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Th: Jefferson asks the favor of mr and mrs Key to dine at Monticello tomorrow, Friday his dinner hour is half after three. ItF : Gonnelli Collection.
[ Annapolis, 29 Dec. 1783 . Entry in SJL reads: “Capt Hutchins. Vocabulary for any Indian tribes.” Not found.]
Th: Jefferson returns his thanks to mr Miller for the trouble he has taken with his Polygraph, and unwilling to add to it by that of bringing it here, as it can only come in a carriage, he sends a boy with a small vehicle for it; and hopes mr Millar by coming to dinner tomorrow, or next day, or any day which suits him will give him an opportunity of expressing his thanks personally. OCHP .
[ Paris, 24 May 1786 . Entry in SJL reads: “T. Walpole. extract from Limozin’s letter.” Letter not found, but see Limozin to TJ, 21 May 1786 .]
Th: Jefferson asks the favor of mr Thomas W. Gilmer to dine at Monticello to-day with Gen l La Fayette. Privately owned.
I ask the favor of you to communicate, in such way as you shall think most proper, the inclosed answer to the address of the legislative council and House of Representatives of the territory of Orleans of March 29. and to accept for yourselves the assurances of my high consideration and respect. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
Th: Jefferson presents his friendly salutations to Colo. Worthington & will take it as a great proof of his kindness if he will call on him as he passes any time to-day or tomorrow. Catalog--Christie’s, American and European Manuscripts and Printed Books.
I inclose you an order of the B. Bank of this place on that at Baltimore for 194 D. 86c on account of David Higginbotham mercht of Milton, & to be placed to his credit with you as paid by Gent. Your humble sevt MHi : Coolidge Collection.
Age and debility after a recent illness oblige Th: Jefferson to borrow the pen of another to thank Col o Lehré for his kind letter of July 5. to assure him of the gratification it affords him to learn that those who have thought well of him continue their kind dispositions and that those who have thought otherwise begin to change opinions. he never had a wish but for the good of all his...
Th Jefferson returns his thanks to D r Sewall for the information he has been so kind as to furnish him of the institution of a Medical school in the College of Columbia. he sincerely wishes it success and that it may have it’s share in the merit of lessening the afflictions of mankind. he is particularly obliged to him for his interesting account of the medical institutions of our country. we...
Since my solicitation of July 22. at your request the ground on which I stand is entirely changed, and it is become impossible for me to ask any thing further from the govmt. I cannot explain this to you, and even request you not to mention the fact. I should not have sent it to you, but that I cannot offer you false excuses. my frdshp for you is the same , but this method of proving it is no...
As the work you mention will cost as is supposed not more than 50. D. & is so necessary for the preservation of the wall, I think it may be so far considered as appurtenant to the wall & necessary to it’s duration, that it may be placed to that account. DLC : District of Columbia Papers.
Th: Jefferson presents his friendly salutations to Genl. Sumpter and informs him it has become an indispensible duty to remove mr Symonds the Collector of Charleston. would Genl. Sumpter be so good as to converse on the subject of a proper successor with Messrs. Marion Williams & Gaillard, who are supposed to be from that quarter, and to communicate to Th:J. his & their opinions on the...
I have duly recieved your favor of the 1 st instant, and am happy to learn that we are likely to have a good biography of the late judge M c Kean. altho’ we served together in revolutionary scenes, and after these in others equally trying, yet length of time and the wane of memory have left me no recollections which would be worth noting. the general remembrance can never be obliterated that...
Th: Jefferson presents his compliments to mr Thos. H. Jones, and his thanks for the sample of Cumana or Watchus tobacco he has been so kind as to send him. not being himself a judge of this plant, he proposes to send it to a tobacconist at Philadelphia for examination. should he think it’s qualities likely to please in our market it will then become interesting to endeavor to procure the seed....
Th: Jefferson asks the favor of the Senators & Representative of the state of Ohio, to recommend to him a proper person to be a Commissioner of the Western road, and who resides so far beyond it’s Western termination on the Ohio, as to feel no interest between terminations at Steubenville or Grave creek. OChHi : Territorial & Early Statehood Manuscript Collection.
[ Annapolis, 1–14 Feb. 1784 . Entry in SJL under date of 1 Feb. reads: “TMR. Phaeton—buy horse for me—keep eye on two others—give notice to Key to send for him [i.e., the purchased horse]—I will call on him [i.e., Randolph] in Spring—health—[…] Judy. P.S. of Feb. 14. health—news.” Not found.]
[ Annapolis, 10 May 1784 . Entry in SJL reads: “T M Randolph. Tender of service—not buy horse—sell marquee.” Not found; the marquee evidently was one acquired in late May 1781 (see Vol. 6: 20–21).]
[ Annapolis, 23 Apr. 1784. Entry in SJL reads: “TMR. Garden seeds—Pitt still in and parliament not dissolved—Luzerne going—Marb[ois] charg[é] d’aff[aires].” Not found.]
M r Brockenbro’ Proctor of the University of Virga informs me that you have been so kind as to send him for that instn 2. boxes of minerals procured in Germany. for this proof of the int. you take in that instn I beg leave on it’s behalf to return you it’s thanks. I hope it will fully repay the patronage of our country by the effect it will have on it’s future science morals and good fame. it...
Your favor of Oct. 29. was duly recieved. our Report was ready on the 6 th of Oct. except as to a single blank to be filled with the result of an account not then in hand, this was not rendered to me till the day before yesterday and I this day commit the whole to the mail under address to the Gov r as required by law. I hope you will always print our reports in 8 vo being most convenient for...
I have but a single moment to announce to you the death of Trist at N. Orleans. one letter brought us news of his extreme illness, and another, by the same post, of his death. the situation of his family is to be deplored indeed; and I am afraid they will expect what the public mind will not admit. God bless you all. RC ( DLC ); endorsed by Randolph. PoC ( MHi ); endorsed by TJ.
M r Hilliard, the expected agent for purchasing our library being now here, Th: Jefferson is obliged to request from mr Key the return of the catalogue for communication to him. mr Key will still be so good as to prepare his supplement at his leisure and to accept the friendly salutations of SzGeBPU .
Having consulted the Secretary of the Treasury on the letter from mr Harwood to yourself respecting the Maryland debt, you are desired to inform mr Harwood that we consider ourselves as authorised by the act of Congress to pay the 1st. instalment of 40 M dollars on any day in the year 1804. the 2d. on any day in the year 1805 etc. that consequently the first will be paid on demand, & as it is...
[ Paris, 15 Dec. 1784 . Entry in SJL reads: “Mr. Barclay. Receipt of letter Nov. 19.—paiment of account to Mrs. Barclay—wine and tea still unpaid and unknown. 14 ℔ tea received but not the China—my American letters inclosed to him.” Not found, but see Barclay to TJ, 17 Nov. 1784 , incorrectly noted in SJL as dated 19 Nov.]
Th: Jefferson takes the liberty of presenting Mr. Pinkney the bearer hereof Alexander Donald esq. one of his youthful friends and found a constant one, even unto the end. He long resided in Virginia, is now established in London, and Th: Jefferson will be responsible to Mr. Pinkney that any esteem he may honor him with, will be worthily placed. PrC ( MHi ). Tr ( DLC ); 19th-century copy....
Th: Jefferson asks the favor of mr Newton to request of Doctr. Fernandez about a Quarter cask of the Lisbon wine of particular quality of which he spoke with mr Newton, to be bottled, packed & forwarded to Messrs. Gibson & Jefferson at Richmond for Monticello. he troubles mr Newton with this request because he can best describe to Doctr. Fernandez the particular wine contemplated. he salutes...
I inclose you a letter from N. H. Lewis as Secretary of the Rivanna company, as also a copy of the interlocutory decree of Chancellor Brown for the appointment of Commissioners, which is the object of this letter. I have informed mr Lewis that I leave all further proceedings in this matter to you, and shall confirm whatever you do in it. MHi : Coolidge Collection.
Your letter of the 14th. was recieved by our last post, and as I shall be in Washington within a week after your reciept of this, I would rather defer answering it until I am in a situation to do it on full consideration & advisement. wishing you sincerely success in both the enterprises stated in your letter I salute you with esteem & respect. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
Agreeably to my promise in my letter of the 9th. inst. I have this day inclosed to Messrs. George Jefferson & co. one thousand dollars in bank bills to be applied to the credit of their advances for you. the residue shall follow as mentioned in the same letter. I am Dear Sir Your’s affectionately RC ( DLC ); at foot of text: “T M Randolph”; endorsed by Randolph: “March 4. 7. 9. 11. 1800” (see...
I have duly received your favor of the 24th. Aug. and think with you there should be no contest for the duty on the candles. I shall be ready to answer it to you whenever you please. I presume you have heard that New York has acceded to the new constitution. I have the honor to be Sir Your most obedt & most humble servt, PrC ( DLC ).
Th: J. returns his thanks to mr Benton of Missouri for the copy of the petition of the University of Virga he has been so kind as to send him. he recieves it as an augury of approbtn of it’s object a presumption authorised by his enlightened efforts in the affairs of his own state, whose entrance into our fraternity of states has been welcomed more sincerely or warmly by no one than by DLC :...
Mr. Rowland comes down on a Business of very great and pressing Importance which he will communicate to you. I have too often experienced your readiness in aiding the public operations and therefore with the more freedom recommend him to you and solicit your Cooperation and utmost exertions. I am, &c., FC ( Vi ).
Th: Jefferson presents his compliments to mr Monroe, & on a view of the expences incurred & engaged for the Pensylvania avenue, that the funds will admit only to gravel it where it is wanting and as much only as is necessary to make it firm. the planting with oaks &c. & additional arch to the bridge must be abandoned. DLC : District of Columbia Papers.
I have this moment signed the bill for a general embargo on all American vessels. it passed by 82. against 44. the latter were one half Federalists, ¼ of the little band, the other fourth of republicans happening to take up mistaken views of the subject. my love to all our dear family & affectionate salutations to yourself. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
[ Paris, 29 Jan. 1785 . Entry in SJL reads: “Thos. Shore. Information that powers are given to treat with pyratical states but not ultimate orders.” Not found.]
The rent which you mentioned as due for Lego I will ask you to be so kind as to pay at your convenience to mr Higginbotham, to whom I am in debt a sum of money and promised him he should recieve all my rents. I have mentioned this to him. I propose setting out tomorrow morning for Washington. I salute you with friendship & respect. MHi : Coolidge Collection.
The representations I have recieved satisfy me that mr Lenthall ought to be allowed 4. Dollars a day from the beginning. be so good therefore as to settle with him accordingly, or if a settlement has been made, to correct it in conformity herewith. Accept my salutations & assurances of esteem P.S. I have desired that nothing may be forwarded to me here from the Post–office after the 5th. ViU .
Mr. Jefferson’s compliments to Mr. Rusten and begs the honor of his company to dinner on Tuesday next the 19th instant. RC (Raab Collection, Ardmore, Pennsylvania, 2018); addressed: “Monsr. Rusten Hotel d’Orleans, Palais royal”; wax seal affixed. Not recorded in SJL . According to Ruston’s diary, he dined with TJ on 19 Apr., at which time they discussed Great Britain’s trade policy ( DLC :...
Shadwell Mill 19 th Sept r 1816 —We agree to deliver to the order of Tho s Jefferson Esq r Six hundred bushels of Shipstuff at eighteen-pence ⅌er bushel to be deducted from the first quarters Rent—and to be deliver’d viz t 200 bushels in the second week of October next,—200—on the 1 st Nov
Your favor of Jan. 31. is this moment rec d and without loss of time I have filled up the dates of the bond as required, reacknoleged it before witnesses & now inclose it. I have dated it on the 6 th to remove ambiguity as to the commecmt of interest, because before you recieve it that date will have occurred. all here are well, and myself as ever affly yours DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
Th: Jefferson presents his compliments to mr Munro and informs him that mr Latrobe’s salary from the date of his removal to this place is to be 2000. D. that is to say to be increased 300. D. which last sum of 300. D. being stated as necessary to his removal, mr Munroe is hereby authorised to advance to him at this time on account. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
[ Ed. Note: TJ’s letter to Paine of 19 June 1792 was printed in Vol. 20: 312–13 as part of a group of documents on Paine’s Rights of Man .]
Will you be so good as to call at the office of Hope’s Philadelphia price-current, enter me as a subscriber and pay 3. dollars, the year’s subscription. the paper must be addressed to ‘Thomas Jefferson, Monticello, near Milton.’   affectionately yours Privately owned.
Th: Jefferson incloses to mr Monroe a resolution of the H. of Representatives & prays him, with as little delay as he can to make the statement required as to the articles within his department, to wit, the Capitol, President’s house, public offices, and other objects of public expence within the city of Washington under mr Monroe’s care, he will percieve that it goes back to the origin of the...
Th Jefferson asks the favor of mr Ritchie to add Charlottesville to the address of his paper, without which it goes to the Milton P.O. with which he has no intercourse, & the consequence is that his Enquirers accumulate there till some accident offers a conveyance whereas with Charlottesville he has daily communicn. he salutes him with esteem & respect MHi .
[ Paris, 11 Nov. 1784 . Entry in SJL reads: “Mr. Barclay. To send 2. casks brandy by Lemaire—write to me about China and tea and draw on me for money for those things and the wine and tea left here.” Not found, but see TJ to F. Eppes , this date, and Barclay to TJ, 17 Nov. 1784 .]
I take the liberty of inclosing to you a resolution of council requesting you to carry into execution the desire of Congress as to the settlement of Colo. Wood’s accounts. I am with much respect & esteem Gent. Your most obedt. humble servt. RC ( ViU ); addressed: “Doctr. Walker John Walker Nicholas Lewis esqrs. Albemarle.” For the enclosure and the events leading up to the appointment of the...
The United States are not in the practice of engaging in any manufactures but those of arms, within which description that of white lead, proposed by you, does not fall. they have lately come to the possession of the lead mines of Louisiana, the most valuable probably in the world: but how they will be employed has not yet been decided by Congress. Accept my respects DLC : Papers of Thomas...
Notes of acc t between the University & Tho s Appleton 1824. Feb. 8. by lre of this date 10. Capitals & 2 semi d o for Rotunda w d cost 6,140 1400 marble squares of 12.I. @ 22. D 50 c the hundred 315 6,455 By proceeds of 4000.D. remitted 3940.50 2514.50 DLC