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New York, May 20, 1786. “I have at length concluded your affair with the Assignees of Heart by agreeing to take the principal of your first demand … & to come in for any further demand you may have as any other Creditor.” ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Malcolm Hart.
New York, April 7, 1785. Wishes to obtain evidence to assist Alexander Macauley in a dispute between Macauley and John Wardrop. ALS , Pequot Library, Southport, Connecticut.
New York, February 15, 1786. “… Isaac Moses of the City of New York Merchant of the first part Nicholas Low and Daniel Ludlow Merchant and Alexander Hamilton Counsellor at law all of the same place assignees of the real and personal estate of the said Isaac Moses … for and in consideration of the sum of Four thousand four hundred and fifty pounds New York currency to them in hand paid by …...
[ 1789–1795 .] Encloses the decision of the Federal District Court of Connecticut on the petition of Captain Timothy Savage. Suspects Savage of intent to defraud. LS , Yale University Library. The MS is a fragment without date or place.
The above is a copy of a paper transmitted me this day by Mr. Duane. You will perceive much is expected from us; and unfortunately in the situation of my business little is in my power. I wish to see you in Town as soon AL , The Huntington Library, San Marino, California. The letter is undated. It was written, as the first line states, on the date on which H received his commission from James...
[ New York, 1786. ] Encloses draft of a certificate and asks Duane “to affix the seal of the Corporation” of the City of New York to the draft. ALS , New-York Historical Society, New York City. Duane was mayor of New York.
[ New York ] March 23, 1786 . Plans to bring the cause of Benjamin Paine, et al. v. Peter Mesier, Jr. and Jacob Van Voorhees to trial at the next term of the Supreme Court. Copy, Mr. Otto Madlener, Hubbard Woods, Illinois.
New York, December 6, 1785. “I am instructed by your brother Mr. Laurence Kortright to make the following proposal to you; to wit—that if you will pay him the amount of his account for money and other articles supplied you druing your residence in the Jerseys in the course of the war and will deliver him up his bond for £200 to be paid you at the death of his mother, he will then give you a...
New York, September 1, 1786. Answers questions concerning a government contract for carrying the mail which Hazard had sent to Hamilton on August 1, 1786. Copy, Papers of the Continental Congress, National Archives. Hazard enclosed H’s answers in a letter to Nathaniel Gorham, September 25, 1786.
I thank you My beloved for your letter by the Post. I have time only to tell you that I am well and to request to be remembered to your sister & to Mrs. Mitchell Adieu My beloved. ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Letter not found. Ann Venton Mitchell, H’s cousin, had been known to him during his boyhood on St. Croix in the West Indies.
[ New York, December 6, 1787. On December 6, 1787, Hamilton wrote to Angelica Church “I this morning wrote a short and hasty line to your other self.” Letter not found. ]
New York, June 9, 1785. Cannot represent them in their land dispute with Robert Lettis Hooper and James Wilson, as Hooper and Wilson previously have engaged Hamilton’s services in the controversy. ADfS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. See John D. Coxe and Tench Coxe to H, May 21, 1785 .
Mr. Hamilton will with pleasure execute the command of the President by the time appointed and have the honor of waiting upon him. AL , Photostat, George Washington Papers, Library of Congress.
New York, March 6, 1784. “Mrs. Naomi Dunbar widow of Daniel Dunbar has retained me as Council in a suit which she expects will shortly be brought in behalf of the state for a house and lot in this city sold by you to her husband.… Mrs. Dunbar therefore wishes … that you would procure and send over to her a proper conveyance for the house and lot.” ALS , Mr. Justin G. Turner, Los Angeles,...
Mr. Hamilton requests the favour of Mr W Livingston to lend his name to the enclosed. AL , New-York Historical Society, New York City. Livingston, a New York City lawyer, served as Commissioner of the Treasury from 1785 to 1789. The enclosure has not been found, but at the bottom of H’s letter Livingston wrote: “Nov. 18–88 The note enclosed was for £300 payable in 30 days drawn by himself in...
[ New York ] September 21, 1787 . “You will recollect the cause of Hayton against van Kleeck put into my hands by you.… I hope it will not be inconvenient to you [to] take care of my Costs.” ALS , Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Neilson was an alderman and merchant of New York City.
[ New York ] July 23, 1784 . “Mr. Laurance & myself who have been retained by Mr. R. Smith being about to leave Town, I have recommended Mr. Smith to you in our absence.” ALS , Humanities Research Center, The University of Texas. Varick was recorder for New York City. John Laurance, a New York lawyer.
[ New York, August 25, 1786. On the back of the letter that Totten wrote to Hamilton on July 31, 1786 , Hamilton wrote: “Answered Aug. 25. 1786.” Letter not found. ]
[ New York, February 2, 1785. On the back of a letter that Chaloner wrote to Hamilton on January 26, 1785, Hamilton wrote : “Answered Feby. 2d.” Letter not found. ]
[ New York, August 4, 1784. On October 18, 1784, Forman wrote to Hamilton : “I am favored with your Letter of the 20th past and … one written the 4th. August.” Letter of August 4 not found. ]
[ New York ] October 28, 1786 . Gives legal advice concerning settlers on Corporation land. ALS , Pierpont Morgan Library, New York City. For the full text of this document and for an explanation of its contents, see Goebel, Law Practice Julius Goebel, Jr., and Joseph H. Smith, eds., The Law Practice of Alexander Hamilton: Documents and Commentary (New York and London, 1964– ). , forthcoming...
[ New York ] August 5, 1785 . “… some time since … Hannah Brewer or rather her assignee John J. Skidmore … paid the £200 part of the purchase money of the farm in the possession of Doctor Perry. The deed is now wanting. If you will send that to me I will have the mortgage to you executed here.” ALS , Lloyd W. Smith Collection, Morristown National Historical Park, Morristown, New Jersey.
[ March 16, 1785. Pearsall wrote to Hamilton : “I have thy Letter of this date.” Letter not found. ]
[ New York, September 20, 1784. On October 18, 1784, Forman wrote to Hamilton : “I am favored with your Letter of the 20th past.” Letter not found. ]
[ October 17, 1786. On October 23, 1786, Sitgreaves wrote to Hamilton : “Your favor of the 17th. was handed me this morning.” Letter not found. ] John Sitgreaves of North Carolina was a member of the Continental Congress in 1784 and 1785. From 1786 to 1789 he was a member of the state House of Commons.
New York, December 1, 1783. Writes as the legal representative of “Mrs. Chamier, widow and Administratrix of Daniel Chamier deceased.” Asks that George Birks, who owed money to Daniel Chamier, be “apprehended” and compelled to appear in court. ADS , Chicago Historical Society. This memorial was sent to the governor because of the absence of proper officers of government in New York City which...
[ New York, May 17, 1786. The endorsement in Hamilton’s writing on Pillet’s letter of May 14, 1786 , to Hamilton reads: “Letter from Mr. P. Pillet. Ansd. May 17. 1786.” Letter not found. ]
[ New York, December 15, 1788. On December 22, 1788, Livingston wrote to Hamilton : “Being favoured with your letter of the 15th instant.” Letter not found. ]
[ Westchester Chester , New York, March 17, 1785. Hamilton wrote to Elizabeth Hamilton : “I have just written to you My beloved by the person who will probably be the bearer of this.” Letter not found. ]
Col Hamilton will do himself the pleasure to dine with General Web tomorrow AL , Yale University Library.
[ New York, December 11, 1783. On December 18, 1783 , Chaloner wrote to Hamilton: “I have consulted the president of the Bank respectg the information you required in your Letter of the 11th. Instant.” Letter not found. ]
New York, August 28, 1788. Has checked on the validity of John Holker’s title to lands in New York State and finds that “the chain of title appears to be complete.” ALS , Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. See Chaloner to H, August 20, 1788 .
[ New York, February 1, 1786. On April 5, 1786, Church wrote to Hamilton : “I am in your Debt and have to thank you for your Letters of the 24 Novr. 6 Decr. & 1st Feby.” Letter of February 1 not found. ]
The Subscriber having observed his name included in some of the lists of persons proposed for the ensuing election, and being sincerely desirous of declining public office at the present juncture, thinks it proper to declare his wishes on this head, to prevent the attention of any of his fellow-citizens being diverted from persons, whose convenience and abilities will be better adapted to...
I send you the questions answered. Yrs. ALS , Mr. Cyril Clemens, Kirkwood, Missouri. Low, a prominent New York merchant, for whom H had on various occasions served as attorney, was seeking election as a delegate to the New York State convention to ratify the Constitution of the United States. See H to Gouverneur Morris, May 19, 1788 ( PAH Harold C. Syrett, ed., The Papers of Alexander Hamilton...
[ New York, April, 1787 ] “Mrs. Bayard Widow of Mr Samuel Bayard deceased has applied to me to arrange with you some provision for her in persuance of the Will of her husband representing her situation as distressed in the extreme, and assuring me that she is willing to do whatever I shall advise towards a fair adjustment of matters between you and her.…” Copy, Hamilton Papers, Library of...
[ New York, May 17, 1784. On July 28, 1784, Knox wrote to Hamilton : “After a long long Chasm in Our Epistolary Intercourse, I received your favour of the 17th. of May last.” Letter not found. ]
If Mr. Madison should be disengaged this Evening Mr. Hamilton would be obliged by an opportunity of conversing with him at his lodgings for half an hour. If engaged this Evening he will thank him to say whether tomorrow Evening will suit. AL , James Madison Papers, Library of Congress. H’s note is undated. It probably was written between October, 1787, and March 4, 1788, a period during which...
[ New York City ] October 28, 1786 . “I shall in a very short time have an urgent call for a sum of money to make up which I shall be glad to receive the amount of my account for services in the controversy between Cheesecocks and Wawayanda, or a considerable part of it.” ALS , Goshen Library and Historical Society, Goshen, New York. This letter is addressed to “The Agents for managing the...
[ New York, January 8, 1784. On January 21, 1784, Chaloner wrote to Hamilton : “I have before me yours of the 8th. & 15th Instt.” Letter of January 8 not found. ]
New York, August 31, 1788. Writes concerning a litigation between William Duer and John McCrea. Asks Lush to represent Hamilton’s client, William Duer, before the Court of Chancery in Albany. ALS , Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston. Lush was an Albany lawyer.
[ New York ] May 20 [ 1784 ]. Apologizes for “a too sudden opinion … relating to confiscated property.” Sends new opinion. ALS , Columbia University Libraries. Pearsall was a partner in the firm of merchants in New York City known as Thomas Pearsall and Son. For the text of H’s opinion and a discussion of Pearsall’s case, see Goebel, Law Practice Julius Goebel, Jr., and Joseph H. Smith, eds.,...
I send you the bill drawn on Mr. Ray protested as you desire in your last. You will be so good as to send forward the Specie by the first opportunity as the Packet sails in a short time. Yr Obed serv ALS , Historical Society of Pennsylvania. See H to John Chaloner, November 22, 1786 .
New York, October 30, 1785. States that “Mr. Lowe has delivered me your letter of the 19th. Instant.” Discusses the laws governing the attachment of property in New York State and the applicability of Massachusetts bankruptcy laws in New York. ALS , Lloyd W. Smith Collection, Morristown National Historical Park, Morristown, New Jersey. This letter was enclosed in H to Nicholas Low, October 30,...
[ New York, January 13, 1785. Letter listed in dealer’s catalogue Letter not found. ] ALS , sold by Patrick Madigan, New York City, 1914, New Series 2.
[ New York ] March 2, 1786 . States that Upton’s title to lands in New York is clear and advises Upton on measures to be taken to assure possession. ADfS , Lloyd W. Smith Collection, Morristown National Historical Park, Morristown, New Jersey. See Upton to H, December 6, 1785 .
New York, December 10, 1784. “When you were in town you mentioned to me some cause which you expected to come on at the circuit and to which you wished me to attend. As the parties have escaped my recollection …, I have concluded to write to you on the subject; that you may inform me who are the parties & what the controversy.” ALS , The Huntington Library, San Marino, California. Part of this...
Col Hamiltons Compliments to Col Miranda; is much obliged to him for the paper. AD , Academia Nacional de la Historia, Caracas, Venezuela. Miranda, Spanish-American adventurer and soldier, served with the French during the American Revolution. After the war, when his attempts to achieve the independence of Spanish America were discovered, he fled first to the United States and then to England....
[ New York, June 8, 1784. The catalogue description of a letter to Benson from Hamilton reads: “Mainly on legal business, concluding: ‘No thing new here except that the Whigs by way of eminence (as they distinguish themselves) are degenerating fast into a very peaceable set of people.’” Letter not found. ] ALS , sold at Anderson Galleries, May 9, 1912, Lot 65.
[ Poughkeepsie, New York, July 18, 1788. On July 19, 1788, Hamilton wrote to James Madison: “Yesterday I communicated to Duer our situation which I presume he will have communicated to you.” Letter not found ]. Duer was a financier and merchant who was appointed Secretary of the Board of Treasury in 1786 and in the same year became a member of the New York Assembly.