James Madison Papers

C. Fenimore Williston to James Madison, 6 May 1836

Philadelphia May 6th 1836:

Honored Sir.

I had the honor to receive your favour respecting the correspondence between yourself and Mr. Jeremy Bentham—in reply to some enquiries which I took the liberty of proposing to you. Will you excuse me when I further ask you to inform whether there have been any other proposals to codify your Law: who were the individuals proposing it and if their works were ever published to the world.

I hope your excellency will excuse my thus troubling you—I am making some enquiries on this most interesting subject and I wish to consult with the authorities and correspondence on the subject. I have the honor to be, may it please your excellency, with sentiments of profd. respt. & grateful considn. Your very obliged & most obet. hle servnt.

C. Fenimore Williston


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