Your dft: favor David Isaacs for $200 has been presented & paid. I have this day ship d you by Woods Flour, two Hhds stone Ware, (Kayle Pots) four Casks Cement, & 1 Box 12 x 18 window Glass, the 12 x 12 being in the River, but not up yet, & must follow by some other Boat—These articles I hope will reach you safely— Flour $6 @ 6 ⅛ dull Wheat 120¢ scarce MHi .
The balance of Trade being in favor of the North at present, we cannot obtain dfts: in that direction, I have however written to M r E. Copeland J. of Boston, to draw on me at sight, for the acc t you specify, on ℀ Messrs: Dodge & Oxnard of Mersailes, which will no doubt be very satisfactory to him. MHi .