Adams Papers

To John Adams from William Alexander Humphrey Graham, 28 June 1799

1799 June 28th day

Worthy & Honoured Sir

I have before Intimated to you that spent my Time since the first of August last in the state of Vermont & in that Western & Northern Country & have exerted the best of my Abilities to Auxillerate & Confirm your Modes & disappline of Government, & have Intimated that I had Propperty in Scotland & wished to go thither under direction more than three years since which you are sensible of If my papers & letter have ever ben delivered to you, but the Business is now so situated that I cannot go at present time with any degree of Propriety or untill I Receive an Answer from my frend in that Part of the Country—& it is highly Reqisite that I spend my time in or near Boston & it is over a year since I have Received any Reward for any of my services in any shape from Private or Public demands which Renders my Case such that I cannot appear among men with Decency. Sir I desire the kind assistance of your hand to furnish me with some decent apparrel & some articles of [stationary] to pursue my Business which tendeth [derestly] to your Benefit but it would folly to trouble you with the Impotance of my Business befor the propper season—I beg leave to Inform you that I am determined & with Lawfull Right, to hold my staff Offices in America which Good faith persuaids me to believe your Honour & Interest will [acquisse] in His Honour Lieut General George Washington & some other Gentlemen of the Military department are well Knowing to my Good Intentions & Business. [. . .][in part]

Dear & Worthy friend, Watever Assistanc I Obtain & Recive of any Propperty & Public treasurer or accomptant. I here pledge My Propperty to double the Vallue that I [Receive] to be punctually paid on or before the expretion of one year in Case my Demands do not prove Just & Good in Probity & Reason. Honred sir desire you to take this in to Consideration & Grant for me its Requested both for my benefit & that of the United States of America.

William Alexander Humphrey Graham

Surgeon & Physician

&, by permission &, Adjitant General in Actual Service

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