James Madison Papers

James Madison: Notes from State Papers, December 1830

Vol. 4. p. 324--"to encourage Agriculture"--How

332--Agricult. manufs. Come. & navy may be protected agst casual combts within [draft?]

449. not too much regulat—meet [un?]equaly [ ] in foreign intercourse

453—"foster fisheries for navy", & food, & protect manufacrs. adaptd. to our [ ] these rules of action [five? fine?] principle of Constn.

5. p. 31 "Take a broader field of Legisln., whether in[ti][ ] of ag [marts] manufacture &, [can be?] within pale of yr. Constl. powers be aided in any of yr. relations—on questn. within yr. purchasing & will [frequently] occupy attention",

89. "prohibit exportation of arms & [amunition?]

458. "Shall we sufferers import & give that advantage to foreign over domestic manufactu[res]".

489. "establishts for internal manufactures & formed & forming will under & & protecting duties & prohibitions become permanent"


see Case of [ ] [Erie] Canals

also preventive authy.

in case of Treason [ ]

see Vol. 5. p 484


Shall surplus revenue be hoarded or repealed, [and] not rather appld to roads* [canals?] rivers education & other great foundations of prosperity & Union under powers wch. Congs. may *already possess, or by means of [legislation]

*manufacturing omitted as not on same [footing]

Vol. 1 p. 433-4. 5 &c reciprocity &.favor manufacturing—Rept. of Mr Jn

See manuscript Rept. on Trustees

Niles—Jany 17, 1829— Ritchie & others

Ms (DLC).


Letters of J. M. to be consulted with reference to Mr. P.

Answers to addresses.


to Armstrong

J. Adams


Jno. Brown

Bentley W.

Barbour Js

Bascom Revd.


Binns Jno

Biddle Ns.

Barry W. T.



Colman Revd. H.



Cooper, Ths.

Cutts R. D.

Caldwell Chs.

Cordell Wm. S.


Crockett, G. F. H.

Coles, Ed.

Crawford W. H.

Cheves Langdon

Camberling C. C.

Corbin F.

Cartwright, Jno.

Correa Jos.

Cutting Dr.

Coxe T




Dayton Jonath.

Dearborn Genl.

Dexter Sam.

Duane Wm.

Diplomas--Witherspoon B. A. & Wythe, L. L. D.



Everett, Ed.

Eve Geo.

Edward Pierpont

Erving G. W.





Gaines Majr. Genl.


Gilmer F. W.

Gideon Jacob

Gelston David


Hay [ ]

Hertell Ths.

Hayne R Y.

Hamilton Js. (S. C.)


Huntington Ebener.

Humphreys David

Hill Mark L.

Hatton Jos.

Hunter Jno. D. (Imposter)

Hurt, Parson chaplain to army (see notes of correcting Historical error relating to the battle of Brandywine, of which he was an eye witness.)

Ingersoll Chs. J.

___________ Jared

Jones W. (Secy. of Navy)

Johnson Wm. (Judge)

_______ Rd. M.

Judah Saml.

on Jay’s Treaty

Joy Geo.

King Revd. Miles

King Wm. (of Maine)

King Rufus

Kidd Professor in Aberdeen

Kimball Chs.


Lee H. (Genl)

___ H. (son)

___ R. B.

___ R. H.

Law Ths.


Livingston R. R.

___________ Edwd.

Little & Henry

Lynde W. & others

(pointing hand) Latrobe

Lowndes W.

Maury, Js. & Wm

Merry (Brit. Plenipo)

Montier, Count (Fr. Plenipo)

Marbois Barbé

Meade R. K.

Mc Mahon T. P.

Motta de la

Mason Revd. J. M.

Middleton H. (Minister of U. S. to Rusa.)

Munroe Ths.

Message to Senate, July 6, 1813

Morse Jedh.

Malcolm Revd. H.

McKenney Ths. L. May 2d. 1825.

Feby 10th 27 1826

Mason G.

____ G. (Green Spring)

Morris Anthy.

McLean Professor N. Hall

______ P. M. General


Munford G. S.

Morris Ann C.

Mazzei Phil:

Minor Peter

Mayo R. & others

Niles Hez

Neuvill Hyde &c

(pointing hand) Nicholas John

Nash M. M.

Otis G. A.

O Connor J. M.

Page Jno. (Govr.)


Poinsett Joel

Palmer T H

Pool Jno.

Pannel & others

Pomeroy S. W.

Paulding J. K.

Porter (Commodore)

Plumer (Govr. N. H.)

______ Wm. Junr.

Paine Ths.

Pichon (Minister of France)

Pickering Tim:

Preston F.

_______ J. P. (Govr. Va.)

Parker Ths. B.

Politier (Russian minister)

Pichot A & others ([ ] College)

Peters Richard

Pleasanton Sam.

Pinkney Wm.

Ritchie Ths

(pointing hand) Randolph Ed.

_______ Mary

_________ John

__________ Ths. M.

_____________ Ths. J.

_____________ David M.

______________ Wm. B.

Robins A.

Robinson W. D.

Romaine B.

Rhea Jno

Ray de Chaumont

Rose & others Aug. 13, 1790

Rives Wm. C.

Russel Jack

Rodgers Commodore

Riker R & others

Rush Docr. B

_______ Richard

Sparks, J

Senate of U. S.

Stevenson, A.

Stark Genl.

Snyder Govr.

Smith S. H.

Sprague J. E.

_______ W. B.

Shaler Wm.

Solomon, Haym M.

Storrow S. A.

Society, Am. Whig. N. J.

Sherman, C. Webster’s Dicty.

Scott, R. G.

Simson Robt. (Agricul: Socy)

Slaugher A. G.

Spring Revd. S

Shelby Govr.

Smith Robt.

Sherburne J. H.

Shays & Ludlow

Story Ln.

Simons Robt.


Schoolcraft H. R.

Shocut Dr.

Schaffer Revd. F. L.

Spafford H. G.

Southwick Soln.

Silliman Professor

Sanderson Jno. M.

Smith Bernd.

Sewall Dr. Ths.

Trist N. P.

Turberville G. L.

Todd Judge Ths.

Taylor Robt.

Teackle L. D.

Tucker St. Geo.

______ H. St. G.

Thornton Dr. Wm.

Tyler Govr. Junr.

Tyler-- -- Senr.

Tickner Profr.

Toulmin H.

Trumbull Jno.

Tomkins Govr.

Turreau Minr. of Fr.

Taylor Wm. (Consul)

Taylor Jno. (Col. Caroline)

Taylor H

_____ Js.

Thomson Geo.

Tatham Wm.

Torre Dr. Jesse

Tarascon, Lewis A.

Tibbs Geo

Van Buren, M.

Vaux Robt.

Van Rensellaer, Steph & Jn.

Verplanck, G. C.


Wheaton Henry

_______ Jos.

Wright, Frances

Washington G.

_________ Judge

Waterhouse B

Willis Byrd

_______ John & others

________ Larkin

Williams J. W.

_________ Jno.

___________ C. D.

Wharton J. A.

Winn & others

Wortham & McGruder

Watson Elkh.

Williston E. B.

Watterston Geo


Waugh Dr. C. Stuart

Woodbury Langdon

Wrightman Robt.

Webster Dan.

Woodward A. B.

(pointing hand) Wirt Wm. Sepr. 30, 1813

Wilkinson Js.

Weems M. L.

Walsh Robt.

Yancey Chr. (Richmd.)

Zollickoffer Dr. Wm.


Ms (NjP).

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