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    The Final Year

    From: Washington Papers | Diaries | Volume 6 | The Final Year

    1[January 1799] (Washington Papers)
    Jany. 1. Raining Slowly until the Afternoon when it cleared. Wind southerly. Mer. 38. Ih. Diary entries for 1–21 Jan. 1799 are from a diary page at PHi : Gratz Collection. The first part of this section of the diary has a number of cryptic abbreviations in GW’s handwriting, some of which appear to have been added at a later date. See editorial note to the 1795 diary. 2. Clear. Wind at No. Wt....
    2[February 1799] (Washington Papers)
    February 1. Mer. at . Brisk southerly Wind all day & towards Noon lowering with appearances of rain. Mer. 44 at Night. 2. Mer. at 42 in the Morning. Wind Southerly & raining. 37 at Night and raining also. From ten oclock in the forenoon until near 5 in the afternoon it ceased raining but was thick & foggy. 3. Wind shifting to No. Wt. in the Night. It cleared—blew hard & turned cold. Mer. at 27...
    3March [1799] (Washington Papers)
    1. Snowing fast. Mer. at 30. More or less snow through the day with the wind though but little of it at No. Et. Snow 6 In. deep. 2. Morning very heavy & likely for more Snow. Mer. at 25 and Wind at No. Et. Mer. 26 at Night. 3. Morning moderate with little or no wind & Mer. at 26. Towds. Sundown it came out at No. W. & turned cold. Mer. 28 at Night. Mrs. Stuart & her 3 daughters (Stuarts) and...
    4April [1799] (Washington Papers)
    1. Clear (except being smoky). Mer. at 46. Wind Northerly—afterwds. Easterly and towards Night lowering. 2. Very thick mist—afterwards Raining with the Wind at East & Mer. at 48 in the Morning. In the afternoon the wind shifted to No. Wt. Blew fresh & turned cold. 3. Extreme cold (but forgot to see what the Mercury was). Wind very high from the No. Wt. and continued so all day. Went up to four...
    5May 1799 [1799] (Washington Papers)
    1. Morning Cloudy & very heavy. Wind Easterly & Mer. at 50. After dark a heavy squall of Wind & Rain from the No. Wt. Mer. 52 at Night. 2. Clear & calm in the Morning. Mer. at 52. Brisk So. westerly wind afterwards—still clear. Mer. 58 at Night. 3d. Wind fresh from No. Et. & very Cloudy. Mer. at 50 in the morning. About 9 Oclock it began to rain & contd. to do so until near 2 Oclk. when it...
    6June [1799] (Washington Papers)
    1. Wind still fresh from No. Wt. & cold for the Season—sd. to be a frost. Dined & lodged at Mr. Laws. 2. Growing warmer, & cloudy—likely for Rain, but none fell. Returned home to dinner—takg. Church at Alexa. in my way. Found Doctr. Stuart here. 3. Mer. at 60 in the Morning and 64 at Night. Wind Easterly—great appearances of Rain without any falling. Doctr. Stuart went away after Breakfast. 4....
    7July 1799 (Washington Papers)
    1. Morning clear—wind fresh from the So. Wt. and Mer. at 76–89 at highest and 76 at Night. A fine shower for about 15 minutes abt. 5 oclock & light rain afterwards until bed time 9 oclock. Doctr. Tazewell & Mr. Burwell Bullett came to dinner. Dr. William Tazewell wrote GW six weeks later to request that he be put in charge of a proposed marine hospital in Norfolk. His qualifications included a...
    8August [1799] (Washington Papers)
    1. Morning clear—wind Southerly, & Mer. at 74—hot about midday & 72 at Night. A moderate & fine Rain began about 4 oclock & contd. more or less until 6. 2. Rain in the Night, & Clouds very heavy abt. sunrise. Mer. at 74—at its highest 76 and at Night 75. Captn. Blue of the Amn. Army who came here yesterday to dinner returned to day after breakft. Capt. William K. Blue (d. 1802), of Virginia,...
    9September [1799] (Washington Papers)
    1. A brisk Southerly wind in the Morning—clear & Mer. at 70 and at night 83. Cloud, thunder, lightning & Rain to the Northward of us but none fell here. Doctr. Craik dined here—sent for to Mrs. Washington who was sick. 2. Morning very likely for Rain being very cloudy with a brisk Southerly wind. Rain all around us but only [a] sprinkle here. Mer. 76 in the Morning 84 at highest and 83 at...
    10October [1799] (Washington Papers)
    1. Morning a little lowering. Mer. at 55 and air from the No. West. Clear afterwards. Mer. 65 at high. Mrs. Fairfax sister & daughter and Mrs. Herbert & Mrs. Nelson—Mr. Jno. Herbert & two of Mrs. Washington of Fairfields Sons dined here. Mrs. Fairfax &ca. went away after dinner—the others remained. Mrs. Herbert was Sarah (Mrs. William) Herbert, mother of the John Carlyle Herbert mentioned...