Adams Papers

To John Adams from Jan Willink, 5 July 1791

Amsterdam 5 July 1791

Dear Sir

Your esteemed favors of 30 April inclose to us

60 Coupons of ƒ 40 ƒ 2400 
66  50 3300 
the premium of 1000 
ƒ 6700:
to your Credit, we have purchased for you 7 Obt: ƒ 7000 
  at an Agio of 1 PC 70 
brot  ¼ 27: 10
from the loan of 1 March Whch: makes 4[. . .] m intrest at 5 PC per An. 116: 13:
ƒ 7204: 3

for whch: we charge your acct. the small disburse is not Object, whch we shall retain of the first coupons you’ll send to us, as we prevent thereby a ballance to lay idle for you, and we shall keep the obligations subject to your disposal.

We rejoice in the prosperity of your Country, and wish you a long while to enjoy the satisfaction of seing its encrease whch. you always promoted with Zeal and integrity.

if some of the Separate States should wish to Borrow here, we have no doubt to effectuate it on the same terms as for the United States.

We beg Leave to present our best Compliments to your Lady, and to assure you of the sincere esteem which with we remain./ Dear Sir / Your most Obedient servants

Wilhem and Jan Willink

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