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    The Revisal of the Laws 1776–1786

    From: Jefferson Papers | Main Series | Volume 2 | The Revisal of the Laws 1776–1786

    The Common Law not to be medled with, except where Alterations are necessary. The Statutes to be revised and digested, alterations proper for us to be made; the Diction, where obsolete or redundant, to be reformed; but otherwise to undergo as few Changes as possible. The Acts of the English Common-wealth to be examined. The Statutes to be divided into Periods: the Acts of Assembly, made on the...
    Oct. 20. 1777. * c. 1. to be excluded from the operation of the repealing bill, as are all others marked thus *. + * c. 2. see bill for amending this. c. 3. unnecessary because fee bill prepared. + c. 5. omit preamble and 2. last clause and copy it verbatim. qu. if not a bill already? *
    To prevent all Doubt concerning the Time at which the Laws of this Commonwealth shall take place, and be in Force Be it enacted by the General Assembly, that all Laws, or Acts of Assembly, which shall be made or passed during this, or any future Session, shall take place, and be in Force, from and after the last Day of that Session of Assembly in which they shall have been respectively made or...
    No. 1. } a { 11. or 13.E.1. stat. of Acton Burnel. allowing recognisances before a mayor to have effect of jdmts. & goods for defect of buyers to be delivd. to creditor at appraised value. b 13.E.1.c.1. the stat. of merchants. supplementory of the last. c 14.E.3.c.11. supplementory No. 2. prohibition to export wool, leather, lead. 14.R.2.c.5. do. No. 1. { d.
    I. Crimes whose punishmt. extends to Life . 1. High-treason. Death < by burying alive. qu .> by hanging Forfeiture of lands & goods to Commwth. 2. Petty Treason. Death by hanging. Dissection. Forfeitr of half lands & goods to representatives of person killed.
    < confining prisoner in county jail, to be considd. as obeyg. writ .> < Presenting? def. & confessing jdmt .> < deposns. in criminal cases, when to be admitted > < in bill for specific performnce ( as in purchase of lands ) have damages for … > T. J. oath of fidelity to be taken by all officers < fee bill. restrain Sheriff’s commn. as the Marshall’s in admiralty
    1. A Bill To arrange the counties into Senatorial districts. 2. Concerning the election of members of General Assembly. 3. Empowering one of the Privy Council to officiate in certain cases as Lieutenant Governor. 4. To empower the Governor with advice of the Privy Council to lay embargoes. 5. For regulating and disciplining the militia. 6. Making provision against invasions and insurrections....
    Be it enacted by the General Assembly that the districts, for which Senators are to be chosen to serve in General Assembly, shall be those which are herein after described, that is to say, the counties of Accomack and Northampton, one district; the counties of Princess Ann, Norfolk, and Nansemond, one other district; the counties of Isle-of-wight, Surry, and Prince George, one other district;...
    Be it enacted by the General Assembly, that the Delegates for the several counties, and the City of Williamsburg and Borough of Norfolk, and the six Senators for one of the four classes of districts, in the room of those who will annually be displaced, shall be chosen, in the manner hereafter directed, on the first Monday of September in every year, and shall meet together, and with the...
    Be it enacted by the General Assembly, that if the Governor and President of the Privy Council shall die, or otherwise become unable to perform his duty, in the recess of the General Assembly, the Privy Councillor whose name stands next in the list of their appointments shall officiate as Lieutenant Governor, until the vacancy be supplied, or the disability cease. And, in the absence of the...