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    • Hamilton, Alexander
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    • Seton, William
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    • Washington Presidency

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Pay to Baron De Steuben or bearer Fifty Dollars. New York October 26th. 1789. ADS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Bank of New York. Frederick William Augustus Henry Ferdinand, Baron von Steuben.
[ New York, February 11, 1790. The dealer’s catalogue gives the following description of this letter: “Mentions that he will soon have occasion to apply to the Bank of NY for a loan of $50,000.” Letter not found. ] ALS , sold at Parke-Bernet Galleries, May 2, 1947, Lot 257.
You will oblige me very much if you will have an assay made as speedily as possible by some of the most skilful hands in your City of the Coins gold and silver of England France Spain & Portugal in most general circulation with you. The more I examine the statements and tables which have been published respecting the standards of Coins, the more variances I discover; and the more it appears to...
I thank you for the attention you are so obligingly paying to the matters I have troubled you with. The interest, which yourself and my other friends in New York are so good as to take in my health is no small compensation for the temporary diminution of it. We are always glad to find that we are not forgotten by those to whom we are much attached. My Complaint has been nothing more than my...
If I recollect right my requests have hitherto referred your experiments to the newest dollars. I want however to know the different kinds in common circulation & their average weight and respective dates. Will you be so obliging then as to cause different parcels to be taken promiscuously out of the Mass in bank—say about 100 in each parcel, to cause them to be accurately weighed together,...
[ Philadelphia, December 24, 1790. On January 3, 1791, Seton wrote to Hamilton : “all the purchasers chose to avail themselves of that indulgence, given in your Letter of the 24 Decbr.” Letter not found. ]
[ Philadelphia, February 11, 1791. On February 16, 1791, Seton wrote to Hamilton : “I am honored with your letter of the 11th.” Letter not found. ]
[ Philadelphia, March 21, 1791. In his letter to Hamilton on March 28, 1791 , Seton referred to “the Bond endorsed in your letter of the 21st.” Letter not found. ]
[ Philadelphia, March 31, 1791. On April 4, 1791, Seton wrote to Hamilton concerning “the request expressed in your letter of the 31st.” Letter not found. ]
[ Philadelphia, April 1, 1791. On April 11, 1791, Seton wrote to Hamilton : “I have to acknowledge the honor of your Letter of the 1st. instant.” Letter not found. ]
I am desirous of making a further payment to Mr William Hill, of five thousand Dollars on account of his contract for cloathing for the Troops. The Bank of New York will oblige me by making him a payment of that sum, & taking his receipt for the same, as on that account. This sum will be charged, during the vacancy of the Comptroller’s Office, to the seperate account for the United States, as...
A considerable time since Mr. Francis Cashier of the Bank of North America delivered me the inclosed piece of Metal which has Mr. Brasiers stamp and is alleged to be less valuable than the Stampt piece of equal weight to which it was intended to correspond by 8/10 Pa. Currency. This estimate is formed according to the specific gravity of the piece as ascertained by the Hydrostatic Ballance. In...
[ Philadelphia, June 23, 1791. On June 24, 1791, Seton wrote to Hamilton : “I am this moment favored with your Letter of the 23rd.” Letter not found. ]
You will find from my Letter of the 23rd instant that I have extended the sum that may be received by the Bank of New York of persons intending to become subscribers to the Bank of the United States as far as 100,000 Dollars, which supercedes in a degree the requisition with regard to the Notes of your institution. I could not engage in the arrangement proposed by means of that paper because I...
[ Philadelphia, June 28, 1791. On June 30, 1791, Seton wrote to Hamilton : “I have been honored … with your Letter of the 28th.” Letter not found. ]
[ Philadelphia, July 2, 1791. Letter listed in dealer’s catalogue. Letter not found. ] ALS , sold at Parke-Bernet Galleries, May 2–12, 1947, Lot 257.
[ Philadelphia, August 4, 1791. On August 15, 1791, Seton wrote to Hamilton : “I am honored with your Letter of the 4th.” Letter not found. ] Seton was cashier of the Bank of New York.
Inclosed is a resolution of the Trustees of the Sinking Fund appropriating a certain sum for the purchase of public Debt within certain limits therein specified. In consequence of that resolution I have concluded to apply One hundred and fifty thousand dollars towards purchases in the city of New York and to ask you to undertake the execution of the business. In thus forbearing to employ some...
I send you herewith an official letter. This private one I write as explanatory of it. I hardly expect that you will be able to procure the debt within the limits prescribed—And yet I do not know what effect the imprudent speculations in Bank Script may produce. A principal object with me is to keep the Stock from falling too low in case the embarrassments of the dealers should lead to...
[ Philadelphia, August 20, 1791. On August 25, 1791, Seton wrote to Hamilton : “I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your Letters of the 20 & 22d.” Letter of August 20 not found. ]
I have to acknowledge the receipt of Yours of the 18th instant. The Transfers of the stock, which You have purchased on account of the united states, must be made to the vice President, the Chief Justice, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of State, and the Attorney General for the time being . In all future purchases, it will be most convenient to have the stock in the first...
I write herewith to the Directors of the Bank of New York to advance you a further sum of fifty thousand Dollars, towards purchases of the public Debt ⟨on⟩ account of the United States, on the ⟨sa⟩me principles with the sum heretofore advanced to you for the like purpose. With great consideration   I am Sir   Your Obed servt ALS , Bank of New York, New York City; LS , Bank of New York; copy,...
I regret though I am not surprised at what you disclose in your private letter of the 5th. I have for sometime foreseen the effects of a too sanguine disposition in the dealers of your City; particularly in relation to Bank Script; and have anticipated that it would lead to a necessity of sacrifices injurious to the funds. We got beyond the force of our own capital & beyond the point to which...
I wrote you a private letter last Evening which went by a private opportunity. Its principal object was to inform you— That I could not exceed the sum now directed to be advanced for want of authority—the present 50000 completing the sum heretofore appropriated by the Trustees & there not being here a sufficient number for a board. That purchases by the Treasurer were going on here. That there...
[ Philadelphia, September 30, 1791. Letter listed in dealer’s catalogue. Letter not found. ] ALS , sold at Parke-Bernet Galleries, May 12, 1947, Lot 261.
I do not find among the papers of the office any return of the investment of the last fifty thousand dollars in purchases of the debt; though I have a confused recollection of having received it. I therefore request that it may be forwarded, if not yet sent, or a duplicate, if a return has already been made. I request also, that you will cause the requisite steps to be taken, for effecting a...
It is necessary to inform you that the Treasurers check or order for thirty thousand dollars of the first instant in favor of John Cochran Esq the Commissioner of loans for New York was intended to include your payment of Twenty thousand Dollars on the 1st instant, and the further sum of ten thousand Dollars. I think it proper to apprize you of this lest you may suppose that the Thirty...
The duplicate return of your last purchases has come to hand. The Commissioner of loans might have issued the requisite Certificate in order to a Transfer to the books of the Treasury, upon the strength of your original Agency; especially as the Transfer was to be in the same names. But as a different idea has struck him I have written to him the enclosed to obviate difficulty. With very great...
[ Philadelphia, November 11, 1791. On November 17, 1791, Seton wrote to Hamilton : “I am honoured with your Letters of the 11th & 14th.” Letter of November 11 not found. ]
[ Philadelphia, November 14, 1791. On November 17, 1791, Seton wrote to Hamilton : “I am honoured with your Letters of the 11th & 14th.” Letter of November 14 not found. ]