George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Christopher Hardwick, 12 December 1758

From Christopher Hardwick

Bullskin Plantation Decr 12th 1758

One Marke & Tent Table (Iron Screw to Do Missing) 4 Camp Stools Bed stead, 2 Mattrases, 4 Blankets, 6 Pack Saddles (one of Which Miles1 Carrys with him) 2 Oyl Cloths, 2 Candle Sticks 1 Pr Snuffers, 1 Pr Curtins, 1 Bottle Oyl 5 Cups & Six Saucers (some of whch have Peaces broke out of them) 2 Tumblers, 1 Do Broke, 3 Table Cloths, 2 Pr Sheets, 1 Box of Candles, 1 Curry Comb & Brush, 1 Pr Saddle Bags, 3 horse Beels (one of Which is at Winchester) 1 Cag of Wine, 13 Plates 1 Bason, 1 Blanket Coat, 4 Wanteys,2 Hors Shoes & Nails, 2 Boxes, 2 Pr Legings 1 Copper kettle (the Cover missing Miles says it is at Winchest.[)] 1 Tin Quart Mug, 1 Tea Kettle, 1 Small Tent 1 Tomehock 2 Delph Bowls 7 Knives 9 Forks—Part of a Bottle of Musterd—some Spices, 2 Pewter Dishes much bent 7 Table Spoons, 3 Tea Do 2 Pieses of supe 3 Neats Tongs.3

Decr 12th 1758

I have Recd the before Mentiond things (except such as is excepted in the Memorandom) I say Recd Pr Me.

Christophe Hardwick


This appears to be a listing of GW’s possessions that arrived in Winchester on 10 Dec. and were sent on up to GW’s Bullskin plantation on 12 December. See Robert Stewart to GW, this date, in which Hardwick’s memorandum perhaps was enclosed.

1Miles Richardson, who may have been one of GW’s batmen during the recent expedition, acted as GW’s servant, probably his body servant, from 1 Jan. until 10 May 1759. GW noted in January 1759 that Richardson had due from GW £5.2: “By your Pay as a Soldier in the Virginia Regiment from the last day of July to the first day of Jany followg.” The batman of an officer in the 1st Virginia Regiment was supposed to be a soldier in the regiment, and the officer was to pay him 8d. a day, a private’s pay. This would have been a total of £5.2 for the period August–December. GW advanced Richardson £1.10 on his account sometime in December 1758 before advancing him another £2 in Williamsburg on 27 December. Richardson also accompanied GW on his next two trips to Williamsburg, to attend the assembly in February–April 1759 and, in April–May, to go before the General Court: GW’s ledger shows that GW advanced Richardson £1 against his account in Williamsburg in March and 5s. in Williamsburg on 4 May 1759. Thus GW had paid Richardson £4.15 by 4 May 1759. On 10 May, when settling Richardson’s account, GW noted that he owed Richardson 17s. for “your Wages from the first of Jany to the 10th of May at the rate of 40/ pr Annum.” See General Ledger A description begins General Ledger A, 1750–1772. Library of Congress, George Washington Papers, Series 5, Financial Papers. description ends , folio 52, 53.

2A “wantey” was a rope or band used to fasten a pack on the back of a horse.

3“Supe” may be soap; “Neats Tongs” are ox tongues.

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