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Enclosure: Benjamin Galloway to Maryland General Assembly, 5 January 1804

Enclosure: Benjamin Galloway to Maryland General Assembly

Benjamin Galloway of Elizabeth Town Washington County and State of Maryland respectfully presents the Underwritten to the Senate and House of Delegates of the State aforesaid in General Assembly convened—

That the State of Maryland now is, and of Right has been a free and independant State ever since the fourth day of July one thousand seven hundred and seventy six. That Luther Martin now is, and has been in possession of the important office of Attorney General of the State aforesaid for upwards of twenty five Years. That said Luther Martin for a considerable Time last past has been in the almost daily practice of appearing in the Courts of Justice of said State intoxicated with spirituous Liquor, and that the Dignity of the State of Maryland is severely wounded by reason of the Appearance of its Attorney General in its Courts of Justice in said Condition—Wherefore the said Benjamin Galloway in behalf of the Citizens of said State; and with a View of removing said Luther Martin from the Office of Attorney General of said State, prays the General Assembly to take the Premisses into serious Consideration, and to administer such Releif to their Country and Fellow Citizens as the united Wisdom of the Legislature, and the Dignity of the State call for with a Trumpet-like Voice.

If the General assembly should entertain a doubt as to the above mentioned Fact, so notoriously known, and so generally complained of, videlicet, the repeated Appearance of Luther Martin in Court drunk, the following Characters are offered, as Witnesses to prove the same.

Alexander Contee Hanson Chancellor
Jeremiah Townly Chase Chief Justice General Court
Richard Sprigg Junior Judge G.C.
Henry Ridgeley Chief Justice 1. Maryd District
Arthur Shaaff
John Mason
Robert G Harper
Thomas Buchanan
Zebulon Hollinsworth Attornies General Court do
John Johnson
Henry Warfeild
Philip Barton Key
John Gwinn Clk General Court WS.
Thomas Harris Assistant Clk do
Samuel H Howard Register in Chancery
Burton Whetcroft Clk Court Appeals
William Gibson Clk Baltimore County—

Tr (same); in Galloway’s hand.

On 14 Dec., the Maryland senate read Galloway’s call for Martin’s removal and referred it to the house of delegates, which read the statement on 2 Jan. The house ordered “That the said letter be thrown under the table” (Votes and Proceedings of the Senate of the State of Maryland. November Session, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Three [Annapolis, 1804], 19-20; Votes and Proceedings of the House of Delegates of the State of Maryland. November Session, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Three [Annapolis, 1804], 85).

ws.: Western Shore.

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