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5129 Sunday. (Adams Papers)
Went to Leicester with Thayer. Heard him preach all Day. Dined at Mr. Whitneys. Returned home and...
52[March 1756] (Adams Papers)
Wrote out Bolingbrokes reflections on Exile. For JA ’s lifelong study of, and his extensive...
53March. 1756. 1 Monday. (Adams Papers)
Wrote out Bolingbrokes reflections on Exile. For JA ’s lifelong study of, and his extensive...
542 Tuesday. (Adams Papers)
A snow fall last night, half leg deep. Began this afternoon, my 3rd. quarter. The great and...
553 Wednesday. (Adams Papers)
Fair Weather. Natural Phylosophy is the Art of deducing the generall laws and properties of...
564 Thurdsday. (Adams Papers)
A fine morn.
575 Fryday. (Adams Papers)
Dined at home, Mr. Barnes dined here, drank Tea, and spent the evening at Coll. Chandlers. The...
586 Saturday. (Adams Papers)
Rose 1/2 after 4. A clowdy morn. Wrote Bolinbrokes letter on retirement and study.
597 Sunday. (Adams Papers)
Heard Mr. Maccarty all day. Spent the Evening and supped at Mr. Greenes, with Thayer. Honesty,...
608 Monday. (Adams Papers)
Spent the Evening at Major Chandlers. Fair Weather.
619 Tuesday. (Adams Papers)
A charming Day. Spent the evening up Chamber.
6210 Wednesday. (Adams Papers)
A misty morning. Sun brake out about noon. Spent Evening at Gardiners.
6311 Thurdsday. (Adams Papers)
Dined at the Colonels. Drank Tea at Mr. Paines with a number of Ladies, and spent the Evening at...
6412 Fryday. (Adams Papers)
Clowdy. Laid a pair of Gloves with Mrs. Willard that she would not see me chew tobacco this...
6513 Saturday. (Adams Papers)
Some Snow last night, a clowdy, raw morning.
6614 Sunday. (Adams Papers)
Heard Mr. Maccarty all Day upon Abrahams Faith, in offering up Isaac. Spent the Evening, very...
6715 Monday. (Adams Papers)
I sometimes, in my sprightly moments, consider my self, in my great Chair at School, as some...
6816 Tuesday. (Adams Papers)
Sat out for Uxbridge, arrived about 12, dined. Rode to Aldridges after Mr. Webb, and brought him...
6917 Wednesday. (Adams Papers)
A fine morning. Proceeded on my Journey towards Braintree. Stop’ed at Josiah Adams’s. Baited at...
7018 Thurdsday. (Adams Papers)
A cloudy morning. Spent the afternoon at my Uncles, and part of the Evening at the Doctor’s....
7119 Fryday. (Adams Papers)
A rainy morning. Went down in the afternoon, to the Point. Spent the afternoon and Evening and...
7220 Saturday. (Adams Papers)
After breakfast, rode to my Uncle Hunts, dined there, came Home, went to see my Aunt Owen, drank...
7321 Sunday. (Adams Papers)
Vernal Equinox. Heard Mr. Wibird preach two excellent Discourses from Eccles. 9.12. Spent the...
7422 Monday. (Adams Papers)
A fair but cool morn. Mounted for Boston, arrived about 11 o’clock, went to friend Wm. Belchers,...
7523 Tuesday. (Adams Papers)
A fine morn. Breakfasted with Slewman at Prentices, mounted for Braintree, arrived about 1,...
7624 Wednesday. (Adams Papers)
Sat out for Worcester. Dined at Dedham and rode from thence in the rain to Mendon, supped and...
7725 Thurdsday. (Adams Papers)
Rode to Uxbridge. Tarried at my Uncle Webbs and lodged with Mr. Nathan Webb .
7826 Fryday. (Adams Papers)
A delightful morning. Rode to Grafton, dined at Josiah Rawsons. He exerted his rawsonian Talents...
7927 Saturday. (Adams Papers)
The Stream of Life sometimes glides smoothly on, through flowry meadows and enamell’d planes. At...
8028 Sunday. (Adams Papers)
Heard Mr. Maccarty, spent the Evening at Coll. Chandlers, in Conversation concerning Lands and...
8129 Monday. (Adams Papers)
A little hail and rain fell to Day. We find our Selves capable of comprehending many Things, of...
8230 Tuesday. (Adams Papers)
A fair day. Drank Tea and spent the Evening at Mr. Putnams, with Mr. Maccarty, very Sociably.
8331 Wednesday. (Adams Papers)
A cool morning. Drank Tea with the Ladies at the Judges. Spent the Evening at Gardiners with the...
84[April 1756] (Adams Papers)
A very rainy Day. A little Snow. On this day JA wrote a remarkable letter to his classmate...
85April 1756. 1 Thurdsday. (Adams Papers)
A very rainy Day. A little Snow. On this day JA wrote a remarkable letter to his classmate...
862. Fryday. (Adams Papers)
Cool and very windy. Drank Tea, and Spent the Evening at Coll. Chandlers.
873 Saturday. (Adams Papers)
Dined, Spent the afternoon and drank Tea at Coll. Chandlers.
884 Sunday. (Adams Papers)
Heard Mr. Davis of Holden all Day. Spent the Evening at Mr. Putnams.
895 Monday. (Adams Papers)
A warm pleasant Day. Drank Tea at Mrs. Paines, came home, lodged with Dr. Upham.
906 Tuesday. (Adams Papers)
A fair Day. Drank Tea at Coll. Chandlers, and fixt a Letter for Cushing, Wentworth, Dalton, Lock...
917 Wednesday. (Adams Papers)
A fair Morning. Mr. Thayer set out for Coll. Harvard College .
928 Thurdsday. (Adams Papers)
Heard Mr. Maccarty preach the Lecture, drank Tea with him, and spent the Evening at Mr. Putnams.
939 Fryday. (Adams Papers)
Drank Tea at Coll. Chandlers, spent the Evening at home with My Friend Eliot, lodged with him.
9410 Saturday. (Adams Papers)
A raw cold day. The man to whom Nature has given a great and Surprizing Genius, will perform...
9511 Sunday. (Adams Papers)
Heard Mr. Maccarty preach all Day. Spent the Evening at Mr. Paines, and supped upon fresh Fish...
9612 Monday. (Adams Papers)
Signs of Rain. Cleard off about 10. A most beautiful Day. Drank Tea with Coll. Chandler, and...
9712 [i.e. 13] Tuesday. (Adams Papers)
A fine morning. A Charming warm Day. Every thing looks gay and lively. The Grass begins to...
9813 [i.e. 14] Wednesday. (Adams Papers)
A pleasant morning. Wheeler drank Tea here. I went with him in the Evening, to Capt. Stearns.
9914 [i.e. 15] Thurdsday. (Adams Papers)
Wheeler and I breakfasted at Mr. Maccarty’s. Went to Mr. Dyers. Very warm. Drank Tea and spent...
10015 [i.e. 16] Fryday. (Adams Papers)
A Stormy Day.