Adams Papers

John Quincy Adams, Memorandum of Deeds of John Adams’s Estate, September 1826

[September 1826]

Deeds. Dates
1/3 <1> Cotton Tufts—to John Adams   1802 <February 18th.> Book 17 page 42 April 1st. 1803
1/9 Richard Cranch & wife do. 1802 Book 18. p—14 March 29th 1802
1/9 Stephen Peabody & wife do. do. Book 18 page 100—August 7th 1802.
1/18 Quincy Thaxter do. 1802 Ditto—page 42 March 29th 1802.
1/18 T. Thaxter junr. and wife do do All the Thaxters are in one
1/18 T. Loring and wife do do. deed conveying the whole third and T Loring
Other Thaxter’s
1/18 Elizabeth do do
1/18. Celia— do.
1/18. Of the farm on Mount Wollaston, which had been the Estate of Norton Quincy.

To ask, if these deeds or any of them are at the Office—and if not, to obtain a copy of the Deed from Cotton Tufts,—and a correct list of all the others, with their precise dates.—If a Copy cannot be immediately given, to take the description of the boundaries—and to compare the description of the boundaries in the several deeds to see if they agree—

If the deeds are there, to bring them home—

The Thaxters’ deed is expressed instead of stating boundaries “one undivided third part of or share <of> in the whole of the real estate whereof the said Norton Quincy deed seized and possessed lying and being in the said town of Quincy and the towns of Braintree and Randolph in the County of Norfolk” The same is said in Mr Cranches deed except that it is expressed “one undivided ninth part” as does Mr Peabody’s

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