James Madison Papers

Board of Visitors, University of Virginia, 21 July 1828

Monday, July 21. The Board met, present James Madison, rector, James Monroe, James Breckenridge, Chapman Johnson, Joseph C. Cabell, John H. Cocke and William C. Rives.

Resolved as follows: The recess of all the Schools commencing on the 15th and terminating on the 31st of December, in each year, as provided for by the enactment of October 1826, having been found injurious in practice; Therefore resolved that So much of the Said enactment as provides for Such recess Shall be & the same is hereby repealed—and that hereafter the public examination which was required to precede the winter recess, shall be had at such convenient time, near the middle of the Session, as the Faculty Shall appoint.

Resolved as follows: Mr Ferron’s letter is referred to the Faculty, who are authorized, if they think it expedient, to assign him such place & hours, for his lessons in fencing, as may be proper.

Resolved—The Visitors have had under consideration the Subject referred to them by the Faculty, involving the conduct of the Student   Tucker, in the lecture room of Dr Blaetterman; and deem it inexpedient to depart from the principle of the enactments which give to the Faculty the power of punishing offences, and reserve to the Visitors the power only of approving or disapproving Sentences of expulsion: And, though they justly appreciate the motives of delicacy which induced the Faculty to refer this Subject to them, they must decline pronouncing any judgment on the conduct of the Student. But they would on every occasion, solemnly enjoin on the Students, as essential to their own welfare, and the character of the institution, the utmost deference and respect for the professors; in the confidence that the professors will entitle themselves to that deference & respect, by the dignity of their deportment, & especially by avoiding all personal collision with the Students and all personal violence towards them.

Ms (ViU).

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