Alexander Hamilton Papers

Enclosure: [Account with John B. Church], [17–18 February 1795]


Alexr. Hamilton Esqr for
John Barker Church, Esqr

To Tench Coxe Dr. (in accot. for the Investment of half of ten thousand Dollars in Lands)

To part amot. of the debit to Ball & Smith a/c 37..19..2½  
To half amount of cost of Lands with Steedman account 305..13..1¼  
647.15.10¼ To part of the amount of the cost of Lands with Ruston, Jackson & Compy. (being twenty One tracts about 8484 Acres—and 156 being out of three tracts—believed to contain a coalittion computed on the whole at 625.  0.0  
To half amount of the cost of lands with Pattersons & Co 883..11..⟨9¾⟩
1852.  4.  1¾ 
balance on your half of 10,000 Drs. advanced to purchase lands in Co   22. 15. 10¼ 
Feby. 17. 1795 £1875.  0.  0 
Balance brought down Cr. 22. 15. 10¼ 
To ½ of after charge for carrying patents thro the offices in Patterson & Co’s Case  19.  2.  6 
£  3.  12.  4½ 

(see letter or Note to Mr. Hamilton of Feby 25. 1795)4 with copy hereof. Also dupl. sent 23d. June 1797.5

3AD, Tench Coxe Papers, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. The arithmetical mistakes in this document have not been corrected.

Coxe endorsed this document: “Genl. a/c. of Lands bot. for J. B. Church is his half of 10,000 Drs.—in 1793—rendd. A. Hamilton, Agt. dupe. to J. B. Church Esqr. June 23d. 1797.”

4Letter not found.

5The duplicate of this account was sent to John B. Church. See the endorsement of this document quoted in note 3.

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