Adams Papers

To John Adams from United States House of Representatives, 3 March 1791

[March 3, 1791]

Mr. President:

The Speaker of the House of Representatives having signed two enrolled bills, I am directed to bring them to the Senate for the signature of the Vice President;

The House of Representatives adhere to their amendments on the bill, entitled “An act concerning consuls and vice consuls;”

They disagree to the amendment of the Senate on the bill, entitled “An act for making compensations to the commissioners of loans, for extraordinary expenses;”

They agree to the resolution sent from the Senate for concurrence, “requesting the President of the United States to cause a return to be made to Congress of the lands not claimed by the Indians,” with an amendment, to wit: Line 3 strike out ’a return to be made to,’ and insert ’an estimate to be laid before;’ in which amendment they desire the concurrence of the Senate.

Printed Source--Senate Journal.

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