George Washington Papers

For September [1795]

For September [1795]

1st. Wind westerly—some rain—A good deal fell in the Night. Cool.

2. Wind Northerly cloudy & springling till Noon.

3. Do. No. W. Fine, clear & pleast. all day.

4. Do. Do. Much such a day as yester.

5. Do. Do. Cloudy in the morng., clear.

6. No. Et. Showery and Cool.

7. Do. Do. Do. Do. Much rain in N.

8. So. Wt. with mists in the forenoon.

9. Do. Clear & very warm.

10. Same as yesterday.

11. Do. Do.

12. Wind at No. Et. Cool & cloudy.

13. Do. at So. Wt. with Showers. Warmr.

14. Do. Clear & very warm.

15. Do. Do. Do. Do.

16. Do. Do. Do. Do.

17. Do. Do. Do. Do.

18. Do. Do. With rain at Night.

19. Do. No. Wt. & cold.

20. Do. Do. Do.

21. Do. Do. Do.

22. Do. Do. Do. Frost slight.

23. Do. Do. Do. Do. Do.

24. Do. Southerly warmer.

25. Do. Do. and warm.

26. Do. No. Et. & lowering. Equinoctial gale all night.

27. Raing. till noon, with high wind from No. Et. & So. Et.

28. Clear & warm—wind Wester[ly].

29. Wind at No. Wt. & cool.

30. Do. in same place but warmer.

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