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    Mostly the Weather

    From: Washington Papers | Diaries | Volume 2 | Mostly the Weather

    1[November 1767] (Washington Papers)
    Nov. 20. Vestry in Truro Parish. This entry is from Fitzpatrick, Diaries John C. Fitzpatrick, ed. The Diaries of George Washington, 1748–1799 . 4 vols. Boston and New York, 1925. , 1:240; the manuscript containing the entry has been lost since Fitzpatrick used it. At the vestry meeting it was resolved to replace the old frame Pohick Church in Mason’s Neck. Because the church was so near the...
    2[undated diary entry] (Washington Papers)
    Publick Levy 1767  8 lbs. Tob[acco] pr. Poll—No. No. of Tythables in 1762 – 121022 1764 – 128000 1766 – 131799 Depositum—in 1767 Brunswick 11983 Charles City 15184 Dinwiddie 896 Gloucester 17514 Henrico 5757 James City 5299 Isle of Wight 8522
    3September [1767] (Washington Papers)
    5. Finishd sowing the other half of Muddy hole field with Wheat viz. Bushl. wch. make in all there Bushels. Also finishd the two foot Cut at Doeg Run with 39 Bushels. 12. Finishd sowing the 5½ foot cut in the Neck with Wheat viz. 51 Bushels which make in all there 194. 18. Finishd Sowing the 6 by 4 feet Cut at Doeg Run with 36 Bushels. Sowed the simling Rows at Do. with 1½ Bushels which makes...
    4August [1767] (Washington Papers)
    9. Finishd sowing the cut of Corn on the other side at the Mill with 43 Bushels of Wheat. Finishd sowing the 4 foot cut in the Neck with Wheat viz. 45½ Bushl. 15. Finishd sowing the 39 Inch Cut of Corn in the Neck with 44½ Bushl. Wheat. Finishd sowing that half of Muddy hole Corn field with Wheat round the Barn Bushel. 22. Finishd sowing Wheat on this side at the Mill viz. 28 Bushels which...
    5[The Weather] August [1767] (Washington Papers)
    1st. Calm & still. Also warm. 2. Cloudy for the most part & wind southwardly with some thunder & showers abt. 4 Oclock. 3. Close and Cloudy the greatest part of the day. In the Afternoon Rain where I was (at Mr. Moodys). Moody’s is probably the home of Benjamin Moody (d. 1784), of Fairfax County. Moody, who was related by marriage to Thomas Colvill, was named a beneficiary in Colvill’s will....
    6[The Weather] July [1767] (Washington Papers)
    1st. Clear and very Cool. Wind at No. West. 2. Do. Do. Do. 3. Do. Do. Do. 4. Still & somewhat warmer. 5. Winds varying. Cool & cloudy. 6. Winds Southwardly. Cool & cloudy with a good shower of Rain in the Night. 7. Cool & clear, wind No. West. 8. Do. Do. Do. 9. Clear & still but not hot. 10. Brisk Southwest Wind with clouds & a small sprinkle of Rain in the Afternoon.
    7July [1767] (Washington Papers)
    14. Finishd my Wheat Harvest. 16. Began to cut my Timothy Meadow which had stood too long. 25. Finishd Ditto. Sowed Turnep seed from Colo. Fairfax’s in sheep pens at the House. Sowed Winter Do. from Colo. Lees in the Neck. 26. Waggon to be down. 27. Began to Sow Wheat at the Mill with the early White Wheat wch. grew at Muddy hole. 28. Began to Sow Wheat at Muddy hole with the mixd Wheat that...
    8[The Weather] June [1767] (Washington Papers)
    1st. Wind abt. So. West & warm. Cloudy in the afternoon & some Rain (in Fredk.). 2. Cloudy with Rain & thunder in the Morning. Afterwards clear—in Fred. 3. Clear & warm—in Fredk. 4. Do. & very warm—Do. 5. Do.—Do.—travelling down. 6. Do. & extreame Hot. Wind what little there was Southwardly. 7. Very hot & Sultry. Wind Southwardly. Some Clouds & a little thunder in the Afternoon. 8. Wind ⟨at...
    9[June 1767] (Washington Papers)
    22. Pulled some Flax & put it into the water at the Wharf at Night. 23. Finishd setting Corn at Muddy hole & Doeg Run. 24. Began to cut Wheat at Muddy hole. Note—the straw of a good deal of wch. was green. 27. Took out & spread the flax this Morng.
    10[The Weather] May [1767] (Washington Papers)
    1. Cloudy & cool in the Morning. Wind Eastwardly. Clear & warm afterwards till 5. Wind Southwardly—then Eastwardly again. 2. Cool in the Morning. Wind Eastwardly. Clear & pleasant afterwards. 3. Cloudy. Wind at So. Et. & fresh. Rain in the Night but not much. 4. Hard Rain early in the morning. Wind abt. So. Et. & fresh with Clouds. Afternoon Rainy with hard wind & Hail from So. West. 5. Very...