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I return inclosed the duplicate answers to the letter of the prince regent of Portugal signed. MHi : Adams Family Papers, Letterbooks.
Please to deliver the inclosed three sheets to the Boston Patriot. MHi : Adams Papers.
I pray you to convey the inclosed letter after you have read it & sealed it to Capt Saunders & am Sir with great esteem your most obedient. MHi : Adams Family Papers, Letterbooks.
M r Adams presents his Compliments to M r Nichols, and has the honour of inclosing a Resolution of the President and Fellows of the University of Cambridge Massachusetts of Feb. 14. 1786.
Enclosed is a letter from Mr Adam Babcock a respectable merchant of Boston whom I have known and esteemed for more than a quarter of a century. Mr. Spooner I also know and believe him to merit the character given him by Mr. Babcock. If it should be thought expedient to try a new experiment at negociation with the isle of France I dont believe we shall find a more proper person to conduct it as...
I have this moment received your Letter of this morning and am happy in your acceptance of the office of Chief Justice. The Circumstances however of the times render it necessary that I should request and Authorise you, as I do by this Letter, to continue to discharge all the Duties of Secretary of State, untill ulteriour Arrangements can be made. With great Esteem, I have the / Honor to be,...
I have received your Letter of the 26th. of December 1817 inclosing a Postnote upon the Branch Bank of The United States at Boston for nine hundred and one dollars and Ninety five Cents, being the Amount of the dividend of five per Cent upon the debt proved under the Commission of Bankruptcy of Robert Bird and Co. at New York. I am your affectionate Father MHi : Adams Papers.
Mr Frederick Butler of Weathersfield in Connecticutt requests a Patent for the Invention of a Tin Cook Stove the description of which is inclosed. He incloses the money necessary by Law. I pray your particular Attention to carry this Business through the offices and to send him a Patent. With great regard MHi : Adams Family Papers, Letterbooks.
I thank you for the Copy of your Declaration, which I have just received and will return by the first Opportunity. I pray you to save yourself the trouble and expence of sending any other Copy to Sir your / humble Servant MHi : Adams Family Papers, Letterbooks.
I have received your Poem in imitation of the manner of Ossian, on the Death of Washington and thank you very kindly for the Present. Among all the elegant Productions upon this mournful Event which I have Seen I know not that I have read any one with more pleasure. The Novelty and Singularity of the Idea adds much to the Merit of the beauty and Pathos of the Execution of it. I think that...
I received the letter you did me the honor to write me, on the 7th. of this month. Inclosing a copy of an additional return of the Census of Alabama in virtue of an act of Congress of the 7. of March 1822 / and salute you with the respect and affection / of your obid: & very humble Servant MHi : Adams Family Papers, Letterbooks.
I have received your favor of Aug 29th inclosing the resolutions & addresses of Bladen county in N Carolina. A more excellent address has not appeared. A few words in answer I return to you with the address, that you may publish them in the papers if you please. The election of Mr. Henderson is very honorable to him and his constituents. If the inveterate phalanx should be broken our country...
I have, this morning received, your favour of the 28th. of April, with the volume of Washingtons political Legacies. For this instance, of your polite Attention and for this elegant present, which does honor to american Printing, I pray you to Accept of my best thanks. I am Sir Gentlemen, with much esteem your obliged and obedient / Servant MHi : Edward Everett Papers.
I have received with great pleasure your letter of the 9th of this month with an address from a volunteer company of riflemen. The address I have directed the Secy at war to answer by sending the officers their commissions. I have great hopes that your opinion is well founded that federalism is increasing in your neighborhood. With thanks for your kind letter I am Sir your most obedient MHi :...
In the distresses and confusions of my family I saw not your address from yourself till yesterday I had read it on its first publication. It is full of information instructive to the Farmers of this Country elegantly written and perfectly adapted to the occasion on which it was delivered. Accept the sincere of your obliged / humble Servant MHi : Adams Family Papers, Letterbooks.
I have received with great pleasure, your favour of March 9th. with the inclosed of Copy of a Speech, and of a circular Letter The speech is to me both in point of eloquence and information at least, as satisfactory as anything I have read upon the Subject—The Letter is a Concise comprehensive and marsterly compendium of the state of the Government and the prosperous circumstances of the...
The excellent president, governor, ambassador and chief justice, John Jay, whose name, by accident, was not subscribed on the declaration of independence , as it ought to have been, for he was one of its ablest and faithfulest supporters. A splendid star just setting below the horizon. Printed Source--Niles’ Register..
Enclosed is a letter of the 20th from Dr Leib together with a petition from Philip Desh & Abraham Shants for pardons. A certificate of physicians and other citizens accompany the petition. Refer this to the Attorney Gen. & let me know your opinions. With great regard. MHi : Adams Family Papers, Letterbooks.
I have received your kind Letter and thank you for your friendly Congratulations I begged a Copy of the inclosed Volume of my Friend Judge Peters for our Accademy: but as he sent me one in boards I will get that bound for myself that I may Send His the Sooner. to our Accademy I ask your Pardon for sending you Such a Scrawl, being in great haste, your humble sert MBAt : American Academy of Arts...
I agree with pleasure to your request in your letter of the 24th on the condition mentioned in it of an arrangement to prevent delay or inconvenience in the dispatch of public business. Your long & faithfull attention to the duties of a laborious office, entitle you to my thanks as well as to the accommodation you request. I am Sir with great esteem / your humble servant. MHi : Adams Family...
Inclosed is a letter to me from the Vice President of the U.S. with a resolution of the Senate, dated the 18 of this month & a certificate of the Vice President of the election of Aaron Burr to be the future Vice President of the United States. I request you to select a proper person, according to the usage in such cases, to proceed to N York and convey this certificate to Mr Burr With great...
The inclosed letter from Cotton Tufts Esqr one of the most respectable men in our State I pray you to file with all other applications for consulships that it may be considered in due time. MHi : Adams Family Papers, Letterbooks.
Passy, 3 June 1778. printed: JA, Diary and Autobiography Diary and Autobiography of John Adams , ed. L. H. Butterfield and others, Cambridge, 1961; 4 vols. , 4:126 . Adams acknowledged Bondfield’s letter of 26 May (not found), enclosing an account for expenses of JA ’s party in Bordeaux and the trip to Paris, and approved one for goods shipped to AA . printed: ( JA, Diary and Autobiography...
I have received your Letter of the 26th. of December 1817 inclosing a Postnote upon the Branch Bank of The United States at Boston for nine hundred and One dollars and Ninety five Cents, being the Amount of the dividend of five per Cent upon the debt proved under the Commission of Bankruptcy of Robert Bird and Co. at New York. I am your affectionate Father MHi : Adams Papers.
Please to convey the three inclosed Sheets to the Printers. I beg of you to come up in the Stage. I cannot come to Town as I intended to bring you and your dear Boy. Your Brother is Sick at Dedham. We have been obliged to Send for him and I have neither Horses nor Horse MHi : Adams Papers.
On the last of August at night I received a packet containing a letter from our envoys of May 17th. A memorial of our Envoys to the French ministers of May 8, in answer to one of those ministers to ours of the 16 floreal 8th year. These I return inclosed There was no letter from you nor any other paper in the packett. You will know whether I received all the papers you sent. If not the packet...
The enclosed letter from Mr. William Rogers of N York, requesting to be Consul at Bourdeaux I pray you to file with others, aiming at the same object. I am Sir with much respect, MHi : Adams Family Papers, Letterbooks.
I herewith inclose to you a letter addressed to me from Mr Shaw written at my request. I can only add that I entirely coincide with him in his opinion I am &ca. your affectionate / Father DLC : John Quincy Adams Papers.
It appearing to me proper and necessary for the public service that the Senate of the United States should be convened on Wednesday, the 4th of March next, you are desired to attend in the Chamber of the Senate on that day at 10 OClock in the fore-noon, to receive and act upon any communications, which the President of the United States may then lay before you, touching their interests, and to...
I transmit you a letter from William Wetmore Esqr. of Castine in the District of Maine, to be filed & considered in time & in case. Mr. Whetmore is one of the remaining characters, whom I knew as a student in a Barristers office, when I was at the bar. What other applications may be presented I know not. With sincere regard MHi : Adams Family Papers, Letterbooks.
Mr Adams’s regards to Mr Trumbull and asks the favour of his Company to Spend the Evening at Mr David Bulls. As Mr A. must go out in the Morning with the stage he cannot have any other opportunity of seeing Mr Trumbull and he should long regret the necessity of passing through Hartford without it. NjP : DeCoppet Collection.
At the request of our mutual Friend Mr van der Kemp, I have inclosed to you his learned Memoir, on the Use of Copper among the Greeks. I hope you have got the better of that painfull disorder which once afflicted you, and that your Friends are all prosperous and happy. With great Esteem and regard / your most obedient PHi : Adams Papers.
I have received the honor of your Excellency’s Letter and immediately referred it with its Enclosures to the Secretary at War, with Directions to take the most prompt measures for doing Justice to the State of Maryland. Your Excellencys candid approbation of my Conduct on a late Occasion does me great honour. I have the Honour to be, with / great Esteem and respect, Sir your / Excellency’s...
Enclosed is a Memorial from a respectable Merchant in Boston Mr Babcock. Mr Lewis has a similar request before you. Can We do any Thing in either Case or is it worth while to send another Agent to negotiate with the Isle of France? Enclosed is the Permit signed for the Brig. Amazon to carry Passengers to France, sent me in yours of 26. septr. DNA : RG 59—CD—Consular Despatches, Port Louis.
Inclosed is the Certificate of forty Shares in the Fire and Marine Insurance Company. The third part of the Capital which is to be paid off, you will please to receive in shares of the Boston Bank, if you approve of it, and hold them as you propose. I am your affectionate / Father MHi : Winthrop Family Papers.
Kealing marred Hannah Storer. Look at the seal of this Letter, and send me from London a new One exactly like it, with this Motto Piscemur, Venemur ut Olim and I will the Price to your Brother, / No more MHi : Adams Papers.
I am ashamed to have delayed so long and at last to be obliged to Borrow a hand to acknowledge the receipt of your learned and ingenious essay on the pronunciation of the Greek language. I rejoice to see that men of letters are rising up to investigate such subjects with an extent of learning and a reach of sagacity that would do honor to any of the learned men in Europe. Accept my thanks for...
I have received your Favour of July 8, and request you to pay the Account of Messrs Barry Father, Son and Co for the Wine and give your Account of it with the Charges to my Friend Dr Tufts, who will pay you, if he has Assetts in his hands, of mine, if not I will make him a Remittance for the Purpose. I am sir your obliged friend & huml servt. MHi : Adams Family Papers, Letterbooks.
Enclosed is a letter from Mr Samuel Parkman, a very respectable citizen of Boston & a member of our Massachusetts legislature, recommending Mr George A Cushing to be Consul at Havanna. You will find in your office the papers referred to. This letter you will please to file with them to be considered in case. I know nothing of the probability of the office being vacant. A letter is also...
I have received your letter of the second of this month, and am obliged to you for he confidence you place in me. I know of no pretensions equal to yours and shall take care that the truth be represented where it ought to be: but advise you to write to General Knox is whose department it is. With all my heart I wish you success and if you do not obtain it, you may depend upon it, it will not...
The extreme imbecility of old age must be my apology for neglecting to write, and thank you for your valuable Book, It has not been for want of esteem or respect, or admiration that I have not written frequently to you—There is no part of my Life that I look back upon with more pleasure, than the short time I spent with you—And it is the pride of my life that I have given to this nation a...
Enclosed are papers received from Govenor Sargeant. I pray you to keep them till I arrive. As they are private communications to me I would not wish them to be read by any but yourself With great regard. MHi : Adams Family Papers, Letterbooks.
Better late than never, to acknowledge your discourse on Medical Education, which I read in the Season of it, with great pleasure. and intended to have immediately to have acknowledged my obligation for it—It is as elegant and instructive a Composition as any I have read of the kind; but in the confusion of my papers an it has slipped my memory for which I ask you pardon, And I pray you to...
The President presents his kind regards to Gen Marshall, & requests the favor of him to look into the dispatches of Gen. Pinckney, which gave an account of his rejection by the Executive directory & of Mr. Barras’s speech to Mr. Monroe on his taking leave & mark the day when that news was first received. It must have been in the month of march 1797. The President wishes to be furnished with...
The inclosed German letter I received yesterday but as the language is illegible & unintelligible to me I inclose it to you, that if any of your clerks can read it, they may translate it for your edification & that of your humble servant. I have not opened it—but give you full authority for that purpose. MHi : Adams Family Papers, Letterbooks.
I nominate James Blake of Pensilvania to be Consul of the United States in the City of St. Domingo in the Island of St. Domingo. DNA : RG 46—Records of the U.S. Senate.
My second son the bearer of this letter as soon as he was out of College was entered as a student at Law in the office of Colo. Hamilton upon certain conditions, one that if I should remove from New York, he should be at liberty to remove with me, and another was that if Hamilton should be made a minister of State his pupil should look out another patron. The Latter condition being now...
I have received your favour of 26 of Decr and request you to insert my Name among the Subscribers for your Print of the declaration of Independence. In great / haste I am your Friend PWcS .
I once more wish you a prosperous Voyage an honourable Conduct and a happy Life. Remember your Characters as Men of Business as well as Men of Virtue, and always depend on the Affection and Friendship of your Father RC ( Adams Papers ); addressed: “My Sons”; internal address: “John Quincy and Thomas Boylston Adams”; endorsed by JQA : “My Father 14. Sept r: 1794. / Rec d: at Boston.” Tr ( Adams...
I culled a Few Flowers for George from The Andrian. I have done the Same for you here from the Step Mother, and will do the Like Soon for Charles. I Sent Georges by Mr Thatcher. A. John! Your Father and your Grandfather can attest upon Oath to a Similar Voyage in 1778. John! The Case of the Step Mother here is the Case of your Grandfather! Meditate a little upon it. MHi : Adams Papers.