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From John Adams to United States Senate, 29 January 1799

January 29. 1799

Gentlemen of the Senate

I nominate the Gentlemen contained in this List, for the offices in the Navy sett against their Names

John Adams

List of Commissioned Officers, in the Navy of the United States, appointed by the President, during the Recess of the Senate—in 1798—

Rank Names Residence In what vessel Employed
Captains in the Navy Alexander Murray Pennsylvania Montezuma
Thomas Tingey New Jersey Ganges
Jonathan Chapman Massachusetts 24 gun Vessel, building at Boston
George Cross South Carolina Vessel building at Charleston
Patrick Fletcher Massachusetts George Washington
Samuel Barron Virginia Richmond
Moses Brown Massachusetts Merrimack
Moses Tryon Connecticut Connecticut
Lieutenants in the Navy
William Bainbridge

New York
Charles C Russell Massachusetts Herald
Ambross Shirley Maryland Constellation
John Shaw  ditto Montezuma
M. Simmons Bunbury  ditto  ditto
John McRea Virginia Norfolk
Thomas Calvert  ditto  ditto
Robert W. Hamilton New York Constitution
John Cruft Massachusetts Now absent
Lloyd S. Daubeny New York
Michl Titcomb junior Massachusetts Merrimack
Samuel Chase  ditto  ditto
James Boush Virginia Richmond
Wilson Jacobs Rhode Island Geo: Washington
John Warner  ditto  ditto
John Ballard Virginia Richmond
Zachariah Rhodes Rhode Island George Washington
James Burns Maryland, say } Ganges
John Archer Maryland Constellation
Benjn. Hillar Massachusetts Pickering
Henry Kenyon Pennsylvania
Thomas Rowland


Thomas Reynolds Virginia Richmond
Jeffrey D. Shally Maryland Montezuma
Nathaniel Bradstreet Massachusetts Merrimack
Joseph Lee Rhode Island Geo Washington
John K. Read Virginia Norfolk
Surgeon’s Mates
Hanson Catlett


Henry Wells  ditto Baltimore
Thos. O.H. Carpenter Rhode Island Geo: Washington
Benjamin Shurtleff Massachusetts Merrimack

DNA: RG 46—Records of the U.S. Senate.

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